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    For the many people who lived in Paradise Ca. It was a great place to dwell. In the mountains. With plenty of fresh air and peace and quiet. But in no time at all. It all changed. Much like a tornado. Hurricanes can be predicted. But not fires with strong winds to move them along. California has a long history of wind spread fires. Going back thousand of years. And now that people are building in remote areas. There will be more personal damage. Hot dry conditions are a staple of California. Be prepared.
    For any Fleetwood mac fans out there. My brother-in-law is in a very good tribute band. If you ever are in Chico. Go see them. And tell the bass player I sent you. ;)
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    The answer to Paradise could be to leave some areas with no trees that would make firebreaks and large tanks of water ready to saturate things before the fire reaches that far. They have to take dramatic action otherwise the area ill be uninhabitable. Did you take any photos of the devestation. Must be like a horrendous site even now.
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    No pictures. I didn't take my camera stuff. I just wanted to keep my baggage as little as possible. I am to weak to load stuff into the over head bin on the plane. I checked my suitcase and guitar. And that it easier to navigate my way on and off the plane. A very short story. I put a lock on my guitar case. I didn't want to make it easy for some baggage person to take it. The TSA inspectors cut the lock and opened the case. They didn't leave a note to say it was them. Anyway they then put a zip tie in the place where the lock would have been. So I could not open the case when I retrieved it at the airport to check it. Plus they didn't close the case correctly. So I had to wait until I got to the hotel and get my knife to open it. Everything was fine. I didn't get to play it much with the brother-in-law. But we got in a little singing together.
    The service for his Mother went well. Not too long. And hopefully that will be the last time I go to Chico.
    Obviously they didn't think that much about fire prevention in Paradise. Some of Debbie's family lived up there in the 50's. And many people before that. The people here in the areas most prone to fire danger annually clear the vegetation around their homes. Fire resistant roofs are a must. And many people install some kind of fire retardant methods around their property. But when the winds get blowing. There isn't much to stop a fire from moving quickly. And often there just isn't much to be done. Our firefighters are terrific. But even they can't stop some of these firestorms. And about firebreaks. They do work. But when the winds get going they can carry embers a long way.
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    You should have known that the padlock would have to be broken open. Anything could have been in there.
    I thought about it after I made my post .... perhaps the camera would have been like rubbing salt on people's wounds. I hope it doesn't land up like some macabre tourist attraction.
    I've seen plenty of footage of your fire crews in action. What heroes! Much of the time they know that they are fighting a losing battle but they just keep trying. I agree with what you said about the firebreaks. They are not much use when you have high winds. The same could be said about the measures people take to try and protect their homes. Totally useless against such infernos. Sad but true.
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    "Anything could have been in there". They obviously didn't know who I am. Being a friend of Donald Trump should mean more. Right Ken?
    If the cataract does get worse. Insist that the doctor gets to it right away. Sometimes they like to put if off until you really can't see. I told mine to fix them as soon as I stated to notice them. Mine were both very simple operations. But I had a really good doctor. :)
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    Yes indeed Mike. Phone Donald right away. Get this sorted out. Have they no respect for people's privacy? ;))
    The optomertist said tha they would wait a year "maybe two" before they would act on my cataracts. They are probably giving me a decent opportunity to die first and save some money.
    Brexit has been delayed again! This time until the 31st of October. I hear Walt Disney is in talks with Theresa May. They are lamenting the fact that the title "Halloween" already exists.
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    I saw the Brexit news today. More stalling around. Politicians are a indeed a bunch of twits. A lot of talk. And no action. Same here. Even when someone tries to force them to make a decision. They just do a lot of jabbering. And then do nothing.
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    Yes Mike, very true, but you have to admit that they are very good at it. :)
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    It's how they pretend to be doing something. When they are really doing nothing.
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    Richard, somebody wrote into the local paper and said when they watch shows from Britain that they noticed that the doorknobs and locks are so much higher than on the doors over here in America and wondered why that is? Do you have an explanation?
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    Curious question. My first one would be "Who cares?". The answer is that heights are governed by building regulations. Absolutely everything in the EU is governed by regulations. I've probably broken one by divulging this to a foreign national. ;))
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    I'm curious as to why you're not more curious! The answer they gave in the paper was that maybe because it's easier to see the lock at night when you come home late from the pub...
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    Why do people in The British isles drive on the wrong side of the automobile. They like to be different.
    I would think that because Americans see mostly programs with manor houses with large doors. That the locks would be set a little higher to lock the door more securely. In truth. I never noticed.
    Richard. I hope they give you a cell with a window.
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    Let's just see shall we? On the strength of one American person's opinion that the UK, (that's all of it), has key holes and door knobs that differ in height from those in the US, it must be true. The best response to that letter would have been, "Get a life". It doesn't say much about the quality of the "newspaper" if it even publishes garbage like that. Did it check that the content was accurate? A genuine fact would have been that key holes and door knobs were in use in Britain before the land that would eventually be called America even had inhabitants that didn't live in wigwams or teepees. Were all of their entrances of a standard height? :-))

    The following is a list of countries where they drive on the correct side of the road ..... not the wrong side like you contrary Americans do. Please note the inclusion of the U.S. Virgin Islands where people appear to know better.
    Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda, Bhutan, Botswana, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Cayman Islands, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, East Timor, Eswatini, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Grenada, Guernsey, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, , Nepal, New Zealand, Niue, Norfolk Island, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Seychelles, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, the Bahamas, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Tuvalu, U. S. Virgin Islands,Uganda, United Kingdom. Zambia and Zimbabwe
    Historically, the majority of the human population has always been right-handed. It is theorized that left-handed traffic began in the days of horse travel. The left-sided position put them at the advantage of having easy access to their sword with their right hand in case of an enemy encounter. It also made more sense for vehicles because hand signals were in use long before indicators were invented. Of course we Brits had the intelligence to realise this and do things correctly from the outset.
    Now is there anything else I can help you guys with? :-j
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    Half of those places don't have any automobiles. The rest except for Japan. Are former colonies. They were forced to drive that way. Europe knew better. And I don't carry a sword anymore. My Glock is a much better weapon.
    Anything else. Let's see. Nope. Nothing at the moment.
    But I will think of something.
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    I see Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese ex-colonies there for starters Mike. Also I don't think that the Irish could ever have been considered anyone's colony. Anyway, 99% of Americans claim to have Scottish, Irish or both ancestry so just remember how many people you're messing with. ..... even "The Donald"! He'll wall you in if you're not careful. When did you last get your sword out anyway? Just curious. ;))
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    In truth my sword has not been seen in ages. I drove cars in France that had the proper driving side.
    And most of us are already walled in by social morals. So a few more won't matter.
    And I am not sure why we decided to drive the way we do. I guess Henry Ford liked it that way.
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    Historically many things have been decided on the whims of a small number of people. There is seldom any genuine reason why we do things in specific ways. It would be a sad old world if we all did exactly the same as one another. I think that every US State should decide which side of the road they'd adopt in their own state. That way people in leftist states would feel that they were being represented. :)
    Indiscriminate use of swords has resulted in a large number of accidents. They've probably created more people than they've killed. ;))
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    It would not surprise me if our House of Representatives brought up a bill for everyone to drive on the left.
    As to the indiscriminate use of my sword. That is a private matter which I never talk about.
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    I was watching a comedian last night who was originally from England and he said that Brexit stands for "Brain Exit". I thought you would get a charge out of that!
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    Ha! :) New one on me. Now that I am aware of it I would offer Brain Excrete as an alternative. Think yourself fortunate that you are not being bombarded with itt endlessly. :( It's akin to Guantanamo.
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    Guantanamo. I liked that song. ;)
    As to Brexit. I have no idea what's going on. I guess some people like having their country flooded with foreign goods. And being told by Europeans what they can do and can't.
    Unfortunately we have a whole basket full of Brexit like problems. And no clear way of solving them.
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    The sad truth is that both the UK and the US import more than they export Mike. The carbon footprint of some of it is farcical. I was checking the packaging of a packet of frozen chicken the other day to see if it could be recycled. Then I saw "Produce of Thailand" in very small print. Almost 6000 miles! I also discovered that the UK is fying in jumbo jets full of TURNIPS from Australia! Almost 9,500 miles. No wonder the planet is in a mess.
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    Richard, you need to expand your garden!
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    It's a disgrace. I could easily do without turnip when it's not in season here. Same applies to any other vegetable or fruit. Supermarkets offer too wide a selection and sow :) discontent.
    I saw hilariuous footage of a young American girl on the box recently. When her father asked why she was picking sesame seeds off of his burger bun she replied that she was going to grow him a burger tree. When asked how long that would take she replied, "Couple weeks". :-j (no of)
    Australia is also exporting sand and camels to Saudi Arabia.
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    Is there really that much actual farming in the UK anymore? And we import a lot of vegetables and fruit from Latin America. Avocados for one. But we have lots of avocado farmers right here. We used to have a lot of orange growers here too. But the need for housing took those away.
    A burger tree sounds good. I will have to plant one. Yes. I am that gullible!
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    52% of the food consumed in the UK is grown here. 75% of the land in Scotland is used for food production.
    Scottish producers grew more than 2900 tonnes of raspberries, 25,000 tonnes of strawberries, 231,000 tonnes of carrots, 64,000 tonnes of turnips, 34,000 tonnes of peas and 14,000 tonnes of Brussels plus smaller quantities of many other fruits and vegetables. We produce well over a million tonnes of potatoes per year.
    Avacados! We started to import live fish for the pet trade from South Africa. Obviously they came by air and the freight cost a bomb. Imagine how pleased we were to discover that each box also contained a few "free" avacados. :(
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    A Tweet from the Flat Earth Society read" We are proud to have members around trhe globe".
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    52%. Well that sort of deflates my idea of Brexit hold up because of food imports. What else are the Parliamentarians worried about? Wine perhaps? Surely not beer? Perhaps spaghetti sauce?
    Members around the world. Loonies making fun of themselves?
    Free avocados. We have lots of those. All you need is to go to the neighbors tree.
    Tomorrow we will get to see the almost two year in the making Mueller report. With redaction's. So the Congress will have more committee meeting to talk it over. And not get the important stuff done. Politicians are the worst!
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    Yes, politicians! People who argue the toss for a living. For many of them it's the only job they've ever had. Our professional liars are having great fun. The main stumbling block with Brexit is called the Irish Backstop. It concerns trying to allow traffic and tariff-free trade to cross from Ireland, an EU country, into Northern Ireland which would be leaving the EU with the rest of the UK. As Theresa May's "deal" currently stands it would mean that the UK would be tied into that particular piece of the legislation and we could never get out of it without the EU's permission. If they ever sort that mess out they will find plenty of other things to frustrate us and prevent us leaving the EU. They are detestable creatrures.
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