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    Have you seen "The Handmaid's Tale"? Another great TV show and it's quite scary because you could see how it could easily happen. Btw, I just heard that the #1 group that overstay their visas are Canadians. How come Trump isn't agitating to round them up?
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    You've asked me that before Ken. Series 3, 2 - 6 are available on catch-up but would it make any sense to join it so belatedly?
    The Canadians .... The Army of the North in Trump's eyes perhaps. A Stark warning? ;))
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    Probably not. Too bad and I'd feel guilty asking you to buy it since I made you spend so much money on GOT. If it's any consolation, there's only 2 seasons on DVD and they're only $25US total for both of them here.
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    See if you can find this documentary. "Undercover: Inside China's Digital Gulag". Massive prisons containing a million plus Muslims. No court cases. Just rounded us like Hitler's Jews. Every phone call is monitored in the entire region. There are hundreds and hundreds of cameras and monitoring equipment everywhere you look. All houses where Muslims live have big bar-codes on the doors and these people can be stopped in the street and strip searched on the spot by poilice. Refusal means that you will vanish into one of their massive camps. Human rights don't exist. This dystopian nightmare has already happened.
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    While nothing remains of any humans here before the natives to this region of the world. I often wonder if there might have been some. Yes we are descended from many different peoples. It's what people did back then. Go into another land. And force your will on the natives.
    The four ladies got singled out because they had been accusing Trump of all kinds of things. He was a Nazi. He set up concentration camps. He had detainees drinking out of toilets. He hates women and blacks and all people of color. He doesn't belong in the Presidency. He is just occupying the place. And he's a white supremacist. His answering back was a response. If it had been four white women or men. His response would have been the same. These same women voted NOT to increase funding for making things better at the border. They were told when they came into office there was a crisis. Too many people trying to force their way into the country. And they did nothing! All they did was complain. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have passed no significant pieces of legislation while they have held the majority, Get to work! Instead of just complaining.
    Trump has tried to force them into action. To no avail. The Democrats spend all day in hearings to try and conjure up ways to oust Trump. They are getting nothing done. And the "Squad" are the leaders in the NO movement. But they are good at swearing at the President. It may keep their people excited. But it is doing little to help my country.
    President Trump takes great pleasure in pointing out the fact that employment among minorities is high. Business started investing in new jobs right after Trump was elected. Nothing Obama did had any affect on this. Business people knew that they would start to have money to invest.
    Racism is on the rise. Because the word is tossed around every second. If you don't agree with me. You are a racist. The white supremacists are far outnumbered by the ANTIFACS. Who have taken control of any private or public meeting or gathering that they don't like.
    I don't know if we will recover from this lunacy. When the one party gains control of the government. Probably in six years. We will all be broke. I won't be here to see it. But Ken will. And I hope the Country will be okay.
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    I won't be there to see it either. I'll be in Scotland hunkering down with Liz & Richard.
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    I found it on Youtube. FASCINATING! There was a similar news program here recently, It showed how the Chinese govt monitored and filmed everybody and they give everybody a score about how good a citizen they are. If Scotland did the same thing, what would your score be, Richard?
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    Excellent rant Mike ! Well said. =D> =D> I am in almost total agreement, The media here obviously just reported the bits they wanted us to hear. The trouble with the free world is that everybody feels empowered by their antiSocial media. They are all demanding to get their own way and believe that this is their democratic right. Clearly they have misunderstood the concept of "democracy". Putin and Xi don't have that problem. Rock the boat there at your peril. You will be spirited away to somewhere where your voice cannot be heard. You must conform to the government line or face the consequences. It's weird but our individual freedoms are robbing us of our actual freedom. Everybody counts and everybody matters results in nobody counts and nobody matters. You'll note that Putin and Xi are presidents for life, (self appointed). What chance "four more years" manifests itself into a much longer role? ;))
    The imagined Utopia that is Scotland now has the highest drugs deaths tally in the EU. Dundee about 30 minutes away, tops the table for individual cities.
    Glad you were able to find that footage Ken. Hope Mike watches it too. It was on TV here on Sunday. The Chinese approach to potential Muslim terrorism is to incarcerate over a million Muslim nationalists and track the movements of the remainder in intricate detail. They have the technology to do so. I was surprised at Mr.Trump's U-turn re Huawei. One minute he's threatening friendly powers like the UK about allowing them accesss, and the next minute he tells us they're not a threat. I think they are. In the non-burka nation of China it was shocking that a female Muslim was "re-educated" for a year for having a Whatsap ap on her phone. My personal score out of the 100 points people there start with would likely be in the minusus. :)
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    Quote of the day from Gary O'Donoghue, the BBC's permanent political news reporter in Washington. "Make no mistake he is doing this deliberately". He said that Trump was deliberately being racist to try and win votes from people worried about immigration by drawing attention to how many there already is. Not a bad tactic.
