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    Every minute of the day, 907 million tonnes of rain falls on the planet. You should pre-book your order Mike. Ask the Donald to have a word with your suppliers. :)
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    I am just busy doing nothing. Which is something I do best.
    With the rain we had so far. There may be a lot of dry brush depending on the wind. Most of the new growth will have enough moisture to withstand some of it. But we will see.
    Have you found enough dry spaces to bike in?
    Richard. Will mad Boris take over for Theresa May? Won't that be fun!
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    You'll still need to practice every day Mike otherwise you'll start finding things to do that could easily be put off indefinitely.
    Water could well be a major problem for California in the near future. I predict that people will not be allowed to have pools in their gardens. Conversely other places will have more water than they can cope with.
    Theresa May is standing down on the 7th of June. Boris is favourite to replace her. The good news is that it is exceedingly rare for the favourite for this position to actually win.
    Boris has been described as, "Too blonde for the Third Reich". :-j
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    Richard, I think we already talked about the woman in Scotland that feels no pain. She must be the only person in the UK that doesn't mind all this Brexit shit!
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    Brexit is officially a swearword in the whole of the UK. We've just voted in new European elections despite the fact that we should already have left. It will not be until the 27th that we will get the full results. Every country's votes must be counted on the same day, hence the delay. For once we threw a spanner into the European wheel when the Hebribes in Scotland refused to count their votes on the Sabbath. That added a day to the process. UK exit polls are forecasting a huge majority in favour of the brand new Brexit Party that Nigel Farage created just to give the professional politicians the BIG FINGER on behalf of the British public. =D> =D> =D> =D> (That's one for each of the home countries). :)
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    I practice getting in and out of bed several times a day.
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    Next year I could be growing rice. My plastic wheelbarrow was empty yesterday at 4pm. Today at 10am it contains over two inches of water and it's still raining. All of this excess water overwhelmed an exit pipe that returned water back into my pond. It brought blanket weed with it and then choked it completely. The result was that the pump kept pumping water onto the area surrounding my pre-formed pond and seeped enderneath it and forced it up like a boat, buckling it in the process. There are further complications so it looks like I have several weeks worth of work in front of me trying to fix things, weather permitting! I mentioned recently that it was 79 degrees outside. The following day it was 25 degrees cooler. Gardening chaos. :( I suspect you could grow cacti Mike. :)
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    It's been raining a lot here in Iowa (but of course only on days off) =))
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    "Days off"! I've heard of them. :((
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    We are suppose to be getting rain here. But so it has only been very little here by the beach. The rest of the country. Especially the middle part is getting hammered. The southeast is in a hot streak. It's crazy.
    Sorry about your garden Richard. And the work you will have to clean it up. Be careful. But it might be awhile before you can start. If the weather keeps at it. Stay on the high ground Ken. If the rivers keep rising you may have to go the Rockies. But at least you will be up high. And pot is legal in Colorado. So that will help.
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    Good suggestion, Mike. The CBD oil should help with my arthritis.
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    The BIG FINGER has been resoundingly delivered to our politicians in the European Elections. To put the results into an American context, the governing Republican party came in FIFTH and the Democrats came in THIRD. Both of them lost large percentages of their vote. In effect we have told both parties that they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Any policical party that gets elected to power has been entrusted to do what they promised. President Trump is a leader who understands that and is pressing ahead with his pledges irrespective of opposing opinions. Brexit is our Wall. DELIVER!
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    The Brexit party wins. I wonder if we could come up with a new party. Perhaps the liars party. There would be a lot of members. But of course. They would deny that they belonged.
    The CBD oil works for a number of people. We give the canine version to Anubis the doberman. It seems to work fine. He has lost some strength in his back legs. So he stumbles sometimes. I wish we didn't have the stairs that he has to go up and down. It's get's difficult for big dogs. And me. Both doggies are close to eleven years old. The little atomic Rat Terrier is still zooming around. But the big guy has some problems. But he runs well when we go to the green belt so he can water his trees.
