Big Harp #1339918976

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Hi all! It seems that I was too hasty to say goodbye for a while to the forum. :-?? The above solitaire was too tough for me. Best score is 43, waste: 14. Another conventionally "successful" attempt looks like 38 and 10. :-?


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    My first attempts are worse than yours Nu Je. Can you upload a "partial" solution of your best score? This game does not look possible to win. Getting a column empty is difficult enough.
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    It's winnable !!!!! It looked impossible. Definitely the hardest Big Harp I've played.
    Big Harp_1339918976_Miracle.pgs
  • Where is your second gold star? :) I do not see it. Richard, you rightly deserve this award. Congratulations! =D> (*) <):) I will not yet downloaded your decision. It's a matter of honor for me to cope with this solitaire independently.
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    Thank you. It is certainly a very difficult challenge.
    If you'd like a few clues................
    Empty column 1 and fill with King from column 7
    Empty column 7 and take King from column 10.
    Empty column 10 and column 5 almost simultaneously, (at the same time).
    There is a LOT of work involved in making sure you have places to put the cards from the columns you intend to empty. My clues will only help a little.
  • Richard, I have downloaded your solution. This is a fantastic game in your performance. Unfortunately I did not cope with it. The game will be placed by me in UNSOLVED folder.
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    Hi Nu Je, It took me a long time to find the correct order to put the kings into the empty columns. A considerable amount of luck too perhaps. I had to discover which combinations were definitely wrong. I then replayed it over and over and over again using slightly different variations. I was very lucky to find the winning pattern.
    I got a lot of pleasure from this game. Thank you.
  • Richard, congratulations with the victory of your fellow countryman John Higgins on the 2012 Shanghai Masters. He is a very courageous and persistent man (first of all I mean the final game). Are all Scots such purposeful and stubborn? :) Sorry for offtopic msg.
  • As for 1339918976. My mistake was that I did not even consider the second 2D in the fifth column as a promising continuation of the game. As it turned out I was wrong. :(
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    Ha! There are more off-topic messages in the Forum than anything else. We try to have a bit of fun.
    John Higgins is very determined. He is a great snooker player. He will never be as good (in my opinion) as fellow Scot Stephen Hendry. Many of the feats that he achieved have never been equaled. Alan McManus and Graeme Dott are two more very talented Scottish snooker players. Snooker seems to suit our temperament. Stubborn and unlikely to concede defeat.
    Re 1339918976, once you have watched the moves I made two or three times, you should be able to win it yourself unaided. (Without any assistance). I hope you find more BH's of that quality.
  • I have spent hours over weeks trying to win it...I, too, will add it to my list of unwinnables!
  • Hi all,
    Oh, I planned to fix my last result of 4444 games on Top Scores (unbeaten as I hoped) and leave the big-time sports. But 1339918976 was the 4396-th...
    Ричард, здесь русская пословица:
    "Человек предполагает, а Бог располагает". - это про меня :)
    Is it possible to understand the meaning of the proverb after translating it into English? BTW, there is more convenient and more adapted to the Russian language on-line translator. It is here
    > I have spent hours over weeks trying to win it...I, too, will add it to my list of unwinnables!
    Ladydeere, 1339918976 is one of the most complicated games of those that I have ever seen for four years of my sports career. :) Try #329669121. It's winnable. Best of luck!
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    Hi Nu Je............Your proverb makes perfect sense in English. Very clever. Thanks.

    Ladydeere....... I'm not surprised you couldn't win 1339918976. The first few times I played it I got very low scores and thought it was impossible even to clear a column. I just kept trying different routes over and over and over again. Gradually I eliminated what would not work and homed in on what eventually did work. At least you didn't give up without giving it your best shot. Well done.
  • I couldn't stand it, so I tried again and won it.
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