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    Just curious, Mike, what would it take and who you would you have to hear it from to say, "That's it! Trump's needs to be out! That's just too much even for a staunch Republican like me!"?
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    Here in the US we have only one TV network who isn't preaching anti Trump dialogue all the time. And it is a cable news network. I would really like one where you can hear both sides of a argument. Clearly stated and rational. No name calling. Just the facts. Why does one person see things one way. And another something different. I saw four politicians saying some outlandish things. And suddenly. It becomes a racial issue. A news reporter sends in his column. It says. Four women attacked because of their race and gender. This gets repeated on news outlets all over the planet. Not because of their words. But because of a political agenda. And to keep the networks on the air. And internationally the opposing never gets heard.
    Trump just could not stay out of it. But how else will falsehoods be brought to attention?
    No one would deliberately want to be smeared a racist. Most of us don't need illegal immigration brought to our attention. Most of us see it every day. I had many friends whose parents and grandparents came here illegally. But they were in smaller numbers than today. So what this is all about is. Get your facts straight news people. Don't take sides. And don't let politics enter into your writings. 1984 has already been written. So don't try to rewrite it with your guesses.
    If Trump gets reelected. Which I for one am sure about. His reign of terror will be over after those four years. He will not stay on. Period.
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    I could argue politics with you forever Mike. The sad truth is that no matter how good the argument is on both sides, nothing will change, it never does. We formulate our opinions based on what we have seen and what we have been told. We put our own particular slant on it whether we realise it or not. You do it and so does Ken.I certainly don't. :-j We never hear the full story about anything and even if we did we would select the parts that we want to believe and those that we discard as propoganda and fake news. There is no truth, well no complete truth anyway.
    Some of what Trump says and does gets right up my kilt but his position on immigration is bang on the money. I think that walls are an abomination, but what other choice is there? The people who live furthest away from your southern border are the least affected but they still think that they have the right to deny you the wall you crave. You see it as essential. They see it as a big stick they can hit you with, over and over again, for as long as they choose.
    I didn't think that Gary O'Donoghue was trying to score points re the racist bit. I think that he, (who is completely blind), was pointing out something that other people hadn't seen at all. I hadn't. Trump knew exacly what he was doing and exactly what he was saying. He played the racist card because he knows that many people are neither pro nor anti wall. He believes that what he said could swing some of them in his favour. He took a calculated risk. In my opinion everbody is racist to some degree or other. I know I am but I try not to be. You are probably the same. I don't care, and that is true. I was shocked by what the Chinese are doing by incarcerating a million plus native Muslims and denying them any human rights. THAT'S racist. We are just amateurs. The frightening truth is that if it ever came to the crunch there is no limit to how racist we would become. I am currently watching a documentary series on the Pygmies in the Congo. Nice people who just want to be left alone. They don't bother anyone but they too are the victims of racism. Black on black by their neighbours the Bantus who treat them like slaves and will ultimately wipe them out. In the sick world we inhabit only the strong will survive so that is another reason why I think we need Trump. I don't have to like the guy but his very unpredicability must scare our enemies more than it scares us. He is the only one who is prepared to tackle the power-hungry madmen running some other countries. We need someone who is as dangerous as they are. American isolationism was proven to be disasterous for the entire world.
    Anyway, that's the truth as I see it. Your truth is as valid as mine. What is absolutely certain is that we are free to air our opinions without fearing that we and our families will be rounded up during the night and taken somewhere nasty.
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    Re: Netflix, what do they expect after raising the price? Amazon has plenty of detractors here. Some of the pie-in-the-sky ideas (at least according to Mike) espoused by Democrats can be financed solely just by taxing Amazon alone.
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    Netflix should have trimmed their profits and lowered their subs. They'll find it difficult to wrest their previous customers back from cheaper companies that suppy very similar services.
    I buy nothing from Amazon. They are little better than crooks according to some people. Theyare definitely responsible for the demise of the high street. They are allergic to paying taxes and can afford to pay suits to help them avoid those. Smaller companies that pay their fair whack are at a severe disadvantege. The EU is gunning for them and others of the same ilk. Massive fines will hopefully persuade them to mend their ways.
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    So you are going to get #287 billion dollars from Amazon. Sure. That might work. Taxing the wealthy. That might get another eight or nine million. So what's left? Tax the middle class. Thanks. But no. Bernie spouts a lot of figures. But they are not true.
