Quadruple Interchange

QI has finally bested me. Can you win 600114112?


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    This is much worse than any of the ones that Paul has posted .... and they were pretty evil. I won all of those but am struggling with this one. I did manage to get one column cleared except for the very top card. I think I may have identified a card that will be moveable if I undo loads and loads of cards to try to accommodate it. Fingers crossed. I certainly won't be giving up on it. My kind of game!
  • I can't tell you the number of times I have played this particular game...it is evil!
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    I have spent hours on it now. I am almost certain it is unwinnable. No matter what you try, sooner or later you land up with an unplayable card in whatever column you choose. There are clubs in most of them but we can never access a second three or a queen so those columns are effectively dead. The spades oblige but are covering more useless clubs. The hearts barely function and the diamonds are as bad. Column 4 can almost be cleared but as the top card is a queen of diamonds it has just been a pointless exercise reaching it. I am 99.5% certain it's not winnable but I'll give it another hour or so until I am 100% convinced. I'm good at this game. It's never beaten me before but it's looking increasingly likely that we have now met our Waterloo.
    Paul has posted quite a few stinkers in the following thread. All winnable but well worth tackling.
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    I am now 100% sure it's unwinnable. :(
  • I am also pretty good at this game and lead the on-line statistics with 2401 wins until this one. I have been trying since 2012 to win, but I also thought it pretty much unwinnable. I did not know there was a forum around these games and their winnability and am now resigned to the fact that it has been tested by a master! THANK YOU for your many hours on this one...I feel your pain, but I know we both gave it our best.
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    2012 !!! I'd have been in a padded cell by this time. :) There is a definite technique required to win QI, so anyone winning 2401 can consider himself a Master! Well done. But, as I always say, if I've done it once, I can do it twice.
    Paul has been playing them in numerical order so we know that the first 637 are winnable. Just a suggestion. Another one is don't be a stranger. We badly need fresh blood here. Btw. Expect an email from me via the Forum facility.
    Should have added that if you want to contact me by email here, you will see the internal email link at the top rhs of the page. Just put my user name in there and you will be able to contact me.
  • Thanks for the kudos! I did send you an email which is the best form of communicaton for me if that works for you, but I will try not to be a stranger! Thanks again for your help.
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