Three Up

3 Decks. Hard (10%). Mostly Skill.
It is well worth learning how to play this game. Genuine losers are thinner on the ground than the difficulty rating suggests,
I have failed to win #13 and #14 but the other 18 from the first 20 deals are winnable. 13 and 14 ay be too but despite a lot of effort they have kept me as bay so far. Can you put them to bed?


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    I won #1. Too much work for my little mind. But a fun game.
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    Well done Mike. You can play all of our games as slowly as you want. They are not against the clock. I often decide to leave a game until the following day before trying it again. Btw some Three Up's are very difficult..
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    I love Three Up even though one game takes a lot of effort and time since there are three decks. It's an expanded version of Virginia Reel, so the things that make it hard carry over. Personally, I prefer its less stringent cousin Royal Parade in a three-deck version, but Three Up is OK. It's a good time filler.

    I have a 40% win rate with 30 games played. I'm sure some of that 60% might be winnable, but I haven't had the time to find out.

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    It's not a game you can play quickly and expect to win a lot of them, that's for sure. How you manage the twos, threes and fours is critical but also the aces. I often leave aces in the tableau for quite a long time until a valuable card appears in the deal that I want to introduce into the tableau. You are frequently faced with situations where several cards could be moved but it's usually later in the game before you discoved that you;ve made bad choices It's a fascinating game and it probably at least 80% winnable. I love it.
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    I have been playing #2 for a long time. I can't get it. I think I will move on.
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    Thanks for even trying it Mike. It's not for everybody.
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    I've played the first 100 of this brilliant game. I gave up on nine of them. Those numbers attached in case anyone fancies trying them. All winning ones have been saved.
    Drat .... Posted an older screenshot.
    787 x 254 - 60K
    3 losers.JPG
    178 x 148 - 14K
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    Correct screenshot this time
    669 x 144 - 36K
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    Good game, Richard! Thanks for the suggestion. I won #100 already.
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    Glad you like it too Ken. Some are very difficult and I doubt if many could be called easy. You need to take your time and weigh up your moves carefully.
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