Possible Discord server chat for Pretty Good Solitaire?

Not sure if anyone use Discord to go to server channels to chat.

Would it be possible for a server chat to be made on Discord for Pretty Good Solitaire for us to discuss about the game, download issues, game requests, and off topic?

Would still have this forum anyways but would be nice to have a chat area by using Discord.


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    We have Goodsol Facebook, here and Google + for this purpose. Can see no point in adding another one as the existing three are barely used anyway.
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    That's true. Google+ had low usage and got the email this morning that its shutting down on April 2nd.

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    To be honest, I think that a PGS channel on Discord would simply lead to discussion fragmentation. You were, essentially, the only active (non-Goodsol) participant on the Goodsol Development group on Google+. The Facebook group gets some traffic, but almost all actual discussion takes place right here. I only use Discord occasionally, and I doubt the few regulars here use Discord at all, but they do respond in the forum quickly.

    Of course, it is not my call to make.

    Gregg :(|)
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    And some of us Luddites don't even know what Discord is!
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    It's a musical instrument you dolt!
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    Nice to see your name back in the threads Gregg. =D>

    Ob-La -Di, Ob-La-Da
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    I am glad you are back too.
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