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Is game number 97 winnable? I can almost get the right most column empty, but I get stuck. I've scored more on it than any of the other times I've played it.

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    I don't think so. The clubs present several problems that I can't see any way past. I've not got a great deal of time to spend on it but I got a score in the low sixties.
    Here is one I won previously. Another winnable one is 1339794048
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    I have posted my solution so it is obviously winnable. You'll not be able to open it using a Mac I don't think. Markus has both types of computers. He could easily open it and then post a Mac compatible solution. But he is always so busy.
    We are moving house in well under 24 hours so I have a legitimate excuse. It would take me quite a long time to sit down and write out a solution move by move. Maybe in a week or so. It is winnale anyway. All you require is perseverance. You will have to move cards from "up" foundations onto "down" foundations, that much is certain.
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    Megrit, re 1586058112: I can get it to 71 so far by clearing the furthest right column in the reserve.
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    On the reserve columns if you right click on the 4's it will show that 4C 4H and 4D are all available. So you take the 2C-6C all from above. You then take the 7C from the foundation and that gives you a running start.


  • How did you win 1586058112? I don't see how it's winnable.
  • I just wanted to be sure it's winnable. I only had a chance to play it once or twice and I only was able to move a couple cards. I don't need the solution as long as I know it's winnable. I'll figure it out. Thanks!
  • I don't see how this is possible? The only threes that can be played are the diamonds and clubs. The only fours available are the hearts and spades. How can you move the 7 of clubs from the furthest right column when nothing bigger than a 3 can be played? In addition, the only queen that can be moved is the queen of hearts. I've played it quite a few times already and can't play anything other than the 2 of clubs, diamonds, and spades, the 3 of diamonds and clubs, and the queen of hearts.. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe I have the wrong game number? I copied the number from Ken's post again just to be sure I was playing the right game and still no luck.
  • Oh ok. I wasn't aware that you could right click on the cards to change them. Thanks!
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