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    OMG! Did you guys see this?

    Wait until you get at the bottom of the hill before blowing your nose, Chris!
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    Yes. It was on the news here yesterday. He was in intensive care with a calalogue of injuries. A side wind was blamed. He had successful surgery today.
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    Ouch!. I hope he makes a good recovery. He may not ride again. But he has accomplished a lot.
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    Froome .... "My recovery starts now. I am fully focussed on returning to my best" .... on this evenings news.
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    I sincerely hope he can do it.
    Did the TV arrive in one piece?
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    Yes Mike. The neighbour who professed to having once been a TV engineer set it up for me. He volunteered. He had problem after problem that he resolved in his own pecu;iar manner by bypassing this that and the other. "You don't really need that anyway, do you?" I managed to identify some issues after he'd left. The most important of them was that even the tiniest vibration (like exhaling) would cause the signal to break up and for us to lose umpteen channels. I am absolutely certain that the pre-moulded coaxial cables are defective. I assembled a new one myself from two old fashioned ariel jacks that I had lying around and that solved one of the connection issues. The other cables are probably as bad. A genuine TV engineer is coming tomorrow and I will get my Digibox and signal booster wired into the system again too. Gone are the days when you could go to a store and buy something, come home and plug it in, and it worked. I'll have to buy a new DVD player as my existing one can't be connected to to the latest TV's. There is always some smartass deaming up ways to make you keep buying new stuff
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    I don't trust any who says they were an engineer. I always want to know where he parked his train. Unfortunately. I don't know how the TVs in Britain hook into the service provider. Here it is a regular coaxial cable. Which goes into the box supplied by the provider. And now. It goes into another box where different add on's. Like A recorder or movie play plugs into. Then a new style HDMI cable goes to the TV. A whole bunch of HDMI cables to hook up simple stuff. As with computers. To quote you. "There is always some smart ass dreaming up ways to keep you buying stuff".
    Hopefully your next technician will have the right stuff to fix the problems. Let me know. Nothing I can do from here. But I could look up the diagrams for your TV.
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    TV's are the same the world over Mike. Most of them are made in Japan for starters. My guy didn't put an ariel lead into my supplier's box. He decided it doesn't work! The HDM1 lead isn't attached either. The coaxal cables are definitely faulty. If I put one end into the wall socket and the other into the TV the slightest movement in that cable will decide if you get a picture or not. He didn't spot that problem at all. Perhaps his conclusions were based on having had faulty and changing input signals. I bought those leads from a major store chain, not eBay, so they should be genuine.
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    Mike, The TV guy arrived about 4.30 and did an analysis and quickly identified problems. The booster on our TV ariel had conked out. Out neighbour told us it was fine. The digibox that he also said needed replacing is in full working order too. There was a faulty coaxial lead as I suspected. £165 to put everything right. After the tv man left I tried our old tv and now have it running perfectly with close to 200 channels. Apparently they have been "improving" our local TV transmitter. We have changed a vowel in our neighbours name. He's no longer called Bill. ;))
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    What a hassle! Re your neighbor: There's an old saying about you get what you pay for!
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    The thing is Ken, I didn't ask him. He volunteered his services and I could hardly so no. :(
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    Okay. Here's the latest. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting downstairs. Michael was home from work and in his room with the door shut. Suddenly I heard a very loud crash. I called to Mikey. What was that? No answer. I called out again. Still no answer. So I went upstairs. Finally got his attention. I asked if he new what the loud noise was. He said no. So I happened to look into the master bedroom. A large piece of the ceiling had fallen. And it looked like more was going fall. We had another leak in the air conditioning line that takes excess water out to the backyard. I sent Mikey up into the attic. He eventually found a spot where the rats had eaten into the hose. The last leak we had the plumber assured me he had checked the hole line. As we had two other leaks. Well he was wrong. So now we are going to repair the ceiling. And find a way that any future rats can't chew into the line. We originally thought we would have to fix the whole bedroom ceiling. But now we hope we can just patch about an eight foot square of it. Unfortunately we have a $5,000$ deductible on our condo insurance policy. It used to be only $2,000$. But with two slab leaks they raised it.
    All of that. And the crazy lady is planning a mass remodeling of the place. I am very depressed.
    I am happy that your TV is working. Sorry it took so long.
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    Good grief Mike. That's dreadful. In my entire life we have never had any evidence of any rats. We once had a few mice but that was in an old house and they were easily dealt with. How the heck are they getting in? Surely there must be a way to keep them out.
    I switched on the TV at two minutes to seven this morning to get the 7am news headlines. I missed them. I also missed the 8am ones. I currently have my fingers crossed for the next lot at 9am. OurYouview box is still loading and appears to be in a conflict with what the TV has planned. We are getting tiny snippets of numerous TV channels, the longest to date being 14 seconds. They are usually a whole lot shorter. All of this damned technology is great, when/if it works. One of these days the whole rotten mess of it is going to come crashing down like your ceiling and the generations that have no experience of anything else will be jumping off high building in droves because they just can't cope.
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    Mike, I had a similar experience last year. The neighbor lady above me had her air conditioning line leak into my condo and my whole living room ceiling collapsed. I wasn't living there at the time as I was up in Iowa. My brother didn't discover it until a week later. Mold everywhere. It was such a pain. I had to take off time from work, fly down to FL and sift through everything. It definitely was a huge hassle coordinating everything from a thousand miles away but after it was done I had new carpeting, new paint, and new furniture. But unlike you, I wasn't living there at the time, so it wasn't as big a hassle as it will be for you. I feel your pain, Mike. Good luck!
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    Absolutely Ken. What a nightmare. We've been seeing footage of parts of England that have had more than two months rain in a couple of days. We were discussing how fortunate we've always been never to have experienced such disasters. The older you are the less you are able to cope with it too. Move out for a week or so Mike. Leave the young 'un in charge. ;))
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    To Richard of Scotland:

