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    Yes. We have been talking about this for a while. The other EU members should start to take notice. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks in Britain. Is there moderate politician between Boris and Farage and Corbyn who might take charge?
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    God himself would need to take charge before the children in Westminster managed to reach a decision Mike. Admittedly some of them are struggling to get through puberty. Everybody wants different results even within the two main parties. It didn't take the slimeballs long to emerge from beneath their rocks after they disposed of Theresa May. At the last count thirteen candidates want to take on the job as PM.
    Italy is in a financial mess. It was Greece the last time. Who's next I wonder. Both of those countries paid a high price during the long migrant crisis as they were the easiest places to get a foothold into the EU.

    Our finances are taking a few hits. The taxi to and fro hospital was the first one, but on Tuesday we had hit #2. Liz went to bed at about 8pm as she couldn't get comfortable in the living room. Her bedroom TV refused to work ( it had been acting up for a while) so I had to get a new one delivered the following day, Wednesday. On Thursday we lost the volume on our big TV in the living room. I spent ages retuning the Digibox etc etc on Friday night. Today Saturday I bypassed everything and plugged it straight into the wall socket. Brilliant picture but no sound. The TV speakers must have packed in. We've a new TV coming on Monday. I hope nothing else decides to pack in for the next few months. :(
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    Does your free health care not include an ambulance ride to the hospital?
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    The answer to that is "probably" Ken. I intend to contact the quack on monday and see what they have to say. It is a bit much to expect pensioners to have to fork out on a regular basis. She's back there on Thursday.
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    Here is a little snippet of news that escaped me regarding Mr.Trump's visit. The dinner service that they their food off is older than the USA! Isn't that remarkable? You'd think the Queen could afford a new one. ;))
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    Political power is a big thing to many people. But they forget that leadership requires responsibility. We could go through a list of those who have held high office. But they would never had wanted to be number two. Or some person down the line with very little power. We have a similar thing going on here for the Presidential candidate for the democratic party. A lot of politicians. Who want to be #1. And only a few with any real chance.
    We have already discussed the socialist trend that is going to effect most of the world. As it already is doing. A lot of people will be effected. And there will be nothing they can do about it.
    As to Brexit. I wonder if enough countries pulled out at the same time. And the EU wanted to file suit. They might not be able to. As they would be out of business.
    Two TVs going out at the same time. And Liz breaking her arm. That's a lot. I am sure you tired everything to get the big TVs sound working. Did you happen to have two speakers sitting around that you could plug into an sound output jack. If the TV has one on or two. Ken brought up a good idea. I hope it works out.
    It's amazing that after all these years. The palace still has enough place settings. We would have broken the whole set by now. That's why I use paper plates. And use the same one over and over. Unless I have a real messy meal. The dilemma. Use more water to clean dishes. Or fill the dumps with more trash. I will have to ask Mr. Trump.
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    "Feeding the ego is starving the wisdom, the choice is yours".
    The problem with politicians is that WE have the choice of whether or not to elect the bums but more often than not one is as bad as the other.

