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Battalion Carre

OK guys, I know you're all obsessed with Wordle, but this is a Solitaire forum. We should afford Tom the courtesy of playing a decent amount of his brilliant games.

Canadianjay ........ You now have Windows. Please participate. 😊

Battalion Carre ...... 2 Decks. Hard (5%). Mostly Skill. Don't let that put you off. Games 1 to 12 are all winnable and not particularly difficult either. Worrying back is essential so autoplay should be turned off.

My challenge is this. Who can find a deal that none of us can win?


  • I won my first two random deals, so it definitely should be easier to find winnable ones. I'm currently wrestling with #618438144, which Richard might want to try tackling if interested in an out-of-band deal.

    Medium 20% might be a better estimate for this game.


  • Thanks Bastiko. That was as bad a deal as I think possible. However, it surrendered at the second attempt. I really enjoyed that one. Numbers 1 - 16 inclusive are all winnable.

  • I thought that #24 was going to be my first loser but it has now been won. Fiendishly difficult. The 6D's are the first two cards in the stock and get buried immediately. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? 😎

  • First 50 all winnable. Likely to be about 95% winnable, not 5%.

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