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    J.Epstein. ..... Penis jet. :)
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    He was a standing joke at college apparently
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    Ahem. Let me clear my throat. A lot of people know that Hillary wants to run again. She has made herself visible enough. If the Democratic convention should become deadlocked. Up she will pop.
    The Epstein case will remain a conspiracy theorists legacy for years and years. No one did a drug test on either of the guards. No camera in the cell. And all of the possible big names that could, and I hope will come out during the investigation will certainly lead to more speculation.
    I will now cede my final two minutes to Mr. Mechen.
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    I heard about Trump signing a bill today that forgave all disabled veterans all their student debt. Have to give credit where credit is due. He CAN do something nice if he puts his mind to it. Who would've thought?!
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    Re Epstein, I doubt if we will ever know the truth. He's escaped justice that's for sure, I tend to think it was assisted suicide after he'd rendered himself unconscious with drugs. He'd virtually have died in his sleep. The Prince Andrew connection is of greater concern here. Was he involved in illegal sex with young girls? Denials from the Palace have reassured very few people.
    Trump's not all bad and neither is Hilary. The latter reminds me of some predatory reptile. lying innoculously in the undergrowth waiting for prey she can swallow whole. Many people like snakes. Re Trump, have you read Animal Farm? :))
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    I am not one of the people who have read Animal Farm. Looking back. I am not very well read. Going through Sherlock Holmes and all of Agatha's books. Many other mystery books took up my time. I did read The Rise and
    Fall of the Roman Empire when I was young. But forgot most of it.
    As far as Epstein. As more women come out about being used. And who used them. And if videos are released. Then even more theories will come up. And if certain videos disappear. Then it will really get exciting. At least for some.
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    I read quite a number of books when I was younger Mike. The only thing I can remember about some of them is the title. Catcher in the Rye being a prime example.
    Epstein is yesterday's news as far as I'm concerned. I suspect that the young women he is alleged to have had sex with went into it with more than their eyes wide open. Perhaps money can't buy you love but it can get you remarkably close ...... I'm told. ;))
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    I can barely remember what I just read.
    I'm with you on the Epstein case. But it will be on cable news for hours and weeks. And I see another made for cable in the works.
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    Just curious, Mike, what would you have said if 4 years ago Obama said, "Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China"? Asking for a friend...
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    I would have said "go to it".
    A small thought about China. In 1941 we were putting a lot of pressure on Japan to get out of southeast Asia. And we found out what happened. China is doing a similar thing. Building strategic new islands threatening Asia. We need to be careful how far we push the Chinese. Trump is no foreign policy genius. His tariffs are necessary. But we really have to be careful. It might be time to make some sort of gesture to the Chinese. Make a deal where they can save face. And still make our trade deficit more reasonable.
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    How about legislating that everything that arrives in the US from China has to have a noticeable Chinese flag on it? Encourage US companies to put Stars & Stripes ones on theirs. Then people would make a more informed choice. Of course the bottom line is always money. China, Russia and the US are amassing incredible amounts of the stuff and use it to produce more and more weapons. The problem is that you feel threatened by them and they feel threatened by you. I doubt if a solution exists. China could start to implode in the the near future anyway. Hong Kong could just be the tip of the iceberg.

    What saddens me most is that if we stopped squandering our money on armaments and used it on climate control measures the planet would not be in the mess its in. We don't need weapons to kill one another anyway. Global warming is going to make a far better job of it.
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    Here's a guy that agrees with you, Richard...

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    WOW! That is by far the best thing you have ever posted Ken I'll definitely be listening to it several times more. =D> =D> =D> =D> (On behalf of all of mankind) ;))
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    Ken, the final episode of Undercover left everyone with the same question .... WTF? I'm completely baffled too. Smells like another series must have been planned. A lot of viewers will not bother watching now.
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    I could care less what Bill Maher has to say. I can figure things out without his help,
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    I think you meant couldn't Mike. ;)) Surely you can admit he was very funny though. He certainly gets under D.T.'s skin judging by the volume of abusive tweets Trump makes.
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    Donald, one more night without sleeping
    Scheming, profits he could be reaping
    Greenland, why is Denmark still keeping?

