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    I could forget. But every news channel I watch has them on. Make it stop.
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    January 2017 I posted "Mother Nature has marked our card. We have to go unless we pull our socks up".
    April 2018 ..... "Mother Nature has identified us as a species that deserves extinction".

    It is with little gratification that I heard a few minutes ago that the Chinese President reported that the coronavirus is getting stronger and that it is spreading from human to human before symptoms even develop. It was further reported that 5 million people left Wuhan before the lock-down was implemented. I was definitely pleased to learn that the virus is believed to have started in the illegal animal trade at their market. They exhibit a disgusting contempt for several animal species that are critically endangered. Just yuan of those things that shames them.
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    I see that US Presidential candidate for 2016, Joe Exotic has just got 22 years for hiring a hit-man to murder someone. :-j
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    >I see that US Presidential candidate for 2016, Joe Exotic has just got 22 years for hiring a hit-man to murder someone.

    I had never heard of him. I think characterizing him as a "US Presidential candidate" is somewhat misleading, though: Apparently he got less than 0.001% of the vote (962 votes).
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    So. Brexit has been achieved. The world is a safer place. :)
    Now a question for the Cricket expert. What only one you say? Yes only one for now. Can you not place the fielders where you want. Three behind the batter seem excessive.
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    Mike, Brexit will continue to infest UK TV screens for decades yet. What we just "achieved" yesterday is not the beginning of the end, it's just the end of the beginning. :( There are already people campaigning for us to rejoin. And then of course we have the Scottish Nationalist Party who are using it as yet another pretext to get a referendum that would break up the UK.
    It would be safe to say that the average American knows as much about cricket as the average Scotsman .... and probably cares as little about it too. The captain of the bowling team can place his fielders anywhere he wants. If they are clustered all around the batsman it would suggest that that bowler specialises in delivering very slow bowls incorporating unpredictable spin. The ball will spin off ground and then the bat and is extremely difficult for the batsman to strike safely.
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    The only restriction to where you cannot put fielders is to have more than 2 on the batsman's leg side in the arch from from the line behind the level of the stumps to the boundary to the boundary behind the stumps.
    it all goes back to the 1932-33 series against Australia . The England team devised a plan to get Donald Bradman out ( who was the best batsman) by putting a lot of fielders behind the batsman and bowling fast balls at the batsmans body so he could only fend the ball up in the air behind him. It did not really work but this caused a lot of problems. this law was introduced in 1967 to stop this and any time a third field goes there it is a called a no-ball. You can see a lot more about this by looking up "body line series" on google
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    What a nice story! It combines Mike's and mine favorite things: Scotland and biking!

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    I just a report on the Brexit issue. Some Scots seem to be using it to get the separation issue brought to the front. I thought the majority of Scotsmen and women would be glad to get away from the Brexit deal. But it seems the issue of one group thinking one way. And another thinking the opposite. Egged on by politicians who have their own agenda. More politics. I am tired of it.
    I have very little knowledge of Cricket. And I admit I am among the general American public. I know what the bowler does. And the batter. I know if you bowl the ball and it knocks the peg off the wickets you are out. I had hoped Paul would answer. I knew he was the resident Cricket authority. He explained my question very well. And I have many more. I guess I will have to get the "Cricket Guide For Dummies" book.
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    Yes Ken, Debbie encourages Mike's passion for cycling. The phrase "On yer bike!" has been ringing in his ears for decades.
    Good story re the Scots cyclist and the cat. It hadn't appeared in any news item I'd seen . However,
    two days ago I watched comedian Milton Jones. His routine opened with, "Does anyone here have a cat"? He was answered with a chorus of "Yeah". He responded with, "Your houses stink" followed by "Somebody had to tell them". Later on he asked if there were any students in the audience. They fell for it too.
    Another Scottish cyclist did something a bit special.
    How's the leg?
    Your summary of the current UK political situation is bang on the money Mike. Every man and his dog appears to believe that they have some divine right to get their own way, and that their goals can be achieved by shouting louder and longer than the next guy. I'm sick to death of it. Politicians get voted into power and then proceed to unpick and dismantle what the previous bunch did. Trump must really hate Obama. He's his prime target. We've got them too. Professional malcontents. It's all just one huge sick game funded by taxpayers.
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    I heard another news report today. Big news. Germany is in control of Europe. They have the finances, And the politicians embedded in the financial and governing bodies throughout Europe. They want a new Nuclear pact with Iran. Which every country is suppose to join in on. And of course. Would benefit Germany the most. Macron may not last much longer. And Italy may be in for a revolution. Watch out!
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    Thanks Mike. You are very likely to be correct. =D>

