Prime Minister & Thatcher

Both interesting games but tough to play.

Hopefully there will be a easier variation for either Prime Minister of Thatcher (or both) where you fill empty space with any cards/any group of cards or just have the stock turn over 1 card at a time in the waste pile and with a redeal.


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    476675745,6 and 7 are all winnable Prime Ministers. When it's possible to win consecutive game numbers like these it suggests that it is already easy enough.

    Mrs.Thatcher will be spinning in her grave at the suggestion she should be dumned down. >:P I played and won #1 just now. Added #2. It is a great game the way it is. I will have to play a few more.
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    Thatcher...... The first five deals are winnable. All are difficult and worrying back appears to be essntial.
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    Oddly enough, Thatcher is noted as an "easier" version of Prime Minister, but some deals may actually be harder. And if one happens to come upon a deal where two Aces of the same suit are buried in the reserve under another card of that suit (say, two Aces of Clubs blocked by a 3 of Clubs) then one can say goodbye to that deal. It's a rare possibility in Prime Minister as well, but the card restriction in Thatcher inadvertently increases this possibility.

    In my view, an easier version would be to forbid Aces in the reserve, as an addition to Thatcher's restriction.

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    You're correct about that aces scenario Bastiko but the same situation arises in many other games. If players are aware of these situations they can refuse to play any of these rare deals. I'd agree that two identical aces shouldn't be allowed in the reserve though. There are many players who only play games in the hard and very hard categories so I think it's a mistake to keep dumbing down games because some players can't be bothered to put in the effort to win them. I cannot see the point of games that are difficult to lose. I want to have my mental faculties stretched to the maximum in my attempts to win them and am perfectly happy when I find unwinnable ones. With so many games already at our disposal there is room for players of all abilities.
    I think I'll see how many Thatchers I can win in numerical order. It really is an excellent game. :)
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    Perhaps a variation of the game with the Aces already dealt to the foundations at the start would help a bit.
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    Maggie's Den, number 10. :) Nos. 1 - 10 are winnable.
    That's a woman who could have completed Brexit in a couple of weeks
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    Bastiko, I have finally found an unwinnable Thatcher, #27. 1 - 26 are all winnable. We knew that what you'd said about the aces in the Reserve was true but other factors can also make them unwinnable. In #27 there is a 6S in the reserve that prevents access to both 3S's, therefore the 6 cannot be moved. Thatcher is an excellent game and I am likely to play up to at least #50 .
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    Indeed that is. And now that I think about it, it seems that an even easier version of Thatcher would be to force all cards in the reserve be of different ranks (and therefore unique due to Thatcher's other restriction). But as you say, Thatcher demands quite a bit of thinking, which is sometimes where I fall short.

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    We have a huge selection of games Bastiko, and there is something for everybody, including those who prefer playing the difficult ones. I am very sure that it wouldn't take you long to master Thatcher i you chose to. :)
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    Bastiko, Thatcher game #36 demonstrates your Aces scenario. :)
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