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    There must have been some kind of agreement between Malaysia and the trash dumpers. The Philippines are also sending trash back.What are we going to do with all that junk?
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    How about a plastic wall Mike? :-j
    Seriously, people in our countries thought they were doing something to help when they recycled plastics. Somewhere behind the scenes men in suits were negotiating deals with Third World countries to accept all of the plastics we had put into our recycling bins. The salemen had told them that it would all be clean and carefully sorted into gategories. What they received was anything that could loosely be classed as plastic, all mixed together, 90% of which could not be recycled. "They'll never send it back anyway". ;))
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    I think there was some talk about a Lego wall. Kids would build it. No reason I can think of why we could not fill the wall with trash. And most of the politicians.
    There was an add on TV today about a couple of guys who started a ocean trash clean up business. They are selling little plastic bead bracelets to keep their company going. I don't know what they do with all the trash they are are picking up from the ocean floor.
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    It's getting harder to goad you guys. I thought for sure you would have some comment on this section of my link...

    "It's true that last year all Finns were happier than rest of the countries' residents, but their immigrants were also happiest immigrants in the world," says Helliwell. "It's not about Finnish DNA. It's the way life is lived in those countries."

    They pay high taxes for a social safety net, they trust their government, they live in freedom and they are generous with each other. "They do care about each other," he says. "That's the kind of place people want to live."
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    Lies, damned lies and statistics again Ken. I noted that the UK was 15th in the list, four points in front of the US. It's curious that both our countries have large percentages of people living beneath the poverty line so I suppose, in common with any survey ever carried out on the planet, the results you landed up with would all depend on the people you surveyed and the questions you asked. And then of course you must ask yourself whether or not the results are even true. Both our countries are main targets for illegal immigrants so the perception must be that they consider our countries as utopian. In general, are Republicans happier than Democrats? Are dog owner happier than cat owners? Are vegetarians happier than meat eaters? Are women happier than men? Is a female Republican vegetarian cat owner happier than a meat eating male Democrat dog owner? THESE are the burning questions of the day. Once you've asked those question, ask them if they'd be okay wih paying higher taxes and then calculate what effect that had on all of your results.
    Mike, it's believed that large numbers of people were buried in the rubble when the Great Wall of China was being bulit so some politicians wouldn't weaken the structure in any way. Did you intend to cremate them first? That's another burning question. ;))
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    Our part of Scotland is not amongst the happiest today. :( Yesterday I planted ot loads of young plants that I had grown from seed and nurtured lovingly for about two mionths. By this morning they had been battered flat by heavy rain and a few had been eaten down to stumps by snails. Brassed off! This season's pride and joy managed to survive the onslaught practically unscathed. Before anyone asks it's called Saxifrage Southside Seedling.
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    Ken. What Richard said.
    And not being a gardener. I would not have asked.
    And not being in charge of building the wall. I don't care what they put in it. BTW. I knew that they buried human remains in the Great Wall. And it has held up well.
    And those are my only thoughts for the day. My mind is not awake yet. Or is it ever according to one person.
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    Richard, how did things go today between Trump and that stone cold loser of a London mayor?
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    The man is an embarrassment to your country Ken. He is invited to the UK at enormous cost to our taxpayers and has insulted the Mayor of London before he's even stepped off the plane. He is a wrecking-ball and is prepared to destroy everything in his path in the pursuit of money. He is attempting to blackmail countries into kowtowing to his every whim be it trading with Iran or dealing with Huawei. In one breath he is telling the UK to get behind Nigel Farage and leave the EU without a deal, whilst at the same time he is doing his utmost to destroy the World Trade Organisation that we would have to deal with if we did so. He wants to weaken all of your traditional friends so he can bully them into accepting his Mafia-like proposals. Apparently he is also intent on getting his grubby little hands on our NHS as an integral part of any of his so-called deals.
    The British public, including myself, was beginning to warm to the man, but his recent Tweets have made it clear that he cannot be trusted.
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    Welcome to my world! He'll do something good and then destroy all his credibility and goodwill with one tweet...
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    You still don't really understand Trump. He will punch back when criticized. Trump is not the leader or promoter of white supremacy. The Mayor of London was way out of line on that issue. And whatever Princess Meagan said three years ago didn't require a journalist to bring up now. And Trump didn't have to respond to it. But he will. Iran is responsible for most of the terrorism in the middle east. We have to get them under control. He is willing to talk to them. But they take the stand. As you said. that Trump is trying to bully them. Well. Somebody has to. Iran may be cutting back on their heavy water production. But that's only because they already have made more than they need. this all done under the treaty. Trumps visit to the UK was to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. And to embellish the ties between the UK and the US. His speech at the dinner was perfect. He said all the right things about the Queen. And our mutual cooperation all over the world. And why are we interested in your NHS. We are trying to avoid getting into the same plan ourselves. If Brexit ever happens. And there are problems. It will be the US who steps in and helps. And as to Huawei. The Canadians don't like them. And I am surprised that the UK doesn't check into them more. Their products have been shown to be malicious. And their technology probably stolen. At least part of it. We have to be careful dealing with the Chinese.
