- Pretty Good Solitaire


In 20 games of Arizona, the only one I haven't won is #665420416. It seems impossible to score higher than 3 cards, unless I'm missing something.


  • It's winnable Grant. Are you sure you read the rules properly. You can build cartds in the tableau down by any suit and also move groups that have built down in descending rank.

  • Judging by the file name of your .PGS save file, you were playing game #66542041, an 8-digit number. That game isn't too hard. Game #665420416, a 9-digit number, is the one I asked for help with. You may have excluded the last digit when selecting a game.

    I am also having difficulty with game #1844177919; my high score is 5.

  • Tried it too....couldn't do it either.

  • Sorry Grant, pasted everything except the last digit of the number.

    #665420416 is definitely unwinnable. Every column is blocked by nines, kings or fours.

    #1844177919 is definitely winnable though.

  • For some reason, the correct tactic for #1844177919 absolutely eluded my sight, but I have confirmed that a win is possible.

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