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Hi. I'm a Spider addict & have been for years on & off. What I like about the game is that it can be a real challenge, but virtually all of them are solvable. A few years ago I decided to play the games in sequence, & started on the 5000s. I have now been through them all & have 4 that I have not finished, & have got bored with looking at the same old problem hands. I'm sure they are solvable, 5407 has two clear spaces, & one of the Hearts is out. I will keep working, a couple of days ago it was 6 undone. The numbers are 5101, 5111, 5407, & 5424. It would be nice if someone could solve them & help compete the set.


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    Hi. You are probably far more expert with Spider than anyone in this forum. We tend to play mainly 40 Thieves types. I will definitely spend quite a bit of time trying to solve the few you've not won though. It would save a lot of time if you could upload partially solved soutions for the ones you are stuck with. That helps us to find out the locations of cards so that we can concentrate on the most promising columns. Welcome to the mad house btw. Richard. :)
  • Spoke too soon - just done 5111. I'm using a Mac will you be able to read the pgs files? I have Word docs for the hidden cards I've uncovered. I have all the cards for 5277, so must be solvable, most for 5101. 5424 is proving less forthcoming. It would just be nice to say that they are at least 99% solvable by perseverance .
  • Sorry, just trying to confuse you, that's 5407, the other number was an earlier problem
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    Mac and Windows solutions are not compatible, at least they didn't used to be. If you upload one it wouldn 't take a jiffy to find out. Word Docs and/or screenshots would be okay.
    You have indeed confused me with "that's 5407" ? Have you won it? I managed to get a suit of clubs out followed by one of hearts, but still haven't won it.
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  • No sorry again, have done 5111, not 5101, 5407, or 5424. Still have't managed to get of the Q clubs out, but if you have then I'll try that before the hearts.
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  • from your picture, hidden cards that I have are - Underneath the K clubs is the 10 Clubs.
    Beneath the 5 Spades are Ace S, Queen S, 5 D, 6 S. in that order.
    Underneath the Queen H are 2 C, 7 H, Jack D, 8 S
    Underneath the 6 H are Ace C, 9 S & underneath the 4 H are 4 D, 2 D
  • Done 5407 at last. This has been a real stimulus to push & try & finish them - two to go.... Have attached a pgs file from the Mac in case you can read it.
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    5424 is winnable. H,S,D and then C. Column 7 cleared first with all cards in tableau. Two columns cleared simultaneously thereafter were 6 and 10.
    Click on attachments to expand.
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  • Thanks for that. Will follow the workings later, but I've still got a way to go. Here is a screen shot of the column head plus the hidden cards I have from 5101.
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    I am 95% certain that #5101 is unwinnable. I have had two empty columns for ages and have rearranged the tableau in a great many different ways. The concealed cards are mostly accesible from this position and all you do is uncover more kings and other useless cards.
    btw, I did wonder how you could upload a pgs file from your Mac. but it was a .goodsol one and is not compatible with Windows. Pity. I suspected that this would still be the case but sometimes they make changes that I may not see. See if you can recreate my position from the screenshot. It will probably be a wasted effort though. I have it saved in pgs format and Gregg could possibly convert it to .goodsol if you asked him very nicely. :) Another possibility is that I video the play and email it to you or something.
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  • I was just about to post the same. It's those last two deals, nothing will allow them to be cleared. I did manage to get a couple more cards behind the JD , the QH & JC. If only it was the JS then you could clear two columns then & hope to fiddle the last deal. Anyway I'm giving up on it, & moving on to the 6000s, I'll post again in 4 years or so when I finish to enlist your expertise with trying to complete those. Thanks for all your help, it stimulated me to face the problem ones again, one in a thousand isn't bad.
  • Meant to attach an image, but it didn't go.
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    That's great! You're telling me I'll still be alive four years from now! \:D/
    Seriously though, when you encounter a bad one you should post it in this thread. With two heads working on the trickiest ones your task could be completed much sooner.
    Haste ye back. :)
  • Well you were here 4 years ago, in fact I'm pretty sure you were here 10 years ago, so I'm optimistic. I, of course, may not be here either....
    But luckily Spider is not my only interest, so I take my time & play in spells, when I want a feel good moment of beating it. But yes, I expect I'll be back. I might even go back to previous favourites Mrs Mop or Miss Milligan.
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    Yep! I've been hauting this site for a very l-o-n-g time now. Let's hope we can both get a good few more years out of it before we start Playing God's Solitaire. :)
    I don't mind what games I play as long as they are challenging. Do you suppose that Miss Milligan married a Mr.Mop?
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    And they had twins: Charlotte and Millie? And then she killed him and turned into a Black Widow?
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  • Spider #5101 is winnable too. It was a bit trial and error, but I think what did it in the end was preserving the two empty columns until the third deal at the cost of leaving most of the face-down cards untouched. This made it possible to clear the last column on the third deal, which turned out to be helpful in getting around the fourth deal, where no initial moves are possible and where columns 4 and 9, the first columns that can be cleared, are dealt Queens, which prevents these columns from being reclaimed, since the Queens could only be moved together with a King, which, in turn, can only be moved to another empty column.

