The Happy Birthday Thread



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    Try doing the opposite to this one Mike.
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    That worked.
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    There was a young fellow called Ken.
    His birthday is goodness knows when.
    It's a pretty high number,
    Mike do you remember?
    My guess isn't risky,
    I know it's big sixty
    There were tears in his email you know?

    Happy birthday Ken ........ despite reaching 60 you'll always be Young Ken to us really old guys.
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    Hopefully, you're talking about Ken Blackwell because I won't be 60 until Feb 6. Please let me savor my youth for 3 more months!
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    Sorry Young Ken. Your email about your impending birthday was somewhat premature then. :) Were you having a bad day? Was it Mike's fault?
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    Everything is my fault. Ask you-know-who.
    The latest. One of our electric fans died. Question. What did YOU do to it.?
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    Seems like a reasonable question to me Mike. :)
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    Of course it would.
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    It's Noel Coward's birthday today. Happy Birthday Noel (RM).
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    Thanks Mike. Liz remembered too. I hadn't even realised it was my birthday until she presented me with two huge tins of chocolates. Not sure that was a great idea.
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    It could have been worse (for her, at least). It could have been 2 six-packs of beer.
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    And from me also, Happy Birthday
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    It's Ken Blackwell's birthday today. In case you look in KenB. Happy Birthday!
  • belated but thanks, I'm still younger than Tampa Ken...
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    Almost missed it. Happy Birthday Noel Coward. Consider this as a Happy Birthday on Facebook too.
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    Somebody must be prideful and/or prejudicial because my post is gone on wishing Jane Austen a happy birthday!
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    Thanks Mike ..... What's facebook!?
    Ken, no need to be sorry about Jane. She made some great cars.
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    Facebook is the place where a multitude of the friends we never you had posted Happy Birthday.
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    Ha! Alternatively.....Facebook is the place where you have loads of friends you have never met in your entire life who try to bend, use and manipulate you to meet their every whim after they have bored the socks off you for ever and ever amen with a blow by blow account of their entire meaningless existence with a pictorial saga that you put straight into the Recycle Bin. (And that's on a good day). =))
    MARKUS ...... where are you when I'm loading the gun for you?
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    I had a couple of beers. Three actually. A movie that was recommended to me didn't appeal to me so I went onto YouTube and found my all-time favourite album.... Aqualung by Jethro Tull. (Scotsman called Ian Anderson ..... notable flutist).
    Savour these lyrics.

    People, what have you done
    Locked Him in His golden cage
    Golden cage
    Made Him bend to your religion
    Him resurrected from the grave
    From the grave

    He is the God of nothing
    If that's all that you can see
    You are the God of everything
    He's inside you and me

    So lean upon Him gently
    And don't call on Him to save you
    From your social graces
    And the sins you used waive
    You used to waive

    The bloody Church of England
    In chains of history
    Requests your earthly presence at
    The vicarage for tea

    And the graven image you know
    With His plastic crucifix
    He's got him fixed
    Confuses me as to who and where and why

    As to how he gets his kicks
    He gets his kicks
    Confessing to the endless sin
    The endless whining sounds
    You'll be praying 'til next Thursday to

    All the Gods that you can count

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    Jethro Tull brings me back to the days when I COULD drink three beers w/o falling asleep! As to movie recommendations, where you talking about me? I told you San Junipero was totally a 180 from the usual Black Mirror stuff.
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    The sound quality on YouTube was dreadful Ken. A whole cacophony of noise overwhelms the dialogue completely in places. I wonder if the twit who uploaded them recorded them with his bass turned up to max.
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    As much as you like movies & Tv shows, you really should invest in Netflix, Richard. Over here in the colonies, it's only $US8.99/mo. How much is it in the motherland?
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    Since Brexit practically the same. :((
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    Just my luck 62 today and woke up with an upset stomach so I couldn't eat anything
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    Happy birthday Paul. I always forget birthdays, sometimes even my own. Have a beer or two. Food is for wimps. :))
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