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  • That was a VERY EASY game Mike ....... until I ran out of cards and was left wondering what happened. Must have taken 90 - 100 minutes This was the turning point .
  • Absolutely, although he did some remarkable interviews in a TV series. He asks the questions that everyone else wants to but is too afraid. Don't know if YouTube would have them.
  • OK Debbie. I'll do that. ;))
  • Just as well you don't have an endless Brexit debate to contend with then Mike. Politicians from all political parties are behaving shamefully. They are all trying to get their own way by fair means or foul. They appear to be able to ignore the fact…
  • I can't see a solution for your problem Mike. I've ridiculed Trump's wall before but until someone comes up with a better suggestion that's all you've got. People are going to continue to flood in from the south until it is much much harder to get i…
  • Three winners today although I expected bigger margins from Portugal and Spain. Tricky set tomorrow. Denmark, France and Croatia not to lose.
  • A sending off and another own goal scuppered two of yesterday's selections. I will be very surprised if Portugal, Uruguay and Spain don't all win today. Russia is looking like the dark horse we anticipated finding.
  • I will easily post partials and/or solutions for any game if you want Mike. I see no point in frustrating yourself playing them "to death" and still not winning them. New winners are 77 and 78. I tell you this so that you can avoid wasting time on …
  • Sean Locke talks about Twitter and uses some colourful language. If you're easily offended, give it a miss.
  • 67 and 75 are new winners if you want to try them.
  • Yes, I totally agree Paul. That ruined it for a lot of people. A cynic might say he was getting some revenge for us sinking the Belgrano four years earlier. >:)
  • He could be in Russia watching it for all we know Ken. :) Columbia conspired to scupper my selections today. Carlos Sanchez sent off in 3 minutes and conceding a penalty in the process from which Japan scored. Hope his life insurance is up to date.…
  • ...... or Popeye and Olive Oyl?
  • .......... like Simon and Garfunkel? ;))
  • So what Mike? Who cares? Now that you know that those ones are winnable you'll probably win them too.
  • Won #66. Good night. :D
  • Columbia, Poland and Russia are my selections for tomorrow. Hoping crowd inspire Russia as Egypt are the better team imho.
  • That's more like it. All three won. My 3-0 prediction for England was somewhat gallus. I didn't realise that Tunisia is the best team in Africa.
  • Won #63. Good grief.
  • Won #62. Good evening.
  • What gave that away, the "Try" or the RU? Now solve the remainder. :)
  • Won #53. Good afteroon. :) I played up to that number today. (No winners between 26 and 53).
  • I must admit that I laughed out loud when I heard this on the news just now "Wise men build bridges but fools build walls" . Comments?
  • You would hear about Mexico far more often than people over here, during qualification rounds for example. We only hear about them when they qualify. Most people here would probably not watch their games unless they were against the elite of the gam…
  • Marcus won't be happy with that post Ken. You appear to like cryptic. Try RU30 29. Record breaking result but why should it concern us? :) Sweden, Belgium and England to win. The latter 3-0 ?
  • It's no mystery Mike. We are faced with making a large number of choices regarding moving cards and whether or not to accept fresh ones from the stock. We are maikng a series of guesses, any one of which could result in making a game unwinnable. Wh…
  • Its a conspiracy I'm being robbed here. Morocco lost by an own goal. Argentina drew after missing a penaltly and then Peru missed one too. None of my seven selections would have lost without players on their own teams mucking up. ;) That's why book…
  • It's winnable Mike. I practically cleared column one with a waste pile of 9 cards. You'll win it now. :)
  • The didn't have much of the play but they marked Messi pretty much out of it and confined him to long range efforts. Lucky for Icemand that he missed a penalty (and stopped me bagging another winner). :( They have a great goalie and are the talles…