    Many of us wish he would stop with the tweets. But he feels that is the only way we will hear his side of the story. The news media only tells their side.
    trump will be out of office. Soon. Or later on. And I hope it is later on. But Mafia like? No one has had a horses head put in their bed. Yet.
    And I wish we could float a balloon with a likeness of the London Mayors head. But my country is to civilized for that. Also. We could care less what the Mayor of London has to say. Well. Some of us.
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    Sorry Mike, it's occurred to me that I am as guilty as Mr.Trump for "tweeting" my displeasure in a knee-jerk reaction to headlines. He was wrong to criticise the London mayor when he did. He could have waited until he was back home and it would have got the same news coverage here. Many UK people don't care for the guy anyway.
    I have always thought of the Iranian government as a malevolent entity. Perhaps rather than invading Iraq we should have invaded Iran. Saddam Hussain was always at war against them anyway. With him gone the Iranians can pretty much do whatever they want across the entire region. If they owned nukes they would definitely use them.
    I don't trust Huawei either but threatening everyone including your friends when they disagree with you is not the way to get support.
    Princess Maegan ! I have never heard that term used to describe her in the British media. That said she is entitled to her opinions but given her elevated status perhaps she should emulate our Queen and express no political opinions whatsoever.
    Mr Trump has behaved impeccably since he landed. The media is reporting its pleasure. Clearly he has learned much since his previous visit. It's a pity about his Mayor rant. He should have waited until some reporter here asked about that situation. He would have scored massive approval if he'd just shaken his head and dismissed it as, "He's entitrled to his opinions I suppose".
    Re our NHS. Interfere with that at your peril. The British public would stage a national strike and shut the country down completely rather than allow anyone to mess with it
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    Richard, Duchess Meghan, like Mike said, made her comments 3 years ago, probably before she even met Harry. I'm sure she's much more discreet now.
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    I hope so too Ken. I pay very little attention to any of them really these days; the Queen obviously, Prince Charles because of his strong opinions on climate change etc, and Prince Harry, the ginger one, because he's so down to earth and is fun. I wonder who his father is. ;)) Mick Hucknell maybe? :-j
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    Mr.Trump must be very pleased with himself today. Practically all of the news coverage was complimentary and from the people who actually matter. There were protests obviously, but they were very small compared to the last time he was here. He has sown some much needed optimism in the UK. He's shoved Brexit off of the news thank God. =D>
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    I just read that a submarine in the Mariana Trench succeeded in diving the furthest ever-7 MILES down and guess what they found? PLASTIC! Incredible!
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    The aliens built this whole planet out of plastic waste from their own planet.
    Trump had some fun with Theresa May. And basically said that that the government was losing a fine leader.
    The protests were not all about Trump. And I wonder if many of them know about the issues. Or if they are just repeating what they have been told. There were anti-war people out there. White supremacist protesters. Pro abortion folks. Green earth people. And just regular nut cases. Who love marching around.
    Trump is often his own worse enemy. As we have discussed before. And he could have just shrugged off the negative comments. But that's not who he is. And there are many people like him. My neighbor for one. Don't call him a liar. You will be in a fight.
    Duchess Megan. I forgot. All that royalty stuff is beyond me. But given certain circumstances she could be Queen some day. Anyway. She is learning how to be a royal. It can't be easy. I wish she could have made an appearance at the banquet. An American woman who could have stood with the President. Even though she disagrees with many of his policies.
    As to Iran and Iraq. We had a problem when we went into Afghanistan after Ben-Laden. Saddam was harassing us daily. And letting gorillas train in his country. And they were on our flank. If they decided to attack us first. We would have been in a load of trouble. And the intelligence came out. Wrongly we now know. That he still had weapons of mass destruction. And that he was killing his own people. We went in. And that ended up opening a whole new mess of problems.
    Iran is causing even more problems. They want all of the middle east under Muslim control. With them at the head. I don't believe that the general public in either Iran or Iraq wants things the way they are. But many are still bound by the Muslim faith. So it is hard to break away.
    So for a new topic. Does the United States need to be the leader in protecting the world. From not only radical Islam. But communism too. This world will never be at peace. You will always have somebody who wants to rule the world. Or their country. And their neighbors. Why don't we just let the planet destroy itself. Why spend trillions of dollars on something that is going to burn up anyway.
    And that is my positive outlook for today.
