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    In September 2019, the show was confirmed to be returning to screens twenty three years after it originally ended, with the unveiling of the puppets of Trump, Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
    I CAN'T WAIT. Surely the (make America) great man won't nuke the UK to prevent it.
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    Found my pictures of the storage places in the side of a mountain. I guess they are in France.
    Mountain 1.jpg
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    Here is one more.
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    I have a couple more. If interested.
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    Thanks Mike, but I think they've lost something in the translation. :)
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    Well, I think they're cool, Mike!
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    Cool and Mike in the same sentence; cool!
    It looks like the scant remains of a medieval building. We have seen a multitude of horizontal holes like those. The beams that were inserted into them have rotted away over the centuries. Didn't you make a note of the name?
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    I liked the sentence. I wish I had taken a picture of the little road we drove up. And back down again.
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    I think there may be a General Election in the UK tomorrow but we have had nobody coming to our door asking for our vote.
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    Me neither Paul. Nice to learn that we don't matter.
    Liz and I have postal votes. Is it possible that they have list of people who have those and will already have voted?
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    I think they may know who voted by post
    it could also have been that our constituency is completely one sided as it voted for Brexit with 67%, to 33% we have a conservative member of parliament who wants clean Brexit and at the last election he got 36.914 votes with the Labour party in second place with 13,654 and everybody else below 2,500
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    Thanks Paul, We had the yellow peril with 54%. Labour 25% and Conservatives 15%. I'd be happy if your result stayed the same but I hope mine gets shaken up.
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    We went even more one sided with Conservative at 72.6% Labour party 16.1% Liberal Party 7.6% Green Party 3.6% With exactly a 31,000 Majority.
    You must still have the Yellow Peril
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    I'm afraid so Paul. Miss Piggy thinks that this gives her the right to demand another referendum. She got votes from people who want to remain in the EU but don't want independence. She is going to rabbit on and on and on and annoy the souls out of every Scot who doesn't want what she does. In effect we have swopped the Brexit earache for the independence one. :(
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    Interesting column in the Irish Times. Comments, Paul and/or Richard?

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    Didn't we discuss this a year ago when it actually happened Ken? Bill Connolly would have said that Donald is as popular here as a trump in a phone box. ;))
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    I may have to stop logging in here. Trump isn't to blame for every problem in the world. Our exit from Syria has been a plus for us. As well as the Kurds. Fighting. At least in the northern part has stopped. The Syrians are still fighting the rebels in the southwest. There is nothing we could have done to stop that. Plus our soldiers are not getting killed. Which is one of the promises Trump made. If the United Kingdom wants to take up the fight in Syria. Go right ahead. Trump has our economy moving. He has lowered unemployment for all. We still have a huge national debt. Which I am not sure anyone can lower. But more could have been done if the Congress and the Senate had been doing their job. The Little Rocket Man is showing off. But we knew that could happen. Once again. Trump tried. Putin is,at the moment, not invading anyone. But we know that could happen anytime. So. If the UK wants to get all huffy. Big deal. We have enough going on here. And it will go on and on and on!
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    I thought the point that the columnist was making is that nobody protested Trump this time because that everybody is getting used to the "new normal" (especially using Boris Johnson as a frame of reference...)
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    Was I the only one who noticed that the article is a YEAR OLD? A lot has changed.. Opinions have changed. The US withdrawal from Syria has not been the disaster that was predicted and Trump can not be blamed for everything at the slightest excuse. If I was to draw up a list of the most dangerous leaders in the world, Mr.Trump would now be a considerable distance from the top. Currently at #1 I have Xi of China. I watched a chilling interview very late last night. The Foreign Affairs spokesman from Taiwan has reminded us that Xi has sworn to unite Taiwan with the rest of China in his lifetime. We are talking about a major war. He's currently 66, so hang onto your hats. In that event, who will the world look to for leadership? I'd prefer a guy like Trump who pulls no punches.
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    I remember when China invaded Tibet, a peaceful country to its south west. They enslaved it and have hung onto it ever since. The Chinese government has a dreadful record of human rights. A holocaust within China is not unimaginable. If Trump had been president way back then they'd have been kicked out.
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    I'm confused, Richard. This is a direct quote from the article:

    Fast forward to just a year and a half later, when the president arrived in the capital on Monday evening for the Nato summit, the size and scale of the reaction paled in comparison. The Independent estimated the number of protesters in central London on Tuesday evening to be somewhere in the hundreds.
    In only a short 17 months. the world that Trump operated in doesn’t seem so distant from the UK at all any more. The style and character the Trumpist presidency has been successfully transplanted to Britain – and what once caused tens of thousands of people to take to the streets in protest to his arrival now feels commonplace.
    Trump’s first visit likely garnered such a backlash simply by virtue of being his first. But as Trump continues to trot out racist and sexist attack lines, decry fake news at whatever he disagrees with, and upend the traditional base on which the office of the president stood, we are becoming inured.

