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    Interesting story. Look at the end what's she planning to do with the money...

    Squaremouth, a St. Pete company, hid a $10K prize in a policy. A teacher found it right away.


    Times Staff Writer

    Be sure to read the fine print. We've all heard it, but how many people do it?

    At least one, it turns out, and it just netted her an easy $10,000.

    Last month, St. Petersburgbased company Squaremouth began hiding the instructions for claiming the prize in the policy document for every Tin Leg travel insurance policy it sold.

    The company planned to run the contest for an entire year, thinking it unlikely that anyone would notice the section titled 'pays to read' sandwiched between legal terms on page seven of the nearly 4,000word document. If it went unnoticed, the plan was to donate the $10,000 to charity at the end of the year.

    But they didn't count on high school teacher Donelan
    Andrews, 59. The self-described unapologetic 'nerd' who said she always reads the terms, whether it's a digital software user agreement like the ones
    most of us breeze by before ticking the box, or a travel insurance policy, like the one she purchased for $400 through Squaremouth the same day the contest began.

    Andrews printed out her policy, stapled it together and sat down to read it right away. Soon she came across a section that said, 'In an effort to highlight the importance of reviewing policy documents, we launched Pays to Read, a contest that rewards the individual who reads their policy information from start to finish. If you are reading this within the contest period ... and are the first to contact us, you may be awarded the Pays to Read contest Grand Prize of ten thousand dollars.' The policy then listed an email address to contact to claim the prize, which Andrews wrote to right away. She got a call back the next day to let her know she'd won the $10,000. The contest was over 23 hours into its yearlong run.

    'The main reason I always do it is that I went to the University of Georgia and I majored in consumer economics,' she said. 'So it's always been a passion of mine to be consumer aware, and particularly, not to be taken advantage of. I even read that HIPAA document they give you at the doctor's office.' When writing tests for her students, she used to hide a bonus in the instructions to see if they'd read the whole thing - circle question number five three times and get 10 extra points, for example.

    'So,' she said, 'I have to practice what I preach.' Squaremouth spokesperson Jenna Hummer said the contest was an idea the company's CEO had several years ago, though it took some time to exe- cute it. Because a leak could have allowed anyone to buy an inexpensive policy and claim the prize, only six people in the company, all sworn to secrecy, knew about it.

    Hummer said the company estimates only about 1 percent of its customers read their policies. Squaremouth sold about 73 policies with the hidden instructions to claim the prize before Andrews came forward.

    Andrews, who is soon to retire, said she plans to use the prize money to fund a trip to Scotland for her 35th wedding anniversary. In honor of her quick claiming of the prize, Squaremouth donated an additional $5,000 to each of the two high schools where Andrews works to improve their media centers, and $10,000 to children's literacy charity Reading is Fundamental.

    Contact Christopher Spata at cspata@tampabay.com or @ spatatimes on Twitter.

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    Brilliant. Thanks Ken. Good of her to spend some of the cash in Scotland. You'd need to pay me a hell of a lot more than ten thousand bucks to read Microsoft's T&C's.
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    Just a quick note, since everyone seems to read this thread....

