Waxing Moon

According to the Most Difficult Games list, Waxing Moon is ranked #8 at 0.2%.
How about a work through of the first 20 to see how many are winnable (I already got #4).
This game checks my criteria for possible enjoyment, as opposed to Forty-Nine which was a total toil.


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    I'm game. :)
    Totally agree about Forty-Nine but once you start a job .... >:)
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    It looks like the person of the top of the leaderboard is Sue King from Wales. Is that our Sue or a different one?
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    No Ken. Our one is from the Worcester area of England. I do believe we have discussed the other one previously. It's curious how often the same names crop up at the op of the stats. Some of them may be Chinese statisticians incognito. ;))
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    Not sure about Waxing Moon Larry. In my opinion it should be classed as "mainly luck" as you know practically from the outset that your deal is unwinnable. It could be greatly improved by allowing worrying back and perhaps having a storage cell for any card you select and maybe a second one that will accept a single King. I will play up to #50 and reassess my opinions.
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    Actually I think just worrying back would do the trick.
    Funny how worrying back is available sometimes and not others.
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    Yes it would improve it Larry. As it stands I think it's just frustrating. I've reached #40 and think that's plenty.
    Have you an opinion on Single Interchange Cell?
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    I might do a little more work on # 1-20.
    Just added #8 to the winners, so two of the first eight are winnable.Instead of worrying back, you have.to do a lot of moving between the piles.
    Fairly certain that the actual win rate is much higher than 0.2%

    Not a big fan of the face.down card games.
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    I remember when we used to play Malmaison back in the day (or at least I did), and that's in the top 10.
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    Well done with your second Waxing Moon winner Larry
    McClellan is rated as Hard 20%. My stats are reading 0% for first 25. I'm going to have to replay them. Either I was partaking of the falling down juice at that time or the rating is wrong.
    Yes Ken. I remember Malmaison. Very aptly named. Our winners were few and far between I believe.
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    So in the first 50, wins were 4,8,31,40,41=10%
    #16 scored 79W11, but could be the max.
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    Well done Larry. You thought the winning percentage would be higher and you were correct. I think it is how the cards overlap and obscure one another that annoys me. My heart is just not in it at all. I'll replay #16 a few times and see what happens but the 2D being buried right at the start looks terminal to me...... at the moment. :)
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    #16 is frustrating. Prioritising how to manage its many problems is very challenging. There are issues with every suit so you can't leave been one of them to look after itself. My attempts today have been fruitless but a new tack has occurred to me. I'll try that later. This game is very hard on me visually.
    I'd love a look at your partial though.
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    Now at 86W9, although I think the clubs look totally blocked
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    "I think it is how the cards overlap and obscure one another that annoys me."

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    Partial #16
    Waxing Moon_016p.pgs
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    That's a brilliant partial Larry. =D> No more is possible. The clubs are impassable.
    My eyes can't tolerate the layout of the tableau so I'm opting out.

    McClellan is certainly not a 20% game. Perhaps not even a 2% one. It's boring anyway.

    Have you any suggestions Ken? What was that game with a triangular tableau that we used to play? Something along the lines of ..... one card in column one, 2 in 2, up to 5 in 5 and then back down to 1 in the final column. I'd like something med+ so that difficult deals pop up regularly.

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    King of Egypt? I've played over 500 games of that until recently, so maybe something else.
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    Back in the day (4 years ago), we used to play a lot of Give and Take.
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    I have played up to #4000 for KOE, if you want to go over my loser lists just request.so.
    We ended up through #1600 before.
    The 2900's were the only group that didn't make at least 80/100 (only 74/100).
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    Swiss Patience is the one deck version, rated as medium (45%)
    We could try the first 100 and see what we come up with.
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    Or maybe not Swiss Patience, it can quickly bog down with one card dealt to each column. It seems like not much strategy involved.
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    Strange you should mention Give & Take Ken. I played the first ten today. Won #7. It's rated as Hard 5%. Not a bad game though.
    I also won#1 and #2 of Empress of Italy. Pretty sure #3 is winnable too but it can be time consuming and tedious.
    I won 3,4 and 6 of Swiss Patience. Didn't play any higher ones.
    1,4,5,6 and 11 are my winners from the first 12 Single Interchange Cell. It's not unreasonable.
    You've flogged KoE to death Larry, as has Ken recently so perhaps something else would be refreshing.
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    Larry, I'd like to avail myself of perhaps a couple of groups of your KoE unwon game numbers preferably with the max scores you'd achieved. Surely at the very least I could nudge the average up a trifle.
    Day 52 of my self-isolation. What fun I'm having. Thank God for my garden. It would be like a prison sentence without it.
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    Hope you can scratch out a few more winners, or at least get us going in
    the right direction.

    Here is the infamous 2900's list:- see if you agree if those marked with a #
    are unwinnable.

    2907 34W16
    2915 16W27 #
    2916 17W25 #
    2919 44W24
    2924 41W18
    2926 73W16
    2932 41W30
    2934 81W12
    2935 74W02 #
    2938 40W19
    2948 25W33
    2952 12W29
    2954 68W14
    2957 22W23
    2958 82W07
    2959 54W12
    2964 54W09 #
    2965 77W07
    2968 28W21
    2971 43W26
    2973 40W23
    2980 23W21
    2987 51W19
    2988 81W11
    2994 20W22

    Gardening and nature hikes are as good as any medicine.
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    2926 16W31
    2929 73W16
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    Thanks Larry. They should keep me out of bother. :)
    I love my garden despite that amount of work involved. I am currently compiling a list of butterfly sightings for Butterfly Conservation, Scotland. 5 species so far. Hope to reach double figures. I use no insecticides etc., and actually have a dedicated out-of-sight area where I allow all weeds to grow. I also have pots of stinging nettles within the garden for some species to lay their eggs on.
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    No shortage of nettles here. The early spring butterflies that hibernate as adults are out and about on the sunnier warm days.
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    Where do you live, Larry?
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    A little north of the Twin Cities, MN (closest city Cambridge, MN)
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    We're not too far away then. I live in Cedar Falls, IA; probably a 5 hr drive away.
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