Midshipman #604642582

Getting a decent start was difficult Sue. It took a few attempts before I decided not to play the 2H in the last column onto a black 3.
Please let me know if my partials suffice. Hope I've not reduced their size too much.


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    Sorry, they're too small. I was trying not to lots of Thomas's web space. Will sort them out tomorrow.
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    Okay Sue, this should be reasonably easy to follow. I suggest that when you duplicate my last screenshot you save it on your device so that you can return to that spot if you get into trouble trying to win it. There is still a LOT of work to do so don't be scared to request more screenshots. :)
    940 x 472 - 69K
    941 x 470 - 68K
    945 x 469 - 68K
    938 x 473 - 75K
    935 x 470 - 70K
    938 x 473 - 70K
    940 x 477 - 75K
  • Thanks Richard. I'll let you know how I go.....to be continued.
  • Hi Richard, I've not booted up my Mac for a few days until today. I've had a few goes but :-( sadly I've not been able to crack it :-(
    More help it sorely needed....please!

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    I'll email you directly Sue. Will experiment with file sizes for videos. That depends on what capacity they will accept. Just popped into the house to unpack more plants that have arrived. Thought I also deserved a cuppa. Will start your videos this evening probably. :)
  • That's terrific, Ricchard. No panic. Enjoy your plants & your well-earned cuppa. :-)
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    I've emailed you a video. Just managed to get it within the limits. Please let me know how you get on.
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