Family Plot

2 Decks. Hard (5%). :-j Skill/luck balanced.
4 losing deals from the first 25, so a win rate of above 80% should be quite easily maintained.
This is the best game I've played in a long time. I recall Ken and I used to play "The Plot" many moons ago. It was definitely too demanding. This is a completely different ball game. Critically cards may be played down in suit order from the Reserve into the Tableau. No need to have an entire suit completed like in the harder version.
634 x 163 - 37K
Family Plot_10.pgs


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    What Richard said is truth. Family Plot is not as obsessively challenging as The Plot, but it still has its quirks. I've always hoped that this game would get a 3-deck expansion at the least.

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    I LOVED playing Family Plot back in the day but when I got good at it, I realized it was pretty cut and dry. I t was either winnable or it was not and no amount of massaging of the cards could change that and it got boring after I came to that realization.
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    Family Plot is totally different from the original Plot Ken. Previously you had to complete an entire suit before you start playing cards from the Reserve. Not so now. Assume a 5H was dealt to the Foundation and a 7S was the first card on the Reserve pile. If you had an 8S in the Tableau you could play your 7S onto it immediately. It is possible to play several cards of various suits from the Reserve into the Tableau long before you complete your first Foundation set. Also, you are allowed to move groups of cards in the Tableau. This is a great game. Give it a go.
    Glad you agree Bastiko. :) I also like your suggestion of a 3 deck one.
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    I have no trouble playing Family Plot at all....had 10 wins in a row before.
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    Really? What were the game numbers?
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