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Trying to locate the edit function for a new thread. Fingers crossed.
You are correct Gregg. Thanks. Very helpfdul info.


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    And with that "helpfdul" info, you should have used it, Richard! LOL!
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    You are welcome. I am glad it helped. (I am never quite sure with these things because I have some moderator permissions here so what I see is not always what you see. ;-) )
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    Thanks Gregg. I'd never thought to look elsewhere when it didn't appear where I'd ecpected it to be. Not even sure I'd noticed the star.

    Ken , You'd better get used to typos from me. I am still waiting for my new glasses to arrive and my keyboard appears to skip letters unless I bash them hard.
    The optometrists asked me to read whatever line of three I could read on a square screen with my right eye. Nothing. Eventually he filled the screen with a massive bold E and asked me to read it. I replied that I could see no letter and that his square looked like a trapezium. Strangely I still see better using both eyes rather than just the "good" one. The brain makes it's own adjustments and can even ignore parts of something because it knows the other eye isn't seeing it. Weird
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    Get your eye fixed!
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    It's unfixable Mike. Chemically damaged inside courtesy of a hospital prescribed drug. :( They are both damaged but the right one is pretty bad.
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    How about a cornea transplant?
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    Or a head transplant.
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    The damage is to the retinas Mike, so basically it's the entire eye that's screwed. :(
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    A retinal transplant?
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    Highly unlikely except by going private. Certain to cost a bomb. If you have something nagging away at you constantly for years you just get used to it being there. ;)) You don't have to like it. ;)
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    Something nagging away at me for years. Nope. Can't think of a thing. :((
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    Love the emoji!
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    So did I. I got out of the big family (not mine) Easter dinner today.
    But I got grief when you know who got home.
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