New Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows v19.2 with 1015 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 19.2 is available for download from

Here is what is new:

-- updated Daily Quests - small changes to the Klondike and FreeCell Daily Quests. Daily Quests are new challenges every day. Just click on the
"Play a Quest" button on the main screen.

-- 5 new games - the new games are:

- Midnight Sun - a Klondike type variation of Willow and Fascination. Midnight Sun will appear in the Klondike Daily Quest on occasion.

- Devil's Yukon - a combination of Diavolo and Double Yukon.

- Janet's Bisley - an easy variation of Bisley..

- Doubtful Pairs - a more difficult version of Patient Pairs, but not as difficult as Frustrating Pairs.

- Agnes Two - a two deck version of Agnes Bernauer (and similar to Agnes Three).


  • Does this version allow you to create a custom game like Triple Klondike, deal 1, unlimited re deals?
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    No, the regular Wizard only has options for 2 decks and the Wizard for Triple Klondike doesn't have those options (these things haven't changed in a long time).
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Is Devil's Yukon hard, medium or somewhat easy?
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Different people will have different opinions on Devil's Yukon. You need to concentrate and do quite a lot of forward planning so it's not a game you can play quickly. I think that the rating of Medium, 60%, mainly skill, is quite accurate.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Forgot to ask what type Devil's Yukon belongs in.....would it be Spider type or Yukon type?
  • Member, Beta Tester
    The clue is in the name. With Yukons you can move any group of cards no matter what they contain.
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