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    Mike, something we agree on! Alert the media (with something that isn't fake news...) We lost 58000 men in VietNam and look what good it did. For the people in Iraq, their lives don't seem to be any better. Maybe we should be a little bit more isolationist (but not too much, though)
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    Isolationism eh Ken? That worked out well for you before ........ until Pearl Harbour. Curious too that Japan was also isolationist for a long time. Israel is another country currently attempting that. The trouble with being isolationist is that others see it as weakness and you'll soon be under attack. You're being invaded now from the south. In World War I, (1914-1918) Britain was holding the fort against tyranny. The US didn't enter the war until 1917 primarily because your isolationism had left you with armed forces that were all but useless because they'd been deemed as unnecessary by your government and had been completely run down. They had to be built up and retrained in a hurry whilst Britain continued to be the world's policeman. Tibet was another country that tried and failed to be left alone, and even New Zealand has found out that being far away from trouble just doesn't work. Gone are the days when you enemies wore uniforms and could easily be identified. In our modern worldthey are walking around among us and are plotting our demise. You'll note that Russia and China believe that there is no substitute for military might.
    All wars inevitably prove to be useless. Vietnam was a complete waste of time. Large numbers of people paid with their lives to achieve nothing. Some people and companies got very rich in the process. Wars generate large amounts of money for the privileged few. Everyone else foots the bill.
    I saw the footage from the Mariana Trench ages ago. The planet is in serious trouble. It won't be until Mr.Trump and the likes realise that there is an enormous amount of money to be made trying to reverse this that progress will be made. Some countries will play leading roles. Others will sit around and do nothing. Sad but true.
    I agree with you Mike. Many protesters just turn up to make a noise about something or other. It's just a day out for many of them. Instigators hand out banners to them. At least we have the freedom that permits this. There was a protest inTiananmen Square in Beijing . God knows how many people were rounded up anddisposed of.
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    Liz has just slipped on the path in the garden and has broken something in her arm. This is going to be a fun day. :(
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    Poor thing. Hope's she's ok.
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    Just got home . She snapped the humerus diagonally and suffered nerve damage from her elbow down because of the impact. It is likely to be at least ten weeks before the bone mends. Guess who is going to be double busy for the forseeable? :( Never mind, it could easily have been worse.
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    Yes Ken. Vietnam was probably not necessary. When the French left. We didn't have to get involved. The thought was that there was a legitimate government in the south. And that the commies were moving in. I have Vietnamese friends. Who believe that our intervention was correct. A former high ranking officer in Vietnamese army lived across the street. His Brother-in- law was a former Premiere. He fully believed in what they were fighting for. I lost several friends there. I could have been there myself. I don't know what the real answer is.
    And Richard is right about isolationist ideas. It got the US into trouble often. Now we have swung the other way. But what is the answer?
    The Chinese are expanding their zones of control. The Russians want back the former countries that they gave up. And the Iranians are trying to take over anything they can. And the guy in North Korea is trying to hold on to his job. And take the South if he can. We have had anti-war slogans since the sixties and even before. It only makes some people feel they are doing something. But it will not change the dictators and thugs in the rest of the world.
    I feel bad for Liz. It's a lot of pain to go through. And I am not talking about living with Richard. Pain is something that a lot of live with every day. And you have to be very careful with the remedies. I am sure Richard will do his best to make her as comfortable as possible. And he might even feed her once in a while.
    Just a thought. Which I have very few of. When a tsunami hit land and then recedes. Just think about all the crap that it take out into the depths. Is there an answer?
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    There are many things we could debate but there is never really any answer that cannot be disputed successfully. Vietnam is a ying/yang topic and the truth is that many opinions on the topic are equally valid and often based on a person's invividual circumstances at the time. One thing that most intelligent people can agree on is that vile as war is it will keep on happening. It is an indisputable fact that throughout history evil people have risen to power and have never been happy with their own possessions, they want yours too. If that means killing you to get it, that's fine. The only thing that will stop them is to be at least as powerful as they are. Can you imagine what would happen if those intellectual geniuses in charge of the EU decided to get rid of their armed forces and declared that they were now neutral countries? Mr.Putin would rub his hands in glee and over-run Europe in no time flat. It is only military power that prevents it. It's ironic that nuclear weapons have has saved more lives than they have ever claimed. Imagine for one moment what would happen if the likes of Iran was the only country that had nukes. Our strenght is our combined military prowess. Kim and company know that. Pacifism and isolationism are no defence against an aggressor.
    Liz is dealing with the pain very well but trying to get any sleep virtuallly sitting up as she was instructed is proving difficult. The biggest problem we are likely to face is with getting incidental provisions and getting to and fro the hospital. A return trip by taxi is £55. Ouch. That hurt.
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    Don't you have a car? Or is Liz the only one who drives?
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    75th Anniversary of D-Day