    I said when Trump was running for President. That a lot of what he was saying he would do would be blocked by The House and Senate. Or they would at least give him problems. The Republicans didn't do enough when they controlled both houses. And they are paying for it now. And more people should realize that campaign promises don't mean much. You really have to look into the candidate. Trump is not afraid to tackle big issues. Sometimes he goes overboard. But at least he is trying. The last bunch didn't do much at all. Except mess up the health care system.
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    Yes Mike, the Brexit party won handsomly but their win really means nothing. They wil be taking their seats in the European Parliament in Brussels. The only thing their victory means is that the two big parties have been given a very powerful laxative and know that things will get messy unless they move very carefully. Brexit has to be delivered or most of them will be out of a job at the next General Election. The Brexit party would be practically certain to win that. Nobody quite knows what is going to happen next .
    It's going to be interesting.
    Shame about Anubis. Why don't you bring his bed downstairs and encourage/bribe him to sleep there At present he probably thinks he'd be letting you down by not going upstairs. Worth a try.
    I think that Trump stands a decent chance of getting a second term. What do you think?
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    My hope for Brexit or no Brexit is that Great Britain comes out okay.
    Michael would have to also sleep downstairs. And his Mom. Mikey loves that dog so much. And Anubis goes back and forth between the two at night. Unless Mikey closes his door.
    It's up in the air about Trump getting reelected. A couple of the states he carried last time may not be on board this time. The Democrats have no good candidates. With no good ideas. Except to defeat Trump. They had hoped to get the Electoral College abolished. Which will take longer than they have time for. Which would mean that we would have a one party system forever. Impeachment will be tried. But there are no solid grounds for it. Our economy is good. And wages are climbing. But the left doesn't see it that way. And wants to go back to the way it was three years ago. And give away more money. Trump put too much faith in his meetings with Kim. He is just like his father and grandfather. They will hold on to power any way they have to. They will try to threaten us with weapons. Just like the Iranians are doing. Trump will get no political points from them. The House of Representatives better pass the new US Mexico Canada trade agreement. Or that could help Trump if they don't. They could make some minor tweeks to it. But it seems like a good deal. Trump should get reelected. But he is going to have to work hard.
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    Shame about my stairs idea Mike. Perhaps Anubis will make the decision for you. We used to take our dog with us to work in Aberdeen. One morning he refused to go and he stayed at home thereafter. His decision, not ours.
    I think that Trump is doing a lot better than his opponents (and I) predicted. They're miffed because they wanted to be the guys who made improvements to your economy. It simply appears to boil down to jealousy imho.
    You know that I just love politicians "in general" .... although "in jail" would be better in many cases. There is a political stink here. In the European Elections that have just taken place, several members of the Labour party admitted that they hadn't voted Labour! That's like Donald Trump voting Democrat. They are just a bunch of treacherous, scheming, conniving, self-serving, egotistical weasels.
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    And that's their good qualities!
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    BREAKING NEWS .......... Boris Johnson will be summonsed to court to face accusations of misconduct in public office over claims he was lying when he said the UK gave the EU £350 million a week. =)) =)) =)) =))
    Five days ago I posted this, " Boris is favourite to replace her (Theresa May). The good news is that it is exceedingly rare for the favourite for this position to actually win. >:) >:) >:) >:)
    Yes Ken .... on a good day. I hope my further prophesy of "in jail" also comes to fruition. ;))
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    Let's see him lie his way out of this. His message was emblazoned on the side of a huge red bus. See images link.
    Boris Johnson has said the Leave campaign’s estimate that the UK would save £350m a week by leaving the EU could have been higher.
    Britain’s Foreign Secretary doubled down on the controversial claim by saying Vote Leave could have painted a figure as large as £438m on the side of its infamous red battle bus.
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    If every politician got called to court for supposed lying. We might finally get rid of them. And yes Ken. Trump too.
    what I need is one of those electric trolleys that go up and down stairs. And it would have to fit a Doberman. One with a cage perhaps. I could use it too.
