I had tried to play a couple hands of this new game yesterday but sure is tough.

Hopefully there will be a easier variation of the game......all I can think of is to have cards build down by alternate or have empty space be filled by Kings/group of cards led by King (filling empty space with any cards/any group of cards would make the game very easy anyways).


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    I found from my statistics that I last played it in February 2004 and won it with game 1600887808 I cannot help you with the moves though
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    It's a very irritating game. The "Merci" is frequently used accidentally. Instead of moving a legitimate group from point A to point B by clicking on the top card, you will usually find that the top card has just moved to the opposite end of the original group. It's far too easy to use it accidentally and simply not notice until much later in the game when you are actually trying to use it. I wonder what the true winning percentage is. Well below 20% I'd wager.
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    Game #7 is winnable. Too frustrating for words.
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    I'm not going to keep trying though so I'll wait until there's a easier version.
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