    Any member country can leave the EU if they so choose. The problem is that the process is very lengthy and involves untangling masses of laws that govern their relationship with other member states. Simultaneously they have to draft hundreds of new laws etc that with take effect in their own country after they leave. It's far more complex than that but you get the idea. If you leave on bad terms, the other members are very likely to screw you over, and slap tariffs on your goods. A member country cannot sue the EU as the EU has broken no laws simply because your signature is on each and every one of them. Trump was just shooting his mouth off. Unusual for him right enough. ;)) What is being touted around just now is that the Euro currency will collapse. Italy has the 4th largest GDP of the EU members and simply cannot afford to use it as a currency. They cannot meet the budget criteria that the EU demands and are likely to be punished. Thank God the UK hung onto the Pound.
    Re the main TV, I'd not thought of attaching external speakers. Clever Ken. =D> Problem is that the new TV is already paid for and booked for delivery. It is ultra high definition so it should make it easier for me to see what's going on. You should try some melamine camping plates Mike. Virtually unbreakable.
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    I often wonder. How many possibly good candidates will run for public office anymore. They are subject to some really vile character assaults. We are left with some bad choices. Our local city councils are not much better that those seeking higher office. Somehow things get done. But often they impose some stupid ideas. I could go on and on. But. I have no desire to be a politician. To sit in endless meetings. And listen to other folks complain. And stand around waiting for people to end their speeches. So I guess I should not complain so much. Even our home owners association meetings are boring. And often have some people there I would like to punch. So I don't go very often. And if someone called me a liar. As some of our most powerful (or think they are)
    tend to do. We would be in a duel.
    Ultra high def. Good for you. If you get it placed just right. It will indeed help. Will the delivery people set it up for you? It can make it easier. They can get the rabbit ears set just right. :)
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    Wow! I'd never thought about it like that Mike. An endless stream of people poking their noses into everything you've ever said or done. I must be both embarrassing and infuriating. Everybody on the planet has got something they'd prefer to keep under wraps. It could be as far back as your school or college eras. Who hasn't smoked a joint for example? Ex partners going to the media with kiss and tell stories. I'd never be done punching people ........ at the very least.

    The TV will have to be set up by myself I'm afraid Mike. Perhaps they include a free Swear Box in the packaging :)
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    Richard, I can't take credit where credit is due. It was Mike's suggestion about the external speakers. For future reference, if there is a suggestion that is anything at all mechanical, it's Mike's!
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    Misplaced credit is preferable to no credit Ken :) We have a DVD player,a Digibox internet recorder and our CCTV plugged into our TV, so when Im trying to wire up the new one I should give you a miss eh? ;))
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    How about this for an example of oblique corporate thinking? We have labels on all foodstuffs that highlight, in particular, ingredients lik salt, fat and sugar. They are colour coded just like traffic lights with red being the most harmful. They are unmissable on the fronts of everything. A major supermarket was severely reprimanded for selling ready-meals labelled "Healthy Choice" that had those three things flashed up in red. Instead of reducing the levels in their products to meet advisory levels, the devious sods produced a new range with even higher quantities. Their argument was that their Healthy meals were healthier than their other ones.
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    When someone is near you. And they throw something or even push you. There is often a reaction to strike back. Some people can control it better than others. Some politicians are getting prodded to do just that today. Hit back. Trump does it with his stupid tweets.
    Healthy Meals. We have them here. I never pay any attention to most labels. If I want something to eat. I will eat
    I will get it. I don't eat that much anymore anyway. So it makes little difference to me.
    You can get the basics of your TV hooked up. You have done it before. Getting the correct aspect ratio and a couple of other things might enter into it. But you have probably done that before too. The most irritating thing for me is getting the code between your new TV and remote set up. Sometimes I get it right the first time. Other times I have to go through the whole list of code numbers.
    You got it just in time. The woman's world cup is coming up. As well as the Tour De France. Riveting television. That's a joke. :)
    I have some political thoughts. But I will save them for another time.
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    Hey, you can talk smack all you want about Joe Biden but don't you be trashing the Tour de France!!!
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    Ken, If you thought Eve Muirhead the Scottish Curling skipper is a bit tasty, see if you can track down footage of the England v Scotland women's football game from earlier today.
    I'll let you know how I get on with getting the box up and running Mike. :)>-
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    There will be enough smack talking about Biden at the debates. So I will wait.
    I might look up the football match too.
    You'll get the thing working just fine.
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    US Woman in the World Cup today. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!
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    A US woman! You'll need more than one. :)
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    "You'll get the thing working just fine", said Mike the optimist. If I ever compile a book about famous last words, that one will be pretty close to #1.
    The all-singing, all-dancing new telly arrived at about 8pm last night .... minus the swear box. BREXIT!. Thirty minutes later, most of which was taken up by fitting the TV stand, TV #3 had joined TV's #1 and 2 in the "soon to be recycled department". #4 is scheduled to arrive on Friday.
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    Are you telling me that you missed the HISTORIC USA women's 13-0 victory in the World Cup?
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    Women's soccer. Done't get overconfident!
    Mike the optimist? Never heard that before. The stands are often a puzzle. What else was the problem?
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    Ken, Your match (or mismatch), wasn't screened here as far as I know. Unlucky for some eh? ;))
    Mike, a neighbour who used to work in that field took one look at it and said that it had been dropped. I'd even cut the end off of the box so I could slide it out, so it wasn't me.
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    Shippers are getting very bad. I often wonder how anything gets here intact.
    My wife was called for jury duty today. During her interview as a witness she proceeded to tell the judge that whole case was false. She was the first one let go. It would take to long to go into the whole thing. But it was funny.
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    Well done Debbie! What a great way to get excused. =D>
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    A couple bought a new BMW. They kept having a problem with it. The problem was not mentioned in the jury selection. Naturally when they took it back to the dealer they could not replicate the problem. They asked for a new car. Here in California we have a "Lemon Law". Which means if you try to get a problem resolved. And the dealer can't solve it. You either get your money back. Or they get you a new car. It is bad business for a dealer not to make a buyer happy. Especially on the cost of today's cars. A buyer tells their friends. And the word gets around. That's basically what she informed the judge and the attorney of. Also. Since her Father had been in the car business. She felt she had some knowledge of how it suppose to work. We will have no idea how the trail turns out.
    Debbie has been a expert witness in several medical cases. So they figured she knew what she was doing.
    Although. I think I would rather she was on sequestered jury duty for a couple of months.
    What's going on with the TV?
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    Thanks Mike. I think I'd agree with her analysis.
    New TV arriving on Friday.
    On the news today ....... yeuk.
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    Gregg, are you watching the Women's World Cup? USA is looking good!
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    I noticed yesterday that the BBC is showing all of the games so I could have watched the USA game. As it was so one-sided I don't suspect I missed much. I did watch the England v Scotland game online. I was VERY impressed at the skill levels of both teams. This is not just a bunch of women playing with a football, these women are incredibly talented and could hold down positiuons in many men's teams if they were allowed to. I offer the suggestion that perhaps the men are scared they could be shown up. ;))
    The most one sided game I saw was Aberdeen FC v Reykjavík of Iceland in 1967 in the European Cup Winners Cup. We beat them 10-0
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    >Gregg, are you watching the Women's World Cup? USA is looking good!

