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Is #5868 really unwinnable. Got several times just one card missing for further success.


  • Yes, it is winnable, but... Wow, what a tough deal! It took me 40 minutes to figure it out. 😅

    I played it on Pretty Good Solitaire Mini (iPhone), so I cannot share a saved game; the best I could do was this screenshot right as the game started to open up:

    (I recall that the next moves from here are pulling the KD and then clearing the third column.)

    I hope that helps.

    Gregg 🐵

  • I emailed my solution to Markus yesterday. I just wanted to see if anyone else would even give it a go.

  • Richard, i didn't get your email. On the other hand, i cannot open .pgs fails with my Mac-version. And on the other hand, i will give it another try. I have still about 28 minutes to figure it out till i have reached the 40 minutes of Gregg.

  • It took me under twenty minutes Markus.

    I sent it from the forum's email facility.

    I reported that I thought that there could be a problem there way back in May but I received absolutely no response.

    I will try to make a video of my Eight Off solution for you unless I hear back from you that you have won it.

  • Got it. I found the combination, i yesterday have overseen.

  • This should help.

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    I solved it in the early morning already within about 5 to 10 minutes. (With yesterday about 20 to 25 minutes.)

  • #5990 is giving me also troubles, but maybe i am just too tired. 5 Hearts best so far, but several good positions with just one card ...

  • I don't accept "tired" as an excuse Marcus. I am always tired.😫

  • Are you sure, this is a screenshot from Eight Off #5990? I don't have the Queen of Spades in the 6th column on top. As there are just Kings allowed (after you have freed a column) it is not possible to put there the Queen of Spades and i have there in the dealing the Jack of Clubs!

  • Richard, you are always tired. All i have to say: look into your passport? (It's a common estonian joke.)

  • That's the deal I get Markus.

    I'll pass on the passport, although I would be okay if I passed Port ..... even Sherry. 😃

  • That's definitely not the same deal. Gregg, is it possible, that in PGS and PGSME the deals are (sometimes) different?

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    I figured it out. #5990 PGSME is also winnable. Aga a tricky one.

  • >Gregg, is it possible, that in PGS and PGSME the deals are (sometimes) different?

    Yes, it does occur very rarely, so rarely, in fact, that no tester (including ourselves) ever found the problem until years after the code had been set in concrete and fully cured. 😉

    The source of the problem was, ultimately, that Visual Basic does not know how to do math properly and I did not notice and fully correct for its "error" in those very unusual situations where this (floating point rounding) error occurs.

    Consider it just a touch of spice. 🙂

  • Got stuck with #6397. It looks like winnable, but i cannot get even close. I think 7 points are so far maximum.

  • I've been otherwise engaged in a battle with Microsoft Marcus. Will tackle your game now.

  • Winnable Marcus. Good game. Enjoyable. Thanks.

    Spades out first.

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    I love Estonia's new Euro coin Markus. “Slava Ukraini”. Glory to Ukraine. 😛

    I meant to say ALL spades out first. Only AH and 2H on foundations.

  • I am doing the timetable by now. It seems that helped. Got it but i think in a different way. (Didn't try it meanwhile, no time.)

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