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  • Thank you. that's not the same game. How can I show you the game I'm stuck on?
    March 25
  • sueparot
    Thanks again Richard. Info you sent confirms my fears that if I don’t do something about it, authority will and send me the bill - which I’m sure would be astronomical!
    I thought it would be local council but I see from your link, it’s highways dept.
    I’ll just put my big girl’s knickers on and cut it back. At least I’ll have a few months without it growing and I don’t have to worry about it.
    I couldn’t find the bit in the article you mention about phone no etc. May need that info in the spring.
    Lotsa love Sxxx
    December 2019
  • Hi, Richard, can you tell me whether Penguin 73052 is winnable? Thanks!
    December 2013
  • kathyquade
    I finally have been able to sign in. I just can't sign myself out ever. Good to be back.
    January 2013
  • HI, I'm new here! I was wondering if you could help me with Fourteens? I know you posted a winning game number, but I have been playing for hours upon hours and cannot figure out how to win it. Is there any chance you could give me some further assistance?
    August 2012
  • thankyou for giving some doable Malmaison I had played hundreds of games and was desperate till I found this forum. I have now solved one and can move on. Do you experts use autoplay?and then undo if you don't like it. Have put a similar message elsewhere, Sorry for the repetition but it is all a bit new.Pat Lambie Spain ..
    December 2011
  • (continued) If you raise your cursor even a little above the "undo" key, it will hit the "Game" key and cause the game to restart, leaving you with a loss. Now I have played and won approx. 3,367 games, but because of my error, there have been losses, and I've chosen to start over again. This time, I AM TIRED OF IT, and I do not want to start over again for the 4th time. I want to use your info to show my correct number of wins again, but without a loss. Can you give me that info? If you need to e-mail me, my address is Thank you.
    December 2011
  • Richard, in October we exchanged comments/e-mail regarding a question I had about an unexplained loss while playing Free Cell. At that time, I had 1,037 wins with no losses. I will accept your suggestion that I probably hit a wrong key, thus marking the game as a loss. You said that you'd be able to tell me how I could change my win/loss record and add back to my stats a number of wins, even though it was not exactly legal. I answered that having that info would probably be too tempting, as I might use the info to push my score up. However, now I have a change of heart. As I didn't want to show a loss on my stats, I started over. I had just over 1,000 wins when the same thing happened again. I started over again, for the third time, and was playing my 1,330th game without a loss. I made the same error as before, but this time I know why. On the Free Cell game, I was attempting to hit the "undo" key, but just above that key is the "Game" key. (continued)
    December 2011
  • dear Richard, how are you? where do you come from? i am from HK. i just recently start to play the freecell games, i am sure you are an expert on these games, can you be so kind to help me to solve this baker's game 1783648512? by the way, if i can't solve the any of the game at end of the day, is there anyway i can get tip or clue to finish the game in a step by step way?
    August 2011
  • butler77
    British Open in two weeks from Royal St. George. Wish I was there. KenM must be watching Tour De France.
    July 2011
  • butler77
    I just watched part of a documentary on Culloden. What the hell were the Jacobites thinking.
    June 2011
  • support
    Test posting on wall.
    June 2011
  • Tpa_Ken
    I have a theory. TEST!!!!!!!
    June 2011
  • RichardScotland changed his profile picture.
    June 2011