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If you check the scores on Free Cells you will see that I love playing it. But after more than 1700 wins (this time), i am stuck!
Please help me if you can.

Thank you! Russell Bill Brawley Mission Viejo, CA


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    Hi Russell,
    Are we talking about Freecell (no S)? Does the deal match my screenshot? If your answer is "yes" to both questions then your deal is quite simple. At the very start of your game you should empty column 5, the one with the King of Spades at the bottom.
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    Please let me know if we are talking about the same game and I will show you how to win it.
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    my game is called yukon cells
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    how can I send you a file?
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    No need to. You asked for Freecells and that's what I played. I'll give Yukon Cells a try and get back to you asap. :)
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    Okay Russell. Your game is winnable. The easiest way to show you how is if I upload a solution and show you how to open it. That method will only work if you are using Windows and are using Pretty Good Solitaire.. Please let me know and then we can proceed. Don't fret. We'll get you organised even if you're on a Mac and using a different Goodsol collection that saves in a different format. :)
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    Forgot that you're in California. To save time see how you get on following my screenshots. I'd still like the other info I asked for. If we are both using the same kit it would be a good idea if you learned to use uploaded solutions. It's quite easy.
    Click on the images and they will enlarge.
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    Russell, you must really love this game! I see your name in the stats SIX times...
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