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  • I made the same error the first time through Ken and landed up at the end with a blocking 8S (I think).
  • I read quite a number of books when I was younger Mike. The only thing I can remember about some of them is the title. Catcher in the Rye being a prime example. Epstein is yesterday's news as far as I'm concerned. I suspect that the young women he i…
  • You're welcome. I am currently watching a very intriguing BBC series called Undercover. It's set in London and Louisiana. Without giving too much away a black female British attourney is defending (foc) a black man facing execution by lethal inject…
  • I didn't have it saved Ken. It's winnable from the partial. Full solution also attached.
  • Yes Ken, but I'm not the one who has a bike. ;)
  • Re Epstein, I doubt if we will ever know the truth. He's escaped justice that's for sure, I tend to think it was assisted suicide after he'd rendered himself unconscious with drugs. He'd virtually have died in his sleep. The Prince Andrew connectio…
  • How many dead hookers can you fit in a garage? Two more if I move my bike.
  • He was a standing joke at college apparently
  • J.Epstein. ..... Penis jet. :)
  • Yes Mike. Speak up! ;))
  • I heard a sensible discussion regarding Greenland last night Mike. It was suggested that buying it was actually discussed in private by Trump and senior members of his government but Mr. T. made the mistake of letting the cat out of the bag before e…
  • "Who is the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?" --Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Classic resume about the guy in work Ken. :-j He is spot on about your airports in 1775 though. There is no record of any one of them ever having been attacked. Sterling work! I remember the song from the sixties. I recall a lyric about a man in …
  • He'd be better buying Mexico to solve the border problems and automatically make your existing Mexican illegals US citizens. Drugs would be so much cheaper too. ;) Anyway, what did his medical team think of his proposal?
  • Be who you are and say what you feel... because those that matter... don't mind...and those that mind...don't matter! =D> I came across the above today when looking for additional info on an aquatic plant.
  • Strange. Photographically your choice looks better. Cinegraphically mine is way ahead. She reminded me of Eve Muirhead, the cutie skipper of the Scottish Curling team. You really fancied her. :)
  • That's correct Ken. On both counts.
  • Liz is making some progress Ken. Thanks for asking. She still has very limited control over her left hand due to the wrist drop. We are concerned that she may not be able to drive for quite some time. :( I made SpagBol last week and am going to knoc…
  • The British public is sick to death of this Mike. If the bullies of the EU think that we will reach a stage where we'll decide just to abandon Brexit and stay in their cancerous clique they'd better think again. They've pulled off this stunt before…
  • Different people will have different opinions on Devil's Yukon. You need to concentrate and do quite a lot of forward planning so it's not a game you can play quickly. I think that the rating of Medium, 60%, mainly skill, is quite accurate.
  • Fantasist Jeremy Corbyn has now called for a "Motion of no confidence" and for himself to lead an interim governemnt to prevent us leaving the EU without a deal, ie the only deal there is, and the same one that he and most MP's have already rejecte…
  • Plans to leave the EU could be derailed as legal action to prevent us leaving without a deal with be heard in court today. Also Boris's plan to bypass parliament could be scuppered by John Bircow, the Speaker of the House.…
  • When you say your game is frozen, what do you mean? What happens if you click on undo or restart? Is it that you have just run out of moves in this individual game and are stuck rather than frozen?
  • I had difficulty winning your game. I have saved it if required.
  • I received this by email. "My Mac keeps crashing when I play PGS. I’m on version 3.4 I could try downloading latest version 3.5 but nervous to do so. Will I lose my saved scores if I do?" Please respond here and I will forward it.
  • There was a parallel discusion in our news yesterday regarding a huge rise in the reported (critical word) number of Labour Party members as opposed to Conservative ones. One of the analysts cautioned that it depended to a great degree on how the pa…
  • Real or fake news Ken. :-j That's the problem. How can you tell?