Rated Medium, 34%, Skill/Luck balanced.
This is an excellent game. You have to be careul not to play cards into the tableau unless they are going to have almost immediate effect, by linking two existing tableau cards for example. As you have unlimited redeals you can safely leave cards in the stock until they are required. Similarly there is rarely any point in putting cards onto the foundations until you are certain that you won't need them for unblocking other tableau cards. As worrying back is not allowed in this game, anything that you put onto the foundations has to remain there unless you undo loads of cards and bring them back down into the stock or the tableau.
Numbers 1 - 5 are all winnable. #2 is difficult. Take particular care not to play an 8S onto the 9S in column two. That 9S must be played onto a 10S in column 6. The reason for that will be immediately obvious the second you move the 9.


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    Robie is rather unique, might be a possibility.
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    Can't say I'm keen on Robie. Too random for my liking. I thouht you didn't want to play any games where you can't move groups.
    I just dropped in here to say that 1-8 Unlimiteds are winnable. I'm going to stick to it for some time I think. I enjoy playing it. Once you understand the strategy you can resolve problems by planning which trapped cards should be prioritised. I want to find out how many I can win before it deals me a loser.
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    With Robie you can kind of create your own groups with worryback, I will play the first ten and see if it retains my interest. Like that all the cards are visible in the waste so you can back up quickly to a sticking point.
    Also will give Unlimited a good look see. Thanks.
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    Robie 1-10 all winnable, probably very high win percentage but might not be a real challenge.
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    Fancy a real challenge? Try Unlimited #10. I thought it was going to beat me, but no. All winnable so far.
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    #10 took a few attempts, ready for another.
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    This game may be a little easier but can still be challenging sometimes. There are some not so good hands and I would restart and start a new one. Sometimes there is too many head cards coming up in the front that were facedown when trying to focus on the lower cards.

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    Try #11
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