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This game has really got me stumped!


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    It's winnable Sue. I think you may have made a move or two early in the game and suffered the butterfly effect. They were kind to me. :) How did we previously tackle showing you a solution?
  • I'm impressed. You solved that quickly! :-)
    For me, I think it's another case of insanity, Richard. I keep repeating the same actions, expecting to get a different result.
    Last time you sent me a few photos and I picked it up from there.
  • PS What's the butterfly effect?
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    "In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state". What it means in my head anyway is that the most basic decision can have far reaching consequences. Simply playing one card in your game could determine that other cards at later stages could no longer be playable.
    An example could be that if someone sent me a photo, that decision would determine if I forwarded it to other people or shared it in the likes of this forum. ;) ;))
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  • Okay. I get it (at least I get the simpler explanation!) LOL! ;-)
  • To save you going to all the trouble of taking photos, Richard. Is it not possible for you to just tell me where you think I'm going wrong?
    I think I'm going wrong right at the begining by being unable to resist the obvious moves.
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    I don't mind how long it takes Sue. Even longer than some of our conversations. :) I am attaching a very early screenshot that you should be able to duplicate readily. The score is 3 and the stock is 67. What I can tell you is that I won your game at the first attempt. I probably unwittingly made a couple of telling early moves that did the trick. The last card I turned face up in the tableau was a 3D beneath the KH in column 1. During the game I had that column built down from king to two. I have made a video of the game if you want me to post it on FB. It's 60MB so I doubt if I could send it via email. I'll give that a bash anyway. :) Nothing ventured .....
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    Forgot this. Sigh.
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    The instant I tried to upload it to email a pop-up advised me that it was too large to send but helpfully suggested that I upload it to Onedrive and send you the link instead. I did so and it appears to have worked. Please let me know.
    I don't altogether trust this Onedrive malarky. George Orwell told me that he thought it was dodgey. ;)) If this is a success I could email you or anyone in our group whole loads of photos in albums.
    I usually do nothing but slag off Microsoft but to express my approval of their pop-up I promise not to slag them off for the remainder of the week. ;))
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