    Today we remember the brave soldiers from around the world who participated in D-Day 75 years ago. Take time to look to God with gratitude for all the heroes who died on June 6, 1944. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten. The courage of those troops changed more than the course of World War II. It changed world history.

    "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”

    --John F. Kennedy

    “Strengthened by their courage, heartened by their valor, and borne by their memory, let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died.”

    --Ronald Reagan
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    It may be different in the States Mike, but here they don't let blind people drive. ;)) I failed the sight requirements ages ago. An entire vehicle can disappear into the blind spot in the centre of my right eye. Its peripheral vision isn't bad though.

    Ken, did they show two British paratroopers reenacting their jumps on D-Day into France. One of them is 95 !!
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    It seems we do let blind people drive. If I only had the videos to prove it. Drivers here do the oddest things.
    Do they have Uber or Lyft in Scotland yet? It is, at the moment. less expensive that regular taxi fair. And I knew you didn't drive.
    We had a veteran of WW2 parachute in also. Very few of those veterans left. Macron made a very good statement about what the French people owe to the nations who came to their aid. Unfortunately I doubt that the younger generation will pay any attention.
    Richard is correct. We could discuss Vietnam and many other conflicts for hours. We could then muddle over Iran. The Sudan. Ethiopia. Venezuela. Syria. And many more. It's all about power and money. The leader of those places stays in power by being able to finance an army of minions. Who then keep the people in line.
    Do you guys have a camera on your computer. It would be fun to actually talk to you?
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    =)) =)) =))
    No wonder these clowns are doing their damnest to stop the UK dumping them. We've talked perviously about how the Euro only works for Germany and how it puts most other members at a disadvantage. Looks like the Fourth Reich is doomed. =D>
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