    They've had the old Krona
    And many Viking Jarls around in Greenland
    Don't know what they're doing
    Should be lots of cows there mooing on green land
    Wish they'd let our ranchers into churn out
    Lotsa burgers grown on green land.

    Proposed once,a deal that I thought was real fair.
    Door slammed, said,"Donald Trump aint all there"
    Wondered why they're laughing about my great hair.

    Sensed a muzzle poking out a knoll atop some green land
    When I said "US chose me"
    Laughter rang out all across of Greenland
    All I want to do is buy a crappy bit of land the Danes call Greenland

    Midnight, one more night without sleeping
    Wanted, my own state, but Danes are keeping
    Tweeting soon they'll all be weeping.
    Tariffs on milk and burgers be heaping.
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    LOL! Another good one, RM. Is the rhyme scheme based on something?
    Like "Once upon a midnight dreary..."?
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    No Poe Ken. This guy will sing along with you. :)
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    Nah! Frankie made a better job of it.
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    ……(There is a green hill far away).
    I've heard that Greenland's over there
    Don't really know at all
    My bid the Danes have crucified
    Of all the bloody gall.

    They'll never know, no-one can tell
    Golf courses I'd build there
    As Greenland by the sound of things,
    Has weather really fair.

    My offer wasn't good enough
    They threw it in the bin.
    They really made me quite irate
    I'll hurt them for that sin.

    Oh dearly dearly I have wished
    To add a State or two.
    I've now got Iceland in my sights,
    Make Scotland fifty-two.
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    I could not care. Or couldn't care less. Or don't give a flying farkel. What Maher has to say.
    All I know is that I am moving to Greenland before the land rush starts.
    One another note. Richard. What is the name of the island where there is a shrine to some holy guy. Where you can only trudge through the outgoing tide in your bare feet. One of my friends wife was just there.
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    I think you're on the same wavelength as me Mike. There is no point in all the political wrangling unless we can do something about it .... which we can't. Just leave the children to play their little games.
    Not sure about the island your talking about. Lindisfarne is a possibility but you can actually drive there between tides. It's off the coast of Northumbria in NE England.we've been there three times. There is a castle and a Priory quite close together. There are many"Holy" places in the UK but in Scotland in particular. A considerable number of missionaries landed in remore areas and tried to convert the Picts to Christianity. We've visited lots of them but mostly there is not much to see. We are talking about over 1500 years ago. The island of Iona is well worth a visit though. It's a very short ferry trip from the island of Mull. Vehicles are not allowed on Iona.
    Photos are of the Castle taken from the Priory and vice versa
    Lindisfarne Castle 12.JPG
    430 x 323 - 32K
    Lindisfarne Priory 1.JPG
    595 x 446 - 53K
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    Since there was a heat wave this year in Europe, how hot did it get in your neck of the woods, Richard?
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    Just for comparison's sake, the coldest day this winter in my home town was -15F and the hottest was 95F. (I'm sure where Mike lives the range was not that big!)
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    -15F is small time. My wife keeps it much colder than that in here. The Los Angeles valley gets much warmer than 95F. So. To answer the real question. We can get down into the twenty's sometimes. But it's usually in the 60F. But it can get hot. Even here near the beach. Low 90f would be about it. We had a very mild summer so far. But I think it will heat up for September.
    We certainly agree on politics. We can write all the letters we want. Make phone calls. Even march around with a bunch of signs. (but no red MAGA hats) And the politicians. Who we elect. Get nothing done. Ken. How about an unlimited term for Trump? Perhaps we could use a dictator.
    The shrine my friend went to. And I am getting this information from another person. Does have a bridge going to it. But in order to do the pilgrimage correctly. You have to trudge through the mud.
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    Too hot for comfort for Liz and myself Ken. It was 80.5 in the shade where we live yesterday. The top 10 warmest years on record in the UK have all occurred since 2002 according to the Met Office. Temperatures have exceeded 100. We've also had a few of the wettest on record. Maybe if Trump's golf Scottish courses get flooded he'll start to believe that global warming and climate change are facts not fiction.
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    What was the coldest this year? I know you guys get a lot of rain, but how much snow do you get on average?
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