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    Richard, how about a weather update? When are you going to be able to go outside and muck about your garden?
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    I have been out in my garden on a daily basis for weeks now Ken. :bz Usually an hour or less. Apart from a whole range of bulbs there is very little in bloom. Weeds don't respect the weather and flourish regardless. I have to keep them in check. I have cuttings coming along nicely in my shed come greenhouse, and have many very small seedlings that I'm growing from seed. There is always something that needs my attention.
    Storm Freya paid us a visit over a week ago. She hung about for four days and battered us with gales and rain. There is another storm blowing hard outside today. I think its run out of rain. It emptied the lot on us yesterday and overnight. Don't think it's been Christened. I had ice on my pond yesterday. Update.... Liz has just come back indoors and informed me it's raining. What joy. It's not as bad as GoT's "Winter is coming". :)
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    So, you play NUMEROUS games of KoE, you seem to be the only person testing Thomas' new games, you garden, and you watch GoT. Maybe I don't want to be retired...my working life seems to be less busy!
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    Retired people frequently say that they don't know how they ever had the time to work. A garden is a labour of love as is playing PGS. I chop my day into manageable parcels dictated mainly by the weather. More PGS means less gardening. I find I can "watch" TV and play PGS quite effectively unless I hit a pig of a game. 9pm is GoT time. Season 6 episodes 3 and 4 are on the menu tonight. It's not unknown for me to play some PGS after GoT has finished. You'll enjoy being retired. You are counting down towards that day now. :)
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    You know it! Btw, Mom and I watched a GREAT show last night. It's a German show called You Are Wanted. See if you can find it over there. You won't be disappointed!
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    It's an Amazon show Ken. I avoid them like the plague these days. Google the following.
    "Amazon Services cuts tax bill in the UK to £4.6m despite a rise in profits and revenues of just under £2bn".
    I expect it's part of making America great again ......... making other countries poorer. I'm sure some people would think that they have no shame, (obviously not me).
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    Amazon was well established before Mr Trump came into office. They now have their fingers in everything. They have put both large and small business's out of business. The unions don't like them because they are not union. We have a political candidate who wants to break up these large corporations. She probably wants the government to take control of them. Amazons workers do pretty well. And they have a lot of them. Those workers would be out of jobs if she gets her way. I don't really have an answer. I know I was treated badly by them. Someone hacked into my account. So they shut it down. Saying I was taking advantage of it. I never could talk to the office person who decided that. All I got was emails. So. Are hey too big. Yes. How much do we have the right to shut down. I don't know.
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    Amazon has hired the best tax accountants to ensure they avoid paying anything like the amount of taxes that they should. This enables them to undercut small businesses and forces them into liquidation. They put people out of work and then they have the audacity to defend their astonishing tax situation by saying they employ a lot of people. What do you think would happen if governments across the world slapped huge tax bills on them? They would pay up after a struggle and carry on trading. They'd rather make less than make nothing.
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    I am a bit confused. Amazon manufactures nothing. The are just the go between for the people who make or market the products. They take a cut. A very good profit. I don't understand how they are getting away with paying such a small amount of tax on their income. They do get tax breaks here from states that want employment. But the federal government should be getting more money. Since we need the jobs they create in the shipping and delivery. I guess the feds don't want to rock the boat. New York state and the city of New York just lost out because a new congress person stuck her nose into the deal. It still might happen. But as I said. The union is against the deal. So we will see.
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    I don't dispute anything that you guys are saying about Amazon but you're depriving yourself of some good entertainment. It's like my brother-in-law in Canada says he won't come down to the States while Trump is president. Nobody hates Trump more than me but come on! Btw, Mike, I read a real interesting article about how rival companies are posting fake reviews of their competitor's products and because of those fake reviews, Amazon closes their accounts. When they go to complain about how they weren't the one who posted those fake reviews, they find there is no one to complain to. I wish I could remember where I read that.
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    Amazon uses the infrastructure in the countries it infests whilst doing everything in its power to contribute nothing towards its construction or maintainance. They are parasitic (says me sitting on the fence as usual). You defend their good entertainment Ken but did you consider that they are using money that they should have payed in taxes to subsidise the entertainment they produce? Legitimate organisations that pay their taxes honourably are placed at a huge disadvantage and can be undercut. Did I mention that they are parasitic? No? They are parasitic. Your brother-in-law sounds like a complete dolt. It's none of his damned business who Americans elect as President. Unless he moves south he is not really entitled to an opinion on the matter. He says he's not coming back to the States whilst Trump is still in power. In effect he has made a statement that is very typical of something Mr.Trump could have said. Could your brother in law just be using Mr. Trump as a pretext for not visiting you? ;))
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    On a similar subject, did you see that footballer Ronaldo was fined $21.6 million recently for tax evasion. Why is it that the rich think it's acceptable that ordinary working people pay their share of the tax burden? They disgust me.
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    What Ken described is exactly what happened to me. Who ever hacked in. All the did was post likes of certain products. Why Amazon can't figure it out is beyond me.
    I will leave Ken and his brothers situation for them to figure out. But hating Trump might not be good for you. Are we not suppose love one another? Peace and Love! (btw. it will never happen)

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    Hey, even Nancy Pelosi doesn't want Trump impeached!
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    You mean "Policy 'nsane" or "Yes. Plain con" or "A spiny clone" or "No clay penis"
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    Thank God for the last one!
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    I think she will wait until the next election. Then your bunch can win the Senate and we will all have to move to Scotland. Make room Richard. Or how much room does Paul have?
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    Don't be in any rush to come here Mike. Democracy is in its death throes. A bunch of overpaid buffoons we elected in good faith have knifed us all in the back. We don't need terrorists, these xxxxxxxx are destroying the country for them with reckless abandon. The government Ha!, "government" suffered yet another crushing defeat in the Commons yesterday. There will be another defeat later today.

