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All my scores for free cell reset to zero. Where is the location of the data files. I've typed in search for the names of the data files, but it comes up as not found. You stated in a prior answer that it was in a library file area, but I can't seem to find them. Any other way to find them like the "%appfiles%" with a PC?

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    Data files for the latest version of Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition (PGSME 2.2) are located at '~/Library/Pretty Good Solitaire' in a subfolder with your player name.

    Substitute different game names as appropriate (and some older versions stored data in 'Documents' instead of 'Library', in which case you should upgrade :) ).
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    Yikes! :O

    Thanks for the information; we will be keeping an eye out (and testing) for further problems with Lion (OS X 10.7).


  • Can't seem to find them still. I guess what's throwing me is the"~". The only "library" files I'm finding don't seem to have anything that's associated with "Goodsol". (I.E. macintoshhd/library/?. Any other ways to find these?
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    On the Mac, the tilde (~) is shorthand for your home folder, the one associated with your user name.

    The quickest way to find what you need is to type Shift-Command-H (from Finder), which should open up a Finder window in your home folder. You should then see 'Documents', 'Library', and a whole host of other folders there.

    That said, I am not sure that knowing where the data files are stored is going to help you with your original problem. :/
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    The quickest way to find the folder is the do a Spotlight search on "Pretty Good Solitaire". The folder that comes up should be the data folder.
  • By finding where they are, I can retrieve them from my back up files.
  • OK, here's what I've found so far: sometime between July 21 and July 22 of this year, the library files stopped appearing. On the 21, everything is shown. Then on the 22nd the library file is gone. Everything that was in that file is not shown. So my question now is can that folder be hidden? I'm thinking that it must be because other games keep a running count of the number of games played, somewhere! How do you "unhide" it?
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    Just went over to "MAC Rumors" board and discovered that the new operating system called "Lion" has an issue with "disappearing" files. It just so happens that I installed Lion on the 22nd of July. Just thought you might need to know this in case other people start experiencing disappearing files on their mac.
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    So i will let my hands from lion. Tell me Gregg, when the lion is fixed (from you or from Steve).
  • I am searching for my data file but it doesn't seem to be visible. I am on Mojave- any ideas?
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