Alhambra Help Please

Hi. I have been playing Solitaire Suite from rikkigames on my ipad. There are about 200 games. I have 4 left that I have not won yet (Accordion, Alhambra, Cribbage Solitaire, Crossword).
I am stuck on Alhambra. I can't figure out what the best strategy is.
Should I try to use only from stock pile first? I'm not sure how often I should put a reserve card into the stock pile. My only strategy so far is that if I put a reserve card into the stock pile, I make sure it is 1 number lower than the stock pile card.
This game is driving me crazy. Help please. Thank you.


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    If you were trying to drive yourself mad Alhambra is an excellent choice. Why don't you come over from the Dark Side and buy Pretty Good Solitaire (with 1001 games)? Collectively we have solutions for all of the games you mentioned but the winning numbers are only relevent to P.G.S and the solutions can only be opened by its software.
    Generally you should look for a deal in which you can move quite a few cards instantly. Avoid deals that have aces and kings in the tableau unless they are at the top of the piles. The waste pile should contain as few cards as possible as the game progresses but given the choice between a playable 8 of clubs (for example) in the wate pile and another in the tableau you have to weigh up whether the tableau one is blocking cards that you need or not. If that 8C was the only one in the tableau pile you should obviously take the one from the waste pile. Don't forget that you can move consecutive cards between two tableau piles of the same suit. I am not a great fan of playing cards from the tableau into the waste but occasionally it can work out well if by doing so you can free valuable tableau cards. The difficulty rating is <1%.
  • Ha. Yes, Alhambra is great for driving oneself crazy.
    Thank you for the tips. I will give them a try. I will check out PGS also. Thanks!
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    You'll find nothing better than PGS I assure you. I bouuht it a long long time ago and swear it is the best thing (of any description) that I've ever bought.
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    Eicats810, I agree with Richard. Purchase PGS. You won't be disappointed!
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    Ken, I checked back a few years and saw that you had won at least one of these. My saved games vanished when I got a new PC. I've a feeling you said likewise for another game I asked you about. Yours was 1921591296. Paul posted 2010793856. A blast from the past .. Audrey posted 354111969. Paul is the most likely still to have his. Despite the fact that the game annoys me, perhaps I'll play all three and see how I get on.
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    I think I have had PGS for 20 years now and it the best program I have bought. I lost my first 3 years stats though and I find I won this game 12th Feb 2004 and have not played it since October 2006
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    Here's how I got on. Close but no cigar.
    169 x 78 - 13K
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    Yours looked like the most promising tableau of the three Paul. Solution attached.
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    I have winner #1603360000 saved from 2006
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    Excellent Larry. Pity you'd not popped up earlier and saved me from annoying myself trying to win one again. ;))
  • Oh, Thanks be to God! I finally won a game of Alhambra. Now I can get back to living life again. What year is it? ;)
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    Great. Can we expect you to get PGS now? You can download a free trial first if you want. Be warned though, it's far better than any other so-called solitaire collection, and it is extremely addictive. It could be the year of your rebirth. :)
  • I am deleting games from my ipad for now. When I am ready to add them back, I will be sure to add PSG! :)
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    I might add that Pretty Good Solitaire contains the game Granada, which is an easier version of Alhambra.
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