Fifteen Puzzle

Hi All,
Has anyone managed to win fifteen puzzle 1015863262? Been trying for days but no luck!


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    I managed to win it just now. Pretty tricky. The simplest way to show you how to win it is if you are playing in Windows and if you are saving games in .pgs format or .goodsol format. If you have a Mac it is more complicated but not an insurmountable obstacle. Please let me know what you are running and we can take it from there.
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    Here is another way. Click on images to enlarge.
    552 x 271 - 35K
    557 x 278 - 35K
    550 x 269 - 35K
    557 x 275 - 34K
    550 x 272 - 36K
    540 x 264 - 35K
    550 x 267 - 35K
    551 x 267 - 34K
    546 x 270 - 34K
    540 x 275 - 35K
  • You're going to kill me - I gave you the wrong game no! It should have read 1015863263. Sorry about that. By the way, I have a Mac. Your images are fab and easy to follow the moves. Thanks.
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    Not a problem re posting the wrong number. Not a unique situation I do assure you. I had fun winning it anyway. Not feeling any optimism so far with the correct number. It may not be winnable but I will batter away at it until I convince myself one way or the other.
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    Sorry Marcia, I've spent a lot of time on your game and am convinced that it is unwinnable, It doesn't matter what combination of cards you choose to put into the empty spaces at the start of the game. You become blocked very quickly. Genuine losers in Fifteen Puzzle are pretty rare. You were unlucky/lucky to find one. :)
  • Thanks for your help Richard. I don't usually give up easily but this one had me stumped. Pity as I had reached a score of 97 wins in a row! Have to start over and make sure to avoid this game number! Think I'll start making a list of the non-winnable games and post them on here - might save other poor souls from hours of exasperation!
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    The chances of anyone else playing the same numbers as you are astronomical Marcia, unless you are playing in numerical order from 1-1000 for example. Over the years we have done that with many games, usually with surprisingly good results. Why not start at #1 next time and see if you can exceed yourprevious 97 winning streak? Could be fun. :) You can always ask for help if you are having trouble with any.
  • I have started from 1. Thanks for your offer of help. Just finished 11 - onwards and upwards. :)
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    Marcia, you'll be pleased to learn that 12 - 33 are winnable too. I've been playing one or two every day. It's a welcome change from the types of games I normally play. How are you getting on?
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