    Ouch. =((
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    Rats can get into the darnedest places. A large one can fit through just a tiny opening. How they get into the ceiling I am not sure. They can work their way up the walls I guess. I have traps and poison in a lot of places. Not where the doggies can get at it or the squirrels. But in place where only nasty critters can get caught. Neighbors with a lot of ivy. Or palm trees can help them nest. Mikey and I have caught a lot with traps. And even shot a couple with the pellet rifle. We thought about using the shotgun. But that might be going a bit too far.
    Everything will get repaired. It just takes time for the lady of the house to okay stuff. Which can take weeks. But Mikey and I have it covered.
    I am at loss to figure out Richards TV problems. Here. I just call my service provider and they come out. Fix the problem. And everything is fine. No charge. Like I said before. I don't know how Scotland is set up. But we do well here. Now the TV itself is a different matter. I have to go through another set of hoops to get a problem solved with it. Especially with the new input box they have. But it keeps running. My soundbar will loose the Bluetooth signal from the TV for audio once in a while. But I just live with it. I will get around to asking the people at the store we bought it at, some time.
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    Liz's break is one of the worst I have ever heard of. I really hope her recovery is swift. And of course pain free.
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    She phoned last night Mike. Says it feels a lot better since it was screwed back together. She told me that several surgeons have come to chat to her so we are beginning to think her break may have been very unusual. I must admit that she's handled the pain extremely well. No sure if she'll be allowed home today or not.
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    I hope she is on the mend. She must have really done a good job breaking it.
    Is the TV running? Better go catch it.
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    She was supposed to get home today Mike but when we spoke tonight she reckons it could be Monday. They gave her a brain scan today apparently to try and determine why she falls. Thankfully it came back clear. I expect they'll have other plans.
    My TV problems are over. BT sent me a new digibox f.o.c and I installed it yesterday.
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    At least they are looking at possible problems. My back and weakness in my legs is my major problem. I do have some some inner ear balance things that have got worse. But there is not much to be done about those. I hope they can come up with an answer for Liz.
    Good. The TV is working. Now you can get back to watching Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.
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    I am still wearing other hats though Mike. Attaching a photo of part of my garden. It is disappointingly slow. Many things still not in flower despite the longest day being passed already.
    23June19d - Copy.JPG
    1958 x 1306 - 783K
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    Richard, it's a helluva lot nicer than my garden!
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    And better than mine. But I don't really have one.
    You have worked hard on it. Enjoy the colors.
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    Once I heard of a magic place
    Where friends could meet the human race,
    And share their views and people were nice to ya.
    Instead we find they share their ills,
    Are living on prescription pills.
    And Facebook is the home of Paranoia

    Paranoia, Paranoia,
    Paranoia, Paranoia.

    Your faith was crushed, "facts" with no proof.
    Blood pressure set to hit the roof.
    They sell to stuff and are hell bent to do ya.
    And some of them they think it's fair,
    They cheat on partners, have affair.
    Either way they do their best to screw ya.

    Try to do ya, or to screw ya,
    Try to do ya, or to screw ya.

    So Facebook friends, some I'd attack,
    The ones who stab you in the back.
    But to your face they're always pleasant to ya.
    I pray some day we'll all feel fine,
    Feel happy that we're not on-line,
    Zuckerburg's been broken Hallelujah.

    Social media, do we need ya?
    Social media, do we need ya?
    No gardening today. It's chucking down rain so somebody had to get it in the neck.
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    HA! Good one! (That's why I'm not on FB)
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    They say it never rains but it pours. Our collective run of ill fortune continues. When I phoned Liz tonight I learned that she doesn't know when she'll be discharged from hispital. They are waiting until a bed becomes vacant in the stroke ward. Ouch! That come out of the blue. :(
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    Yikes. I hope they figure out the problem and Liz gets back to full health soon.
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    What the heck is going on with Liz?? Do I have to send Nurse Debbie over there. Please!
    But seriously. From a broken arm to the stroke ward. Unless they found that what caused her fall. You both need more information.
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