    And then we have the weather! Storm Gareth has be here for four days now. The wind has howled and the rain has battered against the windows with such ferocity that we have had to raise the volume on the TV.
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    I can't afford the airfare to get there anyway.
    I saw on the news that once again parliament has fallen down on the job. They could have made the transition easier. But politician Prima Donnas all want something for themselves. I am just glad we didn't get involved. I know Trump said some things. But they had no effect. As they should not. We have our own problems to solve.

    I know pretty much where you stand on climate change. But I would rather see an effort into cleaning up the oceans. We go through months of drought. So when we get rains. Like we had the last several weeks. All kinds of crap gets run into the ocean. It amazing to me that our beaches clear out like they do.
    And I am not sure the wind and the rain made you raise the TV volume. Perhaps a hearing aid might work better.
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    As I predicted, Theresa May lost another Brexit vote yesterday. She will keep losing them. Interesting newspaper headlines today. "Chaos", "Meltdown" "EU Bullies". Exactly whta I said would happen. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. At least you are not bombarded non stop with a wide selection of balloons pontificating on the subject, each with his or her personal agenda. We are no better informed on the subject than we were two l-o-n-g l-o-n-g years of debate ago. Yes, keep out of it. We have more than enough idiots of our own and your problems are equally important.
    Re plastics, I was encouraged when I saw footage of road surfaces being laid that incorporate a lot of plastics. See attachment. About 40 years ago I kept asking why the mountains of old car tyres couldn't be used in this manner.

    America and the Western World contribute very little per head of population to the plastics in the seas. We are however in a better position to help reverse it. We have the scientists and the money to do so. All we lack is leadership. Sorry Donald, it's not just you I'm deriding. The following article is very encouraging too.
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    Forgot to attach this.
    655 x 290 - 62K
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    Interesting article about CO2. Thanks for posting it.
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    Yes, it raises our hopes. Actually I preferred the other one. Our TV footage showed road surfaces being laid with the material plus an interview with the guy behind it. He explained that the process uses any type of plastic so is not as fussy are local councils are now becoming about what they will accept from us. We watched a guy plopping a ten gallon plastic container into a thing like a shredder. Any old colour will do. It's all mixed and quickly turned into small pellets. A large percentage of it can be mixed with tradilional materials and used to make roads. Apparently it lasts a hell of a lot longer beffore it needs to be replaced and is far less prone to developing potholes because it has some elasticity. His entire plant is remarkably small so he intends exporting it worldwide to be used locally as required.They will provide employment and clean up the environment at the same time.
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    Donald couldn't help but put his two cents worth into the Brexit fiasco today. You spoke too soon Mike. :( He has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.
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    We have been recycling tires and plastics here for a long time. The tires and plastics go into road ways here also.
    We have companies recycling all kinds of stuff.
    Did Trump just tweet something about Brexit? Or did some reporter ask ask him? Either way. I wish he would stay out of it. The only thing we should do is get food shipments ready to send. Just in case.
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    Mr. How Great I Am said that he had advised Theresa May to sue the EU and it was her own fault that she didn't follow his instructions. He talks about things with breathtaking arrogance despite demonstrating in-depth ignorance of the subject matter. His "advice" was as preposterous as the UK advising him to sue Congress, the Mexican government, all Democrats, Kin Jong Un and everyone in the US who speaks Spanish. He is a profoundly ignorant man.
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    I would follow the UK's advise. We can never have enough law suits going on.
    If Trump is ignorant and can makes millions of dollars. I should be able to make billions.
    But I will repeat myself. We should stay out of the Brexit issue.
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