New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v19.0 with 1010 Games and Daily Quests

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 19.0 is available for download from

Here is what is new:

-- Version 19.0 contains 9 new games, bringing the total to 1010 Games. You can see the new games in the New Games group.

-- Adds Daily Quests. Daily Quests are daily challenges of 3 to 5 rounds. There are 5 Daily Quests: Klondike Quest, FreeCell Quest, Spider Quest, Pyramid Quest, and Yukon Quest. Give them a try!


  • Member, Beta Tester
    What are the details of the 9 new games?
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    The new games in version 19 are;

    - Charlie, a hard game of the Athena Klondike type.

    - Dial Harder, a hard version of Dial.

    - Double Queenie, a two deck version of Queenie.

    - Fifteen Peaks, a variation of the addition game Fourteen Peaks.

    - Mrs. Four, a four deck version of Mrs. Finn and Miss Milligan.

    - Regimental, a variation of Heads and Tails.

    - Sixteen, a harder version of Twenty.

    - Triangulum, an easier version of Triangle.

    - Worldly, a easy version of Gold Rush.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Is Regimental easier than Heads & Tails? If so, what makes it easier?

    Worldly......fill empty space with any cards? Dial redeal or going by the gameplay of Suits Yourself?

  • Member, Beta Tester
    Thomas, maybe you already addressed this? But why is there no 40 Thieves Quests?
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    Yes, Regimental is somewhat easier than Heads and Tails.

    Worldly is down by any suit but the same rather than alternate color (more choices). Dial Harder is no redeals.
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    There isn't a Forty Thieves Quest yet, but there might be in the future.

    Right now, it looks like the Quests might be too hard, but I could be wrong in that. The problem with Forty Thieves is that it is pretty hard, so it wouldn't make things any easier.

    On the other hand, one idea for changes is to have the games change from day to day, so Forty Thieves could definitely fit into the existing quests, possibly as an alternative to Unlimited in the Yukon Quest. Or it could be in its own quest.

    Its only been a few days so I haven't gotten much feedback on the Quests yet, but there are lots of options depending on how things go.
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