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So, do people like the white background theme or the black background theme?


  • Member, Beta Tester
    I thought the white was fine, and then you changed it to black. At that point I said I preferred the white. Now I've got used to the black I quite like it. I'm happy to side with the majority preference.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    I will stick to my pick of white background and black text. But I can be bribed.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    already expressed my opinon the other night
    Either one
  • Member, Beta Tester
    I like the black.
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    Somebody is gonna need to break the tie.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    Okay. The more often I see the black, the more I prefer it. It appears to be easier to read. I honestly believe that nobody is particularly bothered about it.
  • Member, Beta Tester
    My bribe has not arrived. So I'll change my mind and go with the black background.
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