Is this game winnable in Thumb and Pouch 304365025?

I've been playing your games for years now and Thumb and Pouch is one of my favourites but now I've struck a game that I can't seem to win - it's driving me nuts because I can't win it. I'm up to (this time) 265 games of which I've got a 100% strike rate. Can anyone help please before I clear my stats and start over.


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    Yes it is winnable. Took me a minute or three to find a correct path though. Trickier that I imagined. Solutrion attached. please ask f you don't know how to use it.
    Thumb and Pouch_304365025.pgs
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    I've written out my solution for you instead. Please note that I refused some playable cards from the stock. These are not errors. We will sort out the waste pile at the nd.
    2C to 3D, AC up,2C up, 2S to 3D, 3C up, 8H to 9C, 5S to 6H, 7D to 8H, 6H+5S to 7D, JD to QC, QC + JD to KD, 4D to 5S, QH to KC, 3C down to 4D, Stock empty. JS to QH, 2D to 3H, 3C up, 3H+2D to 4D, AD up,2D up, 2S to 3H, 3D up, JC to QD, KD to space, 8D to 9S, 7C to 8D, AS and 2S up, KC to space, 5C to space, 4H to 5C, 10S toJD, 4C up, QS to space, AH up, 9S to space, AH up, 9S to space, 9D to 10S , 6S to 7C, 5D to 6S 4H to 5D, 10H to JC. Now empty waste.
    It took me longer to write out my solution than it did to win the game. :) Thanks for posting it. It was fun.
  • Thank you so much Richard Scotland I really appreciate it. I think I just had a defeated mind set and I didn't refuse enough cards to start with, lesson learnt for next time it happens. Thank you
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    Any time. :)
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