Point Sable

Rated Hard (20%) Mostly skill but don't let that put you off, It's easier than you think.
Many players fall into the same trap. When we find a game we really like we practically ignore the rest of them. I occasionally got through the available games in the Hard and Very Hard sections and try a few of each. Point Sable is one that I found and really enjoy. The first 14 are all winnable but some deals are pretty difficult.
The best tactic is to use the two empty cells at the start of the deal to uncover as many tableau cards as possible. If you undo and redo you will sometimes be able to establish what most of them are and to choose the most beneficial ones. Whenever possible you should try to keep one empty cell. That way if a valuable 2 is dealt and it cannot be played onto a foundation you can park it in a cell until the ace appears. Keeping an empty column is also recommended. For example, if you have a KH on a foundation it is great to be able to dump the other on into an empty column where it can do no harm. Worrying back is absolutely essential and moving cards of the same suit between foundations is often necessary. A winning solution is attached so that you can see my strategies in action.( It's one of the easier deals I've encountered)the
Point Sable_14-km.pgs


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