Knitting Pairs

I have been playing this one and if you have 3 or 4 cards of the same value cards in the left 20 cards, the game is therefore impossible to win. If the game has at most 2 the same value in these cards it seems to be 100% winnable . a check at the beginning is worth making. I imagine that the probability is what is the chance of 3 or more card having the same value being in a sample of 20 cards out of 52 cards but my math is not up to this. It seems that is a happens a lot of times though. Paul


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    Hello everyone! I came up with the basic idea with the game and Tom refined it for its inclusion. Paul is right - checking the reserves is the key. Sometimes I'd miss the fact that 3 cards of a rank are in the reserves and the game is dead. It happens more times than you'd think.

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