    In October 2018, one of our number posted ....... "And as for the EU, or the Fourth Reich as cynics call it, the people of Britain didn't even get any say in the matter. Successive governments since 1973 handed over more and more power to Europe as the Common Market evolved into the EU. More politicians were required and it was politicians who decided that we needed more of them".

    The same prophet posted in June 2016 ....... "The significance of the result cannot be overemphasised. This is colossal !! If the UK votes "Out" we can expect to see the entire EU implode as other European countries decide to quit. The Euro currency will probably collapse practically overnight and cause financial chaos that will rock Wall Street and other Exchanges. Even a "Remain" vote will have massive repercussions. Hold onto your hats. This is going to be a very bumpy ride".

    June 2017 ...... "The EU is the best thing that has ever happened to Germany. They are reaping the rewards at the expense of other EU "partners". They continue to prop up Greece as they fear that if Greece abandons the toxic Euro it will speed up the inevitable collapse of the European Union. It's disastrous enough that the UK has decided to pull the plug on the whole sorry affair. How dare we?"

    It is now being reported that Italy, Poland and Denmark will be the next countries to quit the EU and that the EU will collapse completely in ten years or so. The whole thing, including the Euro (also cynically known as the New Deutschemark by this critic) must inevitably implode.
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    The only answer I have seen is that the EU wants to restructure. Get the UK back in. And it goes without saying. Which I am doing now. That they will need more bureaucrats to make it function. Haven't people learned that too much government is ridiculous. With what we have here in the US. We can't even keep our streets in repair. And the trash problem is going to bury us. Germany has been looking at us. And decided that they want to tag along with our economic growth. I don't think they care about the rest of Europe. But if the rest want to join in. With better trade deals. That's fine.
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    Bureaucracy breeds more bureaucrats, that's for certain Mike. They are all absolutely essential. They agreed on that. How could they possibly be wrong?
    If you scrutinise "better trade deals" you'll find that they are always better for only one of the participants, the big boy, the bully. The other side is always worse off. Increased prosperity for one depends entirely on the other being obliged to make sacrifices. Someone in one country getting a pay rise usually means that someone in another poorer country has been forced to take a pay cut or work longer hours. They masquerade that as "Increased productivity".
    At school we were taught about Adam Smith and his book "The Wealth of Nations". Full title "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations". He was a 18th century Scottish economist and philosopher. His book is heavy going. Basically he advocated free trade and was against any form of duties or tariffs.
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    Gregg, What do you think about Dantonio retiring? Who would you like to be the next MSU coach?
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    With everything that's going on with the virus, impeachment, and the UK finally leaving the EU, the following US related story could have been easily overlooked.
    The Aussie fires have been sidelined in the news too. Their country is still ablaze.
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    Ken. Have you recovered? And I mean from the broken bone.
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    No, after me breaking my leg in three places, it's going to be a while. This is my worst birthday EVER , even MORE than the one three years ago when Trump was elected!
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    Your DOB is hard to pin down Ken. In the Birthday thread I found it as "February". Sorry it's the worst ever. Next year will definitely be better, so, Happy NEXT Birthday Ken
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    Ken, See if these will cheer you up.
    I know you are a movie buff. See if you can find the World War One film "1917". It was the big winner at the BAFTA's on Sunday(British Academy Film & Television Awards) with seven prizes in total.
    The trophies included best film, best British film, best director and best cinematography.
    Around the same time, purely by coincidence I watched a brilliant documentary on BBC called "Pipers of the Trenches". Try to find it too. These men were the bravest of the brave and performed a role totally beyond belief. It was they who climbed out of the trenches first and played their regimental battle hymns and led their comrades into battle completely unarmed. Two Pipers were awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award "For Gallantry of the Highest Order". They maintained the tradition of continuing to play despite being wounded.
    During WW1 (1914 - 1918) the British army fielded FIVE MILLION men in hundreds of regiments. A disproportionate number were Scots. Of 2,500 Pipers, almost half were killed and many more wounded.
    Their bravery was so legendary that Germany produced a medal in 1915 that portrays a Scottish Piper as the figure of Death.The message being if you saw one, death wouldn't be far behind. They became the prime targets for enemy marksmen. Even officers were of far lesser importance.
    The BBC documentary involved a female descendent. Three of her family had been pipers at the Battle of the Somme. The bloodiest day in British military history was recorded there. Almost 20,000 Brittish soldiers were killed on the very first day. The battle lasted 141 days and British, French and German casualties topped one million.
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    Ken. Get ready for your next bad break. When Trump is re-elected. How did I miss your birthday. I guess I was just to interested in the Iowa caucuses. Have they finished yet? :))
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    You're stirring it Mike. Isn't that my role? So in the interest of balance, read on.
    Elizabeth Christ Trump! The great man's grandmother's maiden name was Christ! .Is that why he feels at home in the Holy Land doing a few miracles like bringing peace to the Middle East?. I hope he has a go at returning from the dead. Any Palestinian would gladly assist by pulling the trigger. A head-shot would be pointless though. Just imagine how massive the world TV rights would be. I'd subscribe and so would Ken. >:)
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    YES! I've been predicting it for a long time. Mother Nature is going to sort us out.