    There is eventually only so much outrage at politics an electorate can endure before becoming immune. Trump hasn’t gotten any better; and the political climate continues to spiral in an unprecedented direction. But as Trump departs the UK, and Johnson’s Conservatives grind inexorably towards a majority, people have reached the end of their tether. And it ends not with a bang, but a long drawn-out sigh.
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________Wasn't Trump just there for the NATO summit? And this was at the top of the article
    Fri, Dec 6, 2019, 05:00
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    No wonder you're confused Ken. A 72 year old read the date at the top of the article and overlooked a "fast forward" part later on before it reverted back to 2018. I totally misread it. Sorry.
    Generally speaking I think that people in the UK have mellowed towards Mr.Trump. He shoots his mouth off on occasion and gets his facts and fiction a bit muddled. We have accepted that he is sexist and we can't change that. It is a bit more worrying that Brits are becoming more racist. We can't blame Trump for that either. Racism is on the rise worldwide as is religious persecution. In many countries Christians are being persecuted and killed, and in others it's Muslims who are on the receiving end. I point to the riots across India since their government has made it easy for immigrants to arrive from Bangladesh etc. It's reached the stage there that even in this massive Hindu country the people are afraid that they could be swamped by immigrants. Ditto for most of Europe including the UK. Again Mr.Trump has nothing to do with it. I think he has become a convenient target for everybody who is fed up with their lot in life. (I include myself in that criticism).
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    Liz Cheney made an impressive speech against impeachment two minutes ago. (It's live on our late night news). She stated that Democrats have been looking for any excuse since Trump took office, and that they have now resorted to accepting rumours as evidence that Mr.T. has abused his power.
    I'm now listening to an equally convincing and eloquent speech in favour of it by a tall elderly grey haired man with glasses who said he's served under six presidents.

    It is evident that the US has the same problem as the UK, people who can talk convincingly on both sides of ANY argument. Obviously they can't both be right. Far too many lawyers. Snakes in suits.
    I have been listening to the debate with an open mind. Kevin Maccarthy has now swung my vote behind voting against impeachment. It's not enough simply just to dislike the man. Go though with it at your peril. There will be repercussions. Every President from then on will be hounded out of office by a non-stop bombardment from the opposing party.
    Almost 1am. Kevin Maccarthy 's speech was brilliant. He has totally convinced me. I've heard enough.
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    The Democrats were looking for any excuse to impeach Trump. He helped them out by bringing up the Bidens in his phone conversation with Zelenski. The anti-tank missiles were already in the hands of the Ukrainians. He made sending the other one billion dollars a consideration on any action by the Ukraine. Most of the so-called facts were made up by the Democrats. And by Adam Shift in particular. There was no grand scheme. I don't know what will happen next. The Senate may hold some kind of hearing. A good idea to keep those Democrats from the campaign trail. But most of us are tired of all this crap. And it will be on to phase two by the Democrats very soon.
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    There once was another McCarthy in Congress that convinced people that up was down.
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    Good one, Larry!
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    I fear that you have opened Pandora's box by impeaching Mr.Trump. I heard some unconvincing reasons why this should proceed. They seemed to be looking for excuses rather than bona fide reasons. One speaker's argued that Trump didn't stand up to Putin over his invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. It had already happened without warning. The only way the US could have reversed that would have been by a war with Russia. How many US voters would have given that the green light? It would have dragged NATO in too. WW3 fought mainly in Europe where the destruction would have been of biblical proportions. Mr. Trump's actions have contained the issue. I ask myself what Obama or Clinton would have done. You should too.
    Trump is the only President who has ever had the bottle to stand up to China. He is not backing down because he has identified China as the real enemy of your country and democracy in general. An actual war against them would trigger Armageddon, but a financial war is one that you could and must win. The US owes them a massive amount of money.
    British economist John Maynard Keynes once said .......
    “If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem. But if you owe a million, it has.” ...........Trump and Xi both know that. I'd wager that Xi is rubbing his hands in delight this morning.
    I do not like Trump as a person. He is both sexist and racist on occasion. I disagree with many things he has said and done. I make fun of the man. However, on balance I think he has done a lot to help ordinary Americans. At the end of the day it should be they who decide if he has overstepped the mark, not some kangaroo court.
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    "McCarthyism, name given to the period of time in American history that saw Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy produce a series of investigations and hearings during the 1950s in an effort to expose supposed communist infiltration of various areas of the U.S. government. The term has since become a by-name for defamation of character or reputation by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations, especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges"
    Difficult to differentiate between that from what's happened since the day Trump was elected.
    "McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence".
    A bit embarrassing eh?
    "The Gallup poll found that at its peak in January 1954, 50% of the American public supported McCarthy, while 29% had an unfavorable opinion.
    McCarthy also had significant support from traditional Democratic ethnic groups, especially Catholics, as well as many unskilled workers and small-business owners".

    McCarthy appears to have had a great deal of support not split down party lines. It's also worth pointing out that he wasn't the President.
    Anyway, it's your mess. How on earth you believe you can clean it up is beyond me. :-??
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    Richard. Please don't confuse the issue with facts.
    The McCarthy we have now is nothing like the other one. Who used subpoena power recklessly and for evil. Much like another party has tried to do. And succeeded in getting information by threats only.
    the new McCarthy is well respected by most members of Congress and by the Senate.
    It's true. In the late forties and into the fifties. We had a "red scare". There was one under everything. The film industry took it the hardest. But we worked out of it. Well not me personally. As I was still rather young. But I can remember my Dad talking about it.
    We will have to see if the China deal holds. I expect the Chinese to do something to void it. But Trump is doing something. Most of it has worked. But our country is dealing with a lot of problems. Can we really be the policemen of the world? China and Russia are out for their own interests. The UN is powerless. Can anyone really do anything as far as world peace? Our economy is important. But it will mean nothing if we have to fight war after war after war.
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