    I've uploaded the solved game as a .pgs file, but since this file type apparently cannot be opened in the Mac version, I've also recorded a video, which is inside the zip archive (the forum wouldn't let me upload the video directly, because it said that the file type was not allowed). I had to set the card size to "Standard" (I think), because at one point, one column got so long that not all cards were visible with larger card sizes, and changing the card size mid-game seems to break the redo-function.
    Spider #5101 solved.zip
  • Yes it certainly seems to work, but you're not playing the same game as I am. I get the AC & 6 D on columns 2 & 3 , not the 10 C & the A C, which makes all the difference. My 10 clubs are stuck together below the 8C in column 3
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  • Wow, what a disappointment. Or rather, what a nuisance. Not only are the game files incompatible, but the game seeds themselves don't seem to be compatible. This is ridiculous. I'm sorry to have gotten your hopes up. I would love to try the Mac version of #5101, but I don't have a Mac, so I don't think I can.
  • That’s weird. & by only two cards too. I have now played it on the PC, still not an easy game, but by clearing column 10 it allows you to deal with all those queens. I wonder how many of the others are the same; they seemed to be equivalent when we were discussing the last 4 until now. So perhaps I should have put ' Spider the Mac 5000s'. I wonder how many others are easier on the PC or vice versa. I used to play on the PC too, so will compare games. I don’t think I have the energy to play all of the 5000s again, but obviously if I want input from this forum I’ll have to use the PC as my ‘Games Machine’ However the main object of posting in the first place was to sing the praises of Spider, which although it can be very challenging is virtually always winnable
  • If you're really keen you could play it with real cards, unless there is a program that you can input a Spider game into by hand. Here are all the cards I have so far, it is so similar to the PC one, with only 6 cards I don't have that you can probably work out the missing ones, which are buried pretty deep anyway.
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  • I don't think I have the nerves to play it with real cards, because I would probably find the lack of an automatic undo/redo function disturbing. I also wasn't able to find a Spider Solitaire program where you can input a custom deck. Maybe I'll try to write a simple command-line based Spider program on my own, although that probably won't happen for another week or two, because currently I simply don't have the time to do so.
  • Good news! You don’t have to play with real cards; if you or your friends have an iPad you can play it there. You only have to invest a tenner – I have , & have discovered that the deal is the same as the Macs, & has an undo function :-)
    BTW you clearing the 10th column did help my version as I have now reached the last deal & have 2 spaces. The lack of tens is stopping my progress so far, but I will keep on working at it. It is interesting that only 3 cards have been moved, The 6D, 10C & AC . The 10C replaces the 6D,which is dealt in my version, the 6D replaces the AC, & the 10C replaces the AC. This all becomes apparent in the 3rd deal.
    I wonder how many other deals are subtlety different. I must go through the 5000s & randomly sample a few on the PC to see.
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    Sorry I have enough on my plate at the moment. I would point out from your screenshot that a complete set of spades is present. Getting them out could be the place to start.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have an iPad, and I don't think anyone would borrow me their iPad for as long as I need to crack that Spider (provided I could win it). From looking at your screenshot, maybe trying to dissolve column 3 might help. Is it possible to move the sequence from JS to 6C that's now in column 3 to the QS in column 6 before the 5th deal, and the sequence from 10S to 6D to the JC in col 7 (or maybe also the JH in col 8), also before the 5th deal? Because then, you might be able to clear column 3 after the 5th deal: Move the 3C to an empty space, the QD to the other empty space (currently not possible because of the other cards that would have to be moved with it), move the JS to the QC in column 7, move the 3H from col 1 to the 4H in col 3 and the 3C from the empty space to col 1, move the 4H-3H to an empty space, put the 8C onto a 9, move the JD unto a queen, move the 2H onto the 3H, move the first 10C to the JS, move the 9S from column 2 on top of it, move the 2H onto a 3C so that you can put the AS from column 2 on top of it while still being able to move the 4H-3H on top of the 5H in col 2, voila, one empty space. Unfortunately, one empty space too little to be able to move the 7C in column 2 to the now available 8C, which would make it possible to move the QD to the KD in column 2, restoring a second empty space. Maybe it's possible to swap the 6C in column 3 in your screenshot with the 6S in column 2 in the screenshot at an earlier point?
  • OK, swapping the 6C and the 6S would have to be done before the 4th deal, and you probably got the 6C from col 10, so the question is, did you clear column 10 before the 4th deal?
  • I just figured out a way to play your game of Spider – by using a Calc spreadsheet. Would you mind uploading screenshots of your game immediately before the 3rd, 4th and 5th deal, so that I can try to re-create the position in your last screenshot and backtrack from there?
  • I think these are right, played so many times now, not sure. 1st image is my latest position. Other three are the views you requested. Good Luck - I have Spider block now, so can no longer see the cards.
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    Nice work Harley but I don't believe it's winnable from your #1 position. Too many cards still hidden. Having columns with two consecutive cards of the same rank is a killer. Going to give it a rest today myself. There appears to be a football match on. It even got a mention on the weather forecast in case we'd missed it all over the news. :))
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