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    Richard, I have a question for you. We've been talking for YEARS about how F***ed up our respective governments are. Greece is doing bad; Turkey is doing bad; ditto France. Any GOOD news from across the pond? Any shining examples of democracy in action?
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    I think we are all finding that democracy is a failing concept Ken. It gives everybody rights. People consequently believe that they have the right to screw with anything that takes their fancy, even when it infringes on the rights of others. Politics is the big arena, centre stage, so it shoudn't come as a great surprise when it attracts the wrong kind of people. These are the people who believe that they are always in the right and need to share their perceived wisdom at every opportunity whether it is requested or not. We had a Conservative MP on the box yesterday. I forget his name. Let's call him Coco. In relationship to the whopping lie that Boris Johnston had emblazoned on his red electioneering bus, Coco informed us that during election campaigns it is expected and pardonable for MPs to distort the truth. He reckons that Boris has done nothing wrong . In effect what he has said is that during electioneering it is permissable for politicians to tell us bigger lies than they normally do.
    In answer to your question, with the exception of the recent knife attack, Japan's democracy appears to be in good working order, and has a peaceful law-abiding society. They attribute this to the fact that it is practically impossible to get hold of gun there. They haven't invaded anywhere for ages either. ;))
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    I agree with Richard. Democracy as we once knew it is on the way out. Socialism is taught in the schools. Not as a real class. But promoted by a lot of teachers. Young kids are taught not to try and make decisions. The teacher will tell them what to think. In higher grades. If a student tries to voice an opinion other than what the instructor believes they are told to sit down. And are often shouted down by the class.
    Politicians are worse They seem to be able to call anyone they disagree with a liar. And come up with statements that are false. And the media is no help. So it does not surprise me that politicians want to pass laws covering their lies and exaggerations. I also blame the voters. Who don't find the untruths in candidates promises. This has been going on for ages. And is getting worse.
    And Japan has many swords sitting around. They had a big fight in the Diet many years ago. Where a sword appeared. But mostly it was a battle of Karate blows. Abe is not guaranteed to win. Or is Moon in
    South Korea. The only one we know of for sure is the Little Rocket Man. Who if he doesn't get a reward for not shooting off his big missals. May do it to get more attention.
    Oh. One wore thing. The state of Washington recently passed a law say something about human remains being used in compost. If only Richard lived there. I could end up being his neighbor in the soil.
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    They're devoid of morals Mike. We are just pawns on their giant chessboards.
    I don't think the day is very far away when schools will just produce clones who will do what they're ordered and buy what they're told without ever realising that this wasm't how it used to be.
    Re the compost ....
    After the Battle of Waterloo , the bones of the dead — Wellington’s Britons, Napoleon’s French and Blücher’s Prussians — were shipped back to Hull to use as fertiliser for England’s green and pleasant land, military mulch from the 1815 battlefields which also yielded fresh teeth to be reused as dentures for the living.
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    What about Scandinavia? I hear their inhabitants are some of the happiest on Earth.
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    Scandinavia? Not for long.
    Soilent Green.
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    Great movie!

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    It was on the box here decades ago. People getting stuck into their recycling. ;))

    I saw with some pleasure on this morning's news that 41 new sites have been created to expand the UK's "Blue belt"; coastal conservation areas intended to protect our marie species. =D>
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    Richard is far ahead of me in the climate change debate. But after watching a program on of all places MSNBC the other day. China is doing a lot of harm to us all. There recycling plants for rare earth minerals are causing a lot of damage. We in the US need to find a better way to clean up our recycled stuff so we can use our own mineral waste to make electronic equipment. And trash is being shipped all, over the world. Too many people!
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    Malaysia has mountains of plastic waste Mike.
    They are sending around 3000 tons back to other countries including the UK, Canada and Australia. It would appear that the Western World thinks it's okay to dump its trash overseas. Out of sight,out of mind.
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