Tuxedo #733211136

My highest score is 4 points. I tried many different approaches, but just can't break through.


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    Winnable but difficult. Finding a decent way in is the obvious problem. I managed to get the KC,QC and JC into column 4 and then almost immediately the three highest spades into column 7. Solution attached if required.
  • Your tips helped me eventually find a solution. Phew, that's a very non-obvious route to winning.
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    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).
    Many games can only be won by resorting to very bizare routes. That's solitaire! :)
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    Richard is the master of the non-obvious
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    With eyes like mine everything is non-obvious. :(
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    Well, your eyes are shot, your nose is messed up, how's your hearing? (And if you don't say WHAT?...I'll be disappointed!)
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    My hearing has improved Ken. Now I only have tinnitus in one ear. :) You could say that I'm ringing in the changes.
    That remnds me of an old joke,
    A man was driving home in a remote part of Scotland when his car spluttered to a halt. His house was over ten miles away and of course there was no moble signal. He knew of a public phone box on another road but it would mean walking back a mile or two to the road junction and heading up another one that was almost parallel to where he was now. A nearby footpath could take him there more quickly so he decided to use that instead. He reached a small shallow river that had stepping stones and was almost at the opposite side when his foot slipped and he landed rear first in the water. Not a happy man .He reached the phone box and phoned his wife to ask here to pick him up. "Where are you ringing from?" she asked. "From the waist down" he replied.
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