    Richard and I do not like politicians. They have a way of speaking out of their you know whats. And the news media is filled with people like them.
    I am tired of defending Trump. He has to do it himself everyday. I would just like the criticism to be fair. Not everything he does is wonderful. Nobody can do that. But he does get some things accomplished. And a lot of the world is starting to back him up.
    I don't watch Netflix. I used to. But not anymore. No reason. I have different tastes than you. No big deal. That's why there are so many channels. I like to be by myself and play or listen my music. Personal preference. My wife likes other programming. Good for her.
    I agree about Amazon. They have put many small retailers out of business. It's just easier to find and buy things that Amazon has online. Walmart and other big stores have also put the little guys out of business. Progress. I guess.
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    The Trump rally crossed a line with their "Send her home" chanting. He had plenty of time to quieten them down by starting to speak again. Guilt on both sides. However, I am not naive enough to believe that this sentiment is split down party lines. Plenty of Democrats are quietly hoping that Trump gets on with it. Immigration is a huge issue. Something needs to be done to curtail it as the flow of people will get bigger and bigger. I will reach 100 million. No doubt about that. Then people in more northerly states will wake up and realise how wrong they were in not supporting measures to curtail it. (imho).
    That Trump clone Boris Johnston who is a bare-faced LIAR looks likely to become our next Prime Minister. God help us! This prize buffoon, this professional fabricator, this bloated self-serving egotist was caught out yesterday in spectacular fashion. During a televised speech he bent down and produced a wrapped Kipper before ranting on about all of the regulations the EU had imposed on the poor hard working British fish exporters. The only thing wrong about this was that all of the rules and regulations were imposed by the UK. The EU had nothing to do with it. He checked nothing. He just opened his stupid gob and presented fiction as fact. Politicians are good at that. I'm not impressed by Ilhan Omar either. She's enjoying herself and milking it, (imho).
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    Richard, what do you know about Matteo Salvini? I was reading an article that called him the Donald Trump of Italy.
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    Practically nothing Ken but this was on our news yesterday. A missile!!
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    Forget it though Ken. They're way out of your price range. ;))
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    I'm agreeing with Richard on the "send her back" issue. He claimed to start talking again quickly. But he milked it out longer. While I agree with the crowd. I don't think I would vocalize my agreement. And I won't even wear my MAGA hat out in public. I just sit at the computer with it on.
    Boris Johnson may be a problem for Great Britain. Richard is more familiar with him than I am of course. Will we see two big balloons next time Trump visits.
    There are many Democrats up in arms. They are not getting the TV time that the Squad is getting. So any time they get a chance to show their indignation on camera. They are really acting up a storm. Most of it is about a problem they created by not funding help at the border.
    I wish we could get together and talk about the mess. I am not sure where all of the immigrants are going to end up. We are short a lot of housing. And the streets in the major cities are full of tents. Plus those people are going to have to have jobs. We may have an answer. The plague is starting up in Los Angeles. That might thin some of us out. I saw a rat outside the other day. The traps are set. But they are getting smart. Way ahead of the Democrats. (a joke Ken)
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    Rats are smart Mike. I heard that they have decided to wear little t-shirts, some red, some blue. So, if you see one in a blue shirt you'll be able to say..... here "comes D. rat". (Anagrams don't lie). ;))
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    Mike, how about a non-Trump related question? What kind of music do you listen to? I bet you're a classic rock kinda guy. What are your favorite groups?
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    I don't play favorites!
    Very little classic rock. But I listen to a wide range of music. Once in a while some classical. Sinatra. The folk music that I used to sing a lot of. And still do. The occasional bagpipe tune. Some jazz and bluegrass. Show tunes. Just about everything.
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    I LOVE SHOW TUNES!!!!!!! Which ones?
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    Richard, I just watched the 4th episode of Years After Years. OMG, that was GUT-WRENCHING!!!!
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    Glad you're enjoying it Ken. The irony is that this dystopian future has already been created by the Chinese. 大哥哥 is watching you indeed.
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    I've listened to almost all of them. Worked on several. The most recent one I liked was "The Bands Visit".
    I have not heard the one our niece worked on. "Be More Chill". And I hear many on Sirius XM. I learned a lot from 'Hamilton" Like George Washington was a black man. ;)
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    Did you watch the Tony's this year? When James Corden did that skit in the bathroom, it was a parody of the song, "Michael in the Bathroom" from "Be More Chill".
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    Yes I did. And yes. I knew about the song.
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