midshipman 227259986

Is Midshipman 227259986 winnable?


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    Yes it is winnable Sue. VERY difficult in my opinion. I spent quite some time on it before I figured out how to get my main problem card into the tableau. That was a five of clubs. Both of them are consecutive very early on in the stock.
    Attaching my solution. I could talk you through how to open it if you want. I'd need to know if you are on Windows or a Mac first though. It would also be helpful if you let me know whch Goodsol solitaire collection you were playing it in.
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    Click on my screenshot and you will see how to introuce a 5C into the tableau.
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  • Hi Richard, I've been trying hard to get five into play but can't figure it out. I'm version 3:42 on a Mac.
    Thank you so much.
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    Sorry, I can't figure it out from your screenshot or open file :( I'm amazed you've cracked it!!!

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    Hi Sue, Those pesky Macs. :( They're an obstacle for me. Not insurmountable though. :)
    Firstly could you please tell me which Goodsol solitaire collection you have? Some of them save in .pgs format and others in .goodsol format. That makes a big difference regarding what I do next. Don't worry, we'll get there.
  • Thank you Richard, I followed your screenshot and was able to get 5 into play but still didn't finish game. (Only had one try so far.) I always like to leave a free column as soon as I get one so I can manipulate cards I play, but I notice when you've helped me in past, you didn't but maybe it was just that one game you didn't. :)
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  • Mac OS Mojave
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    Cheers. Can we try and open my saved game? The part that you need is the following .
    It's a link to the game I uploaded. You need to copy it and then paste it to where I tell you in my next post.
    Usually keeping an empty column free is critical but in this instance there is no way to introduce a 5C unless you use it practically at the start.
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    When you have Midshipman open on your PC you will have cards dealt out in front of you on your screen. Ignore them completely.
    Look up to the far top left and you should see "Game" , "Options", "Internet" and "Help". Click on "Game" and a menu will drop down. On that you need to click on "Open game" (or similar). You will then get an open window with a long empty box at its foot. It will probably be labelled "Open game". Paste the link you copied into it and then click "Open". Normally it greys over and takes a minute or so to load the solution into your PGS collection. If you get an error message then it is not going to work and you can close that window if it hasn't done so itself. Then we'll have to go to plan B. :)
    Don't worry. I'm not going to screw up your PC. I'll not tell you what I'd like to do to spammers but it wouldn't be pretty and certainly not legal. ;))
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    PLAN B was to make a video of it beng solved. I've just done so. It will take over an hour to upload to Facebook. I'll post a link here in the Forum that should take you there.
  • Okay. Got the video playing on Facebook........I'll be back....!!!
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  • Wow! Thanks Richard. I lost myself in the video as it was playing too fast for me but, after numerous attempts, and lots of going back to Pause, I finally got to a place where I could go on on my own.
    As always, I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much :)
    Have a great evening. Sue
    PS Are you actually in Scotland?
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    Oh yes. I just looked at your FB profile. I see you're in or near Glasgow :) Good one! :)
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    Ha! My Facebook profile is hysterical. I was having a laugh when I registered. Close scrutiny would reveal that I started my first job before I was born. I am far closer to St.Andrews than Glasgow, although I was born in the latter. I stay in Kennoway in Fife although most of my life was spent in Aberdeen. I have a bit of fun by searching for totally ridiculous things to buy. Parachutes, skis, hockey sticks, kayaks, flying lessons, scuba gear, crampons, elephant guns, etc,etc,etc. I love it when I am targetted by adverts offering to sell me those. I also search for exotic holidays all across the world Tough luck if all the internet requires from me is personal info that they can use to try and sell me things. It's great fun. You should try it. ;)) Tell all your friends.
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    LOL! I thought you'd probably setup your FB profile in order to interact with PGS players like me.
    Interesting to hear of your "purchases"!! Being a wildlife artist, I approve of all except the elephant gun ;) I would prefer you buy an Internet Troll Extinquisher ;) They are far more savage/dangerous than wild animals.
    I'm in England now but I lived in South Africa for 30 years so sadly, I've never been to Scotland. Whenever I see the mountains on TV etc, it reminds me of where I lived in SA.
    Hope you have a grand Scottish day. :)
  • PS Are you a developer of PGS?
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    Hell no Sue! Just an addict. I always try to get involved when Thomas or Gregg post Betas. We attempt to iron out any gliches etc at that stage so that they are pretty perfect when they are actually released. Been playing PGS since Noah was a boy. I've played all of the games and have won all bar a handful. The longer I play PGS the more I enjoy tackling the really nasty ones. To each his own. :) I don't enjoy those tagged as Mainly Luck or All Luck. I always feel like Dirty Harry is pointing a gun at me. ;))
    I overlooked your post above at 9.45am.
    I only joined Facebook to be able to access Goodsol's page there. You should join that group. You'd be very welcome. We have very few Forum members in the UK. Paul (pondpaul) is the only one I can recall. He lives in England too.
    You should make a point of visiting Scotland since you are a wildlife artist. My partner Liz and I used to visit nature reserves in Scotland before we started castle-bagging. We have visited several hundred castles, mostly ruins, plus loads of stone circles, burial chambers, Pictish stones etc, etc. The rarest birds we saw were Slavonian G rebes which are extremely beautiful, and White Tailed Sea Eagles on Mull. Enormous birds aptly called "flying barn doors". Our favourite group is British birds of prey. Of those, Kestrels and Barn Owls.
  • Wow! I'm impressed you've played ALL of PGS games! Midshipman is my relaxation level. Just enough challenge so as not to be boring but not all luck either.
    I'd love to visit Scotland but fear my travelling days are well behind me now. I'm impressed by your rare bird viewings. I confess to not having heard of those breeds. I love raptors, my absolute favourite being the African Fish Eagle. It's cry makes my spine tingle!
    I admin a FB castle group. Please feel free to join and I'll join Goodsol one as well. (Though I may already be a member but forgot about it.) I'm not that active on FB.
    I hope you and Liz get to see and enjoy a lot more of this beautiful world we live in.

