Batallion Carre

This is a pretty good game. Despite being rated as Hard 5% , numbers 1 -10 are all winnable. Its actual win rate is likely to be well over 90%. It cannot be played quickly as forward planning is essential to liberate low ranking cards trapped beneath higher ones. Keeping an column empty is valuable as only kings can be be playing into them. Worrying back plays a major role.


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    First impression - too much worrying back, but we have used this device to success before.
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    I don't think it's our cup of tea really Larry. Have you had a look through the Hard category? I'll pretty much play anything provided that it's not too easy. Surely there must be something there that has a simpler tableau. This game has an excessive amount.
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    How about Single Interchange Cell Larry. A brief foray produced 5 winners from the first 10. Rated as Hard 30%.
    EDIT....... Maybe too cut and dry.
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    My rules say rated hard 4%
    Does seem to be a rather going through the motions type of game.
    I will keep searching for the "proper" challenge.
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    Ditto :)
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    I had tried the original one (build down by suit) and sure is frustrating.

    Gonna wait until this game comes to the Mac version.

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