New Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition v3.50 with 750 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition is now available.

The trial version can be downloaded from .

If you have purchased, the full version can be downloaded from the link in your receipt email, or by going to the Internet menu in the game, select "Download Latest Version".

Version 3.50 contains 30 new games and many bug fixes and improvements for Mojave and Catalina.

The new games are Alloway Kirk, Balcony, Calculation FreeCell, Calculation Klondike, Coyote, Cromwell, Double Australian, Double Gold Rush, Five Pirates, Four by Ten, Frustrating Pairs, Interchange Puzzle, Klondike Puzzle, Leprechaun, Lucky Fan, Neptune, Prime Minister, Robespierre, Royal Noir, Saxony, Seven and Ten, Spike, Ten by One, Thatcher, Three Pirates, Triple Harp, Triple Triangle, Triton, Turnover the Rainbow, and Willow.

I recommend that all users of the Mac game update to this latest version. Older versions will be harder to install and run in the future macOS Catalina because of new security requirements, and this version 3.50 is fully ready for these requirements for Catalina. This version is also 64 bit (versions have been 64 bit for some years, but users of versions 1 and 2 will need to update for Catalina).

Users who purchased from the Mac App Store can update their versions using the App Store.


  • Member, Beta Tester
    Awesome. Just downloaded the new version and replaced the old one.

    One problem, When clicking the rules for a game or any game, not showing the rules....shows this:

    The selected content is currently unavailable

    The content you selected can’t be displayed at this time. Try again later.

    You may be experiencing one of the following issues:

    The server may be unreachable.

    Your school, business, or Internet service provider (ISP) may be experiencing an outage.

    The content may not exist.

    If you still can’t view help content after trying again, contact Apple Support. You can also use the Apple Support app (available from the App Store) on iPhone or iPad.
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    There seems to sometimes be some sort of macOS help caching issue, if you just wait awhile (can be minutes, can be hours), the help cache will clear and you'll be able to see the help.
  • Member, Beta Tester

    Not sure why we Mac users have to go favorite those games again after replacing the old versoin.
  • Member, Moderator, Beta Tester
    >Not sure why we Mac users have to go favorite those games again after replacing the old versoin.

    I am not, either; that should not be happening. Your favorites should be preserved, as the new version uses the same preferences as the old version. I just verified that the new security changes do not alter this behavior.

    The only thing I can think is that you may have had the store version (purchased on the Mac App Store) and then installed the direct download version instead.
  • edited July 2019 Member, Beta Tester
    i'm using 2 for the 1 deck type games and the other for 2 deck type....just looked in my 2nd username for having 2 deck type games as favorites.....they are preserved.

    Oh I unistalled the store version from the Mac App Store back when the App store was taking forever to approve the 700 games update before I purchased that version from the website back then lol

    Anyways, all good for now....didn't take long to favorite those 1 deck type games again.

  • Member, Beta Tester
    The rules are still not showing within the game.

  • Member, Moderator, Beta Tester
    >The rules are still not showing within the game.

    Damn. Which exact version of macOS are you running? ('[apple menu]->About This Mac')
  • edited July 2019 Member, Beta Tester
    My imac model is Mid 2010 and the current version that I had last installed is MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

    I was going to upgrade to Mojave from the App Store back in March but the message came up stating that it can't be downloaded. Still works fine though until it starts to slow down and would have to get a new iMac probably in a couple years.

    Maybe when the next new version comes in September, I'll see if I can download that new version. If it can't be downloaded then I have to wait until I get a new iMac after this one starts to slow down.

    Mid 2010 has already discontinued anyways.

  • Member, Moderator, Beta Tester
    >MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

    Thanks. We had some issues on that version which I thought were resolved, but obviously we still have a bug. :-(

    To be clear, Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition should run properly on your machine; you should not have to upgrade (OS or hardware) in order to play our games.

    One simple question... Have you tried rebooting the system? This appears to be some sort of issue with help caching, and sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem.

    Please let us know if anything changes.

    Gregg :(|)
  • Member, Beta Tester
    PGS still works fine.

    Restarting the Mac didn't help.
  • edited August 2019 Member, Beta Tester
    I received this by email.

    "My Mac keeps crashing when I play PGS.
    I’m on version 3.4
    I could try downloading latest version 3.5 but nervous to do so.
    Will I lose my saved scores if I do?"

    Please respond here and I will forward it.
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    Installing new versions never affects your scores.

    Your scores can only be deleted if you clear them in the game or actively go out and find the data files and delete them (data files aren't deleted during uninstalls either as uninstalls only delete files that were installed during the install process, and data files are created later, not during the install).
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Thanks. :)
  • edited January 19 Member, Beta Tester
    I upgraded to the new version of the game. Later this year (later in the spring or start of summer), I'll be getting a new iMac as this one is a model 2010 which is pretty old. Its still pretty good for another year but not going to wait until it starts to not turn on anymore.

    Anyways, I hope we get like 50 or more than 50 new games for the next Mac version of the game later this year.
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