Is 1394346752 Winnable?

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I have tried for 2 weeks and cannot get past the bottom cards. I don't want to get up after 7500 consecutive wins.

Rebel Hiker,
Banner Elk, NC

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    What game are you asking about?
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    Assuming you are Bill Barksdale then you are probably asking about Freecell. If that is the case then your game is winnable.


  • Yes this is Freecell, sorry I forgot. And yes I am Bill Barksdale.
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    No problem Bill. It's not the first time that's been done.
    Re a solution, Marty likes the opportunity to help with Freecell games, so I'll give him a chance to provide you with a solution. I did win it though.
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    Thanks Richard, will get right on it

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    Looks like you are stuck too Marty. If that's the case please let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
  • Thanks guys, appreciate all the help I can get.
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    Looks like Marty can't find a towel to throw in. :) It took me under 10 minutes to win this one btw. Get to the screenshot position and you should crack it. Please let me know if you need further hints.
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    There is no truth to the rumor that Richard's motto is "It's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way!"
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    Rebelhiker and Richard, i'm sorry, I had a family problem come up and have not been able to get on it
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    I note that you didn't offer to help to help Ken :) You've blown my cover though. My secret identity is out. I was a couple of years younger then though.

    On the subject of humility.... the most recent set of 100 Carltons that Larry and myself have been working on is currently showing an 86% win rate with an average score of 93.82. It's rated at 5%. Now that is worth crowing about.
    Sorry to hear that you had family problems Marty. What's that hackneyed old cliche again? "It happens". :)
    Liz and I are going away for a couple of days, commencing today. Now that Ken has volunteered his services it should be a fait accompli by the time we get back. Missing you already. :))
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    Richard, I was defending you!
    (BTW, in your younger days, did you also write "Baby, Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me"?)
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    Yes I did! That and "Cocaine". :)
  • Thanks for the help. I'll retry today.

    Bill Barksdale (Rebel Hiker)
  • I did 1394346752 with your hint. Thanks. I was at the hint location many times but just didn't put the right moves together.

    Thanks again.

    Bill Barksdale
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    Well family finley taken care of, want to know everything you know about computers and then don't understand a word, OW, thanks to you Richard I finished in 9.3 min. you are still the champ, could not have done it without you

    RebelHiker, sorry I was not there to help you. I have been crying all over the board to help and then get called away. But, Honestly don't think that I could have done it as fast as Richard, Maybe I will get to do it for the next person

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    All's well that ends well. Sometimes you fail to spot a critical move. On other occasions they just fall into your lap.
    Liz managed to drop and break her laptop. We'd to buy a new one. Now she has Windows 8. She keeps hitting problems that she expects me to remedy. I wonder why they included a User Manual. She's not even opened it. I've disabled her internet connection. That should keep her off my case. :) (mostly).
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    Is this a case of "If it is broke, then don't fix it?"
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    The idea was certainly to fix it Ken. We took it to a local IT shop, but neglected to take the charger cable. When we returned 8 days later the guy said the paperwork had been put onto the wrong pile and he'd look at it that afternoon. The following day he phoned with a story about having to order and fit a new monitor. That would be in the region of £200. When asked if all of the programs installed on it would still be okay he said that it would be returned to factory default setting as the hard drive had been damaged.. I reached the conclusion that he was at it, and that the memory had been lost by sitting uncharged for over a week. A brand new one cost £325. She'd better not drop this one.
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    I'm sure there were other problems but I don't think the fact it was uncharged had anything to do with it. When I was up in Iowa with my dad, my laptop was uncharged for 6 months and when I got back, it was fine,
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    Bang goes that theory then Ken. Thanks.
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