    Absolutely. That USA game was amazing to watch because Thailand could not string more than two passes together, and they only had 2 "shots" the whole game (but neither was a serious attempt). I have never seen a World Cup game where one team was so obviously outclassed.

    I can empathize, because I have been on the losing end of games like that, where the other team seems to be in a completely different league. (In one case, there was actually a former professional player on the other team. :| ) Note that Thailand was the third ranked team in this group; in theory, Chile should be worse (though they looked like a legitimate challenge for Sweden).

    >I did watch the England v Scotland game online. I was VERY impressed at the skill levels of both teams.

    Agreed. Scotland looked extremely crisp and skilled, especially at the very start of the game. I think that they have a legitimate shot at 2nd in Group D, unless Japan figures something out pretty quickly. It is particularly weird that the best Scotland players will be joining the England players on the Great Britain team in the Olympics next year, provided that the team qualifies, which depends in part on the performance of England in this tournament.
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    Yes Gregg ...... how England fares. Sigh.
    I doubt if you and most other people outwith Scotland would have noticed anything that could have caused offence before a ball was kicked. The England team played under the English flag, Saint George's Cross. The Scottish team played under the Scottish flag, Saint Andrew's Cross. Then we had the National Anthems. England's was "God Save The Queen" and Scotland's was "Flower of Scotland". Two errors. Firstly God Save The Queen is the British national anthem and has never been, and never will be the English one, (racist as some verses are). Flower of Scotland is really an unofficial "anthem". It took decades to educate the English supporters that waving the Union Flag was totally unacceptable particularly if they were playing against Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland. The arrogance of it is breathtaking.
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