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Penguin #652664000. Is it winnable?


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    Yes your game is winnable. Solution attached.
    You can post other Penguin games in this thread. There is no need to make new threads for individual games.
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    Nice winner. It took me some attempts to find the right starting sequence. Thank's for that game paruffus.
  • I have been working on this penguin game for over 2 months and cannot beat it.
    game # 1511409408

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    The best score I have managed is 12. The more often I replay it the more convinced I am that it is unwinnable. Markus plays Penguin a lot. Let's see what he thinks.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    When you say your best score is 12 are you saying you only have 12 cards left?
    I've wondered if there were some games that were unwinnable.
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    The scores are recorded at the bottom left of your screen. 12 means that I only put 12 cards onto the foundations. If you look in the rules section you will see that not every Penguin is winnable. See attachments.
    I've been out most of the day. Will have some more attempts at your game soon.
    209 x 131 - 14K
    212 x 62 - 12K
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    Hi all! The mentioned Markus could score after a short overlook 20 points. Picture of that position attached. But i doubt it could be winnable. There are two problem cards: The 8H and the 10D. When you get the 8H into the game, then the free cells are almost full and you only one cell left. So you cannot free another pile for a Queen or to get to the 10D.

    Let's see, what Richard can make out of my screenshot.
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    I got into numerous promising positions since I got home including one where I thought an empty cell would probably have let the cards run out. Your screenshot is familiar. That appears to be one move away from completion too.The 10D kills it for me. Trying to bring it into play early in the game just doesn't work.
    I gave up on it a while ago. It is agonizingly close at times but I think that that is as close as we'll get. I may get back to it tomorrow. By then I should have freed my mind from the patterns of moves I kept repeating earlier.
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    From the above position I hoped to be able to undo to a better one. No joy. Just one cell away from being winnable. I'm definitely giving up now.
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    Your tries are sounding very similar to mine. There are several positions with just one cell left and if you try to solve the problem, you get another one. The 10D is, as you said, killing the colors and the 8H is killing to get the 10D into the game later.
  • Thanks for the info. I have gotten to the same places where if I could get to 1 card I could win it.
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    How about #3010? I can get close, but no win so far.
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    I have problems with #3691. Always just one card ahead of winning it. :-?
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    Richard is on holiday. He will be at the opening of the Olympics. Maybe I will see him on television. >:)
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    I know, that Richard is on holidays at the Olympics. Isn't he challenging at the Decathlon? Maybe he can do 100 points? =))

    But i hoped on the others. [-O<
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    I gave up playing with Penguins for the summer. If you can't solve it. I probably don't have a chance.
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    Don't underestimate yourself, Mike.
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    Yeah, let Debbie do that for you!
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    Thanks for the encouragement Markus. And for the words from you Ken. Helpful as they ain't. (ain't is not a proper word to use Markus)
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    "(ain't is not a proper word to use Markus)"

    Why??? [-X :-\"
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    It is a slang word. It just means arn't or are not or isn't. The word police frown on ain't usage.
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    Hey, Richard told me to take over for him, Mike.
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    Well sieze the power while you can.
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    ACHOO! (What? You didn't say sneeze the power?)
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    Probably the only power you can conjure up. But. Carpe Diem. Go for it.
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    Is this a social network forum or where someone can ask questions about PGS-games? =))

    #2111 (6)
    #3010 (9)
    #3691 (8)
    #3744 (11)
    #4577 (25)
    #5504 (8)
    #5576 (8)
    #6170 (9)
    #6342 (10)
    #6636 (9)
    #7296 (13)
    #7428 (9)
    #7580 (10)
    #7634 (9)
    #8316 (11)
    #8451 (11)
    #8638 (7)
    #8888 (8)
    #9249 (9)
    #9270 (14)

    Which game numbers i have missed?
    P.s.: I am not sure with my "Maximums", i didn't go for it but for winning the game.
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    Haaaa! Sarcasm is alive and well in Estonia. :)) A little gem.
    I' m fed up playing Forwards & Backwards endlessly to try and find a genuine winner. I look forward to tackling the games you've posted. Thanks Markus.
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    I meanwhile thought already, i maybe registered facebook or twitter by accident. =))
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    Well then, I guess then I ought to be quiet :D
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    You can't do that Marty. It's very educational here. :)>- Have a go at Markus's Penguin games. I doubt if any of them are winnable but you could certainly match many of his scores.
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