How to solve if I get an essay question?

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    ARE YOU A SPAMMER? I'd advise that NOBODY CLICKS ON THE ABOVE LINK as it could be Malware or worse.
    I'd respond to your post if I only knew what you were talking about.
    "Sometimes, there is an arrangement for an answer yet it isn't working, or potentially the arrangement isn't being maintained". :-? What does that mean? Did Google translate that for you from some other language? Is English even your first language? I suspect not.

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    Do they mean argument instead of arrangement? Doesn't matter. I agree. Scam.
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    My Heimdal pro security system blocked [omitted] without me clicking the link so you may have malware already. I would do a virus check straightaway. I think this Discussion from delorishathaway should be removed
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    I never click on things of that nature. There was a serious stink coming from the post. Typical of phishing emails that appear in my inbox occasionally. The appalling grammar and spelling are dead give aways. Just imagine that clown writing an essay for you !! There must be mugs out there who part with hard cash for their services and then wonder why they failed their exams. :))
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