Challenge FreeCell #1863414271

Yeah so it's been a touch over three years since my last topic, but I haven't really needed you guys. (hahaha - worst attempt at humor ever!)

I generally breeze through Challenge Free Cell, with the occasional actual challenging one, but this time I think I've met my match. Game #1863414271 seems unwinnable.

Not looking for the solution, just want to know if it's winnable before I spend any more time on it.

Your help is appreciated, despite what my evil twin said in the first sentence. Thanks in advance!


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    Yes it is winnable. I found it difficult.
    My evil twin has posted screenshots in case you or your brother decide you need clues. >:) Click to expand them.
    744 x 313 - 52K
    740 x 328 - 56K
    761 x 322 - 53K
    1525 x 638 - 148K
  • Thank you, sir. I'll try it a couple more times before I use your clues. Actually no, I'm using your clues right now. lol
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    I know. Your evil twin emailed me. ;))
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    Hahahaha! Awesome.

    Solved the game, thanks for the help! I'll try to drop by more often. Once a year might be a good start. Don't wanna push it. :P
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    You're welcome ..... as long as you don't eat dogs or cats. Not sure what our policy is regarding cannibalism though. :-j
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