    After testing more than 1,000 samples from wild animals, scientists from the university found the genome sequences of viruses found on Pangolins to be 99% identical to those on coronavirus patients.
    BEIJING – The endangered Pangolin may be the link that facilitated the spread of the novel coronavirus across China.
    This harmless little mammal has been persecuted to the edge of extinction for Chinese "medicine". For decades their authorities have been turning a blind eye to the illegal animal trade in China. They are wiping out entire species just to make a fast buck. I predict a massive backlash that even their wholesale censorship won't be able to curb.
  • Thanks for the above info about the pangolins, Richard. I always find your posts so informative. They keep me up to date and raise awareness of some deeply profound issues.
    I know you care deeply about the issues you post and I appreciate you taking the time to share your research with us. I only wish I had more time to participate and do justice to your posts.
    It would be nice to think the animal kingdom is fighting back in its own unique way. If the above facts are correct, the animals we're so busy destroying could finish up destroying us!
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    Well! The first thought that came into my head was to make a flippant remark like, "You need to get out more Sue". However I will just say"Thank you" and endeavour not to make you eat your words.
    I'm glad that also believe that the Chinese are just reaping what they've sown. Let's hope that a pandemic is not the price we all have to pay for their greed and stupidity.
  • I second your hope, Richard. Undoubtably the virus has been created by China’s abuse of animals and it’s weird superstitions regarding animal parts. The Coronavirus is beginning to show the true character of China.
    It scares me how the Chinese government is treating its own citizens like disposable commodities. If they do that to their own people, what would they do to an enemy?
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    Richard, I have also heard good things about "1917". My brother's coming to town to help me out. Maybe we can to go to the movies while he's here if he pushes me in a wheelchair.
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    >What do you think about Dantonio retiring? Who would you like to be the next MSU coach?

    I was shocked, but my (better informed) son was only surprised by the timing. I long ago decided not to engage in speculation about athletic hiring at MSU, as I have no input nor special knowledge, so I only concern myself once we actually have a new coach selected. I just hope we get somebody (like Izzo or Dantonio) who is dedicated to the community, and not some expensive fly-by-night who will leave for LSU or Alabama at first chance. ;)

    Gregg :(|)
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    Ah! I see. A Pangolin is an Asian armadillo. Leave the little critters alone. The practice of killing animals for some sort of weird reasons is long past. I know it still goes on. People in different parts of the world eat all kinds of stuff. A lot do it just to survive. But not to hunt them to extinction.
    And peace in the middle east would be a good thing. But I fear it can never happen. Too many people want control. And use religion as their motto.
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