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    Thanks for the link Sam. I'll look into it soonish. I spend under a minute a week in FB. It seems to be shoulder deep with people who have nothing of any importance to say but delight in telling everyone all about it anyway. Cynic? Me? How dare you? :))
    Are you currently or have you ever been a member of the Scottish Castle Assosciation? I didn't renew my membership about 2 years ago as Liz wasn't fit enough to participate and landed up sitting in the bus most of the time. It wasn't fair on her.
    I've seen your favourite eagle on TV many,many times. Saw one in a B.O.P. centre in the north of England decades ago. Impressive birds.
  • I'm afraid I share your cynicism of Facebook, Richard. Too many "experts" who's opinion is more valuable than any scientist, doctor, lawyer, brain surgeon, nuclear scientist ...... etc, who've trained in their disciple for decades, and are more than happy to force that opinion on you.
    If it was not for the fact that I'm admin on a couple of groups, and have my own art page, I would never logon. I joined FBover 10 years ago, whenit was a nice way to interact with friends, but now it's just explotation and manipulation of the masses and it has far too much power!
    Rant over.......
    I'm sorry Liz is no longer able to enjoy your outings. It's a great disappointment in life when we can no longer enjoy the things that once gave us so much pleasure.
    I do not belong to SCA. I've only been back in UK for three years and sadly, my wandering days are also over. :)

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    What I hate most about Facebook is the easy by which anyone, even those who have had a lobotomy, can post something that is accepted as factual, and is shared and shared by legions of their equally uninformed and moronic "friends". It's a Fake News factory. Other (anti)Social Media sites are probably as bad. I have had no personal experience with any of them. And as for Twitter !
    Liz and I prefer to visit gardens these days. Obviously we previously saw some great ones belonging to castles, but that is no longer a prerequisite. You can stroll through gardens as slowly as you like and there is invariably a selection of seats and benches where you break up your visit into manageable segments. It was fun whilst it lasted but our old joints have made it clear that they've had enough. :)
  • Facebook make me scared for the future of society. People are losing the abilty to think, preferring instead to buy into the social media mentality. I'd like to post the following quote but I doubt fear the opressed would fail to recognise themselves!
    I'm glad you & Liz are enjoying gardens. Spending time together is precious (I'm a widow). You must enjoy every moment x
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    Ha! How true ........... How depressingly true.
    How about this one for Mr.Twitter himself regarding global warming?
    "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored".
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    Sue, I've just noticed further up this page I called you Sam. Apologies. I've no idea who Sam is. At least it's a three letter abreviation that starts with an S. It's also got a vowel in it. I'm struggling now. :D
  • I had asumed Mr Autocorrect was responsible for Sam ... he does like to sneak one in now and again to see if we notice :)
    I love your quote. Very applicable to Mr Twitter. The "willingly oppressed" don't recognise there is a difference between facts & opinions
  • This is another one of my favourites and the reason I fear FB so much because it possesses the power to do exactly this....in the name of righteous indignation.
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    An interesting and prophetic man. The only fault I can find with his quote is the spelling of "favor". We can blame Mr.Spellchecker for that too. :) He was born in England in a place called Godalming. Remarkably close to Godalmi ghty! :)
    I will email you via the Forum's email facility. All you need to do to contact a fellow member is to use their username. Our conversations are no longer solitaire related, not that Thomas has ever voiced his displeasure about these matters.
  • Oops, yes sorry. I forgot we were on a open forum. Can we delete?
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