2 Decks. Hard (20%). Skill/Luck balanced.
" Pantagruel is a jovial drunkard characterized by rough, extravagant humor". ..... Well maybe; back in the day; but I've changed now. ;))
All games 1-10 inclusive are winnable. Have some fun.


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    Not even near hard?
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    The win probability given is for a normal player not for the SUPERIOR abilities of Mr Mechen.
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    See what you make of this Forty Thieves game I won yesterday. Forty-Nine 1514830720 . Rated as Very Hard (<1%). Skill/Luck balanced.
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    Re "Not even near hard?" ..... yes, it is hard but my message is that many games in the Hard category are not as hard as people may think just by looking at the difficulty ratings. More people would succeed if they put a bit more effort into them. :)
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