- Pretty Good Solitaire




  • Master Richard and Kwai Chang Ken.

  • Larry, I don't know if I'll ever be able to snatch the pebbles out of his hand!

  • Patience Grasshopper.

  • How about 1991882111? My best score is 65/18

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    I've only just seen your post Ken. Will let you know.

    Problematic. 62/16 so far.

    Some very tricky worrying back required to access a critical 9D. Introducing the 2nd JS was a turning point.

  • THANKS! I'll check it out.

  • Got it from the first partial in 10 minutes. GOOD SHOW!

  • Try 1459618176

    My best score is 68/17

  • I have found one of Liz's old laptops Ken. She has managed to break quite a few but at least this one still works to some degree. Happy that Josephine was old enough to have been included in its PGS collection, but it does not allow worrying back which appears to be essential if this one is to be defeated. Matched your score exactly. Good effort! Will maybe manage to try it on her good one later.

    LARRY ..... Get cracking mate.😉

  • I doubt if being able to worry back will be of any help. I am almost sure it's unwinnable.

  • Nice to know I wasn't missing anything. This is my highest non-winning score.

  • How about 168849553

    My best score is 61/20

  • Never mind! GOT IT!!!!!!!!

  • Good man. Well done. I've only just seen it. I've been banging my head against a brick wall for two hours trying to get Office fully functional again. (Rose at 4.50 am. Stupid o'clock as I call it).

    That started the ball rolling. Impossible to enter my DOB as all their drop-downs are empty. The Year, Year, Year bit baffled me too. In order to get past that they wanted me to verify my email account using a password that I can't remember. They'd send me a code to outlook but had first blocked me getting into it by asking for its password. The problems are still not resolved. They will re-emerge tomorrow. All of it harks back to the use of those pretty little hieroglyphics in the Wordle thread in lieu of plain English.

  • Hey, you guys, try 1844028031. My best score is 66/20

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    Tricky !!

    You MUST put that 10S in now. You'll not get another chance.

  • Thanks! I'm glad I didn't give you an easy one.

  • Do you ever ? 😀

  • Richard, how about 503693473? My best score is 59/23

  • Your 59 was a very decent score Ken. My first impressions were that this was going to be a loser. First attempt, the hearts revealed themselves as the problem when I examined the final tableau. I watched the cards going onto the waste on deal #2. Both 5H's out in first 4 cards. Obviously the waste pile had to be kept as small as possible. Worrying back into the tableau was critical to achieve that. Always look to see if you can tuck cards beneath existing piles.

    At the partial, move the JC & QC into the empty space and free the 4S.

  • THE PARTIAL WORKED!!!! Thanks!

  • Richard, try 1802924927. With both 9S in the first three cards of the waste, is this a dead duck?

    My best score is 64/15

  • I got it to 64/19 after a couple of attempts Ken. I'll try to improve on that but your score is likely to be the max anyway. Those 9S's look terminal.

  • Who's a clever boy then ?!?! It's winnable !!!

    From my partial marked WB be on the look out for situations where you can worry back from the foundations. Not easy to spot the possibilities

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    GOOD JOB!!!!!! I'll let you know how I get on.

    GOT IT! Physically you may be declining but mentally